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  1. what did dis boi get banned for?

    i must wanna know.


    1. Misaki


      Long story.

    2. Rose


      He got banned for being a retard. :hahayes:

    3. One odd boi
  2. u look weird without purple

    1. iPro


      Oh well, I'm not giving another dime to GFL lmao


  3. The Roast of Teddy Bear

    I haven't smoked today, so I wouldn't qualify myself as fucked up.
  4. The Roast of Teddy Bear

    Last time I checked, it wouldn't hurt you to go without food for awhile.
  5. The Roast of Teddy Bear

    Last time I checked nobody cared? You have literally NOTHING to worry about at 13. "Mom I'm depressed, Timmy got the pokemon card I wanted" Suicide is stupid and cowardly enough, kids claim to be depressed just for a social status these days. You'll realize one day, I'm sure of it!
  6. The Roast of Teddy Bear

    There is no such thing as depression at 13 bub, you honestly have not a fucking thing to worry about. You are a KID, you don't have to worry about the adult problems. If you have depression, I don't know why you haven't taken a few more than you are supposed to? I mean depressed people commit suicide right?
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  9. Sorry for inactivity lately.. 

    GFL just seems to be dying as a whole, along with my passion for it. 

    Ever since some things have changed, I've noticed people go corrupt along with people just becoming idiots. 


  10. May just be a VIP but is just as good as any admin.


    1. iPro


      I was an old admin, resigned due to community issues. 

      Like I said, glad to help! ;)

  11. What's up kiddo?

    1. iPro


      Gmod player, get off my profile and go play a relevant game. 

    2. Winter


      fuk off ive played the csgo servers mate :lenny:

    3. iPro


      If u don't play h1 don't bother

  12. What's up kiddo?

  13. What's up kiddo?

    1. Gone


      infantry is that you?

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