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    Hello GFL community, Many of you may know me by my active participation in the server as Uncle Tony. I have played in the server since last year December and been very active since. All the people I play the server with, are friends I've made by playing in this server, which I think is a very common think in such a player interactive game as rust. In this recent wipe, June 25, 2020 Me and a couple of my friends decided to play and make a clan- YOLO. We are very determinate players in game, with good organization and chemistry. This wipe we decided to really grind, we took advantage of the giant excavator pit buff and build a giant compound in an island. First days of the wipe were about raiding and just building overall. Yesterday(day before getting banned) we decided to go out pvp all night. We were six a the time, and we were doing very good, just winning a lot of fights and using the servers plug-ins in our favor. I went to bed early yesterday, so I logged off for the night. Today(day after the ban) I was logging back to the server when I suddenly get surprised by a ban in the server "associating with cheater", this was really weird. Neither of my friends( which as I say before I met on this server) was a cheater to my knowledge. After seeing that a player from the team got vac banned it was very weird to me, I have played with the guy a couple times and never suspected any hacks. After getting banned I went on other servers, because I have seen what you guys had responded to the others in "YOLO" and I though that another appeal was not worth anyone's time. After playing in other servers I learned that you never appreciate something until you loose it, GFL was the server in which I learned how to play the game, it was my main server, for me the best server in rust. Many people may say that it's a 10X or that there are not much players, but to me it's the perfect server. I Uncle_Tony want to appeal to this ban, because I don't feel it's fair to ban me for being in the same team with someone which got banned. Also the person who got banned was a player, which I met in GFL 10X, so I don't even knew about his background or his intentions. I just want to the admins, players, managers that are reading this that I'm a worthy person to unban, not just because I didn't knew anything about this player hacking, but because I consider myself as a humble, nice, and helpful person for the GFL community. I have been very friendly with new players and sometimes competitive with the server staff(which I consider under really good players), but that's all just part of the game. This server is like a family to me, maybe some wipes one's more than others, but I think that without any of you it wouldn't be the same. I love the server staff and people, and I'm always here for anything in which I can help the server in anyway. Finally, If I get unbanned I promise to report any suspicion of a player hacking be or not in my team, which I think I'll be able to because of my experience in game. Thank you for your time, and I hope I was able to change your mind. With love, Uncle Tony
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