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  1. Happy birthday!! :)

    1. Saizy


      what was the point here


  2. Happy birthday you stinky bowlcut! :lenny:

    1. Leks


      Many thanks!

  3. STEAM_0:0:23114584 This is your actual steamid. I could not find a ban for either steamid. Would you mind dming me your ip? @Icarus_
  4. I am very unsure of what I am doing with my life
  5. Does this mean I can bully you in Rust again? And own you at 1v1? 👁️👁️
  6. Thank you for admitted what you did wrong. Evidence 1 Evidence 2 Due to this ban being from this year, I will have to DENY your appeal. You may re-appeal when it has been 1 year ( 3/17/2021 ).
  7. Happy birthday!! 🍑

    1. 1UpPeach


      Thank you!! 🍑

  8. Who Was It

    Polnareff Brown hair, orca
  9. Happy birthday! 🦆

    1. Duc2000


      Thank you!

  10. Happy birthday! :happytree:

  11. Does HnS not have !selfblock or something?? 🤔 Also micspam is already in their MOTD. As Harakoni stated below, there is an option for local mute through the tab menu.
  12. As previously mentioned by @Kaitsedd, both are still racial slurs even if used in a friendly way. All racial/homophobic slurs and implications of racial/homophobic slurs are prohibited on GFL Gmod Prophunt. (This will also be the case with GFL Gmod Murder)
  13. Happy birthday stinky reaper :happytree:

    1. ReaperGFL


      thank you to the better Reaper! :) 

  14. Happy birthday!! 🥝

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