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  1. I'll touch on some of the points, but not all as I'm not really knowledgable about all of them, and they should probably go into the suggestion tab on the discord, which i'll mention later. We can of course check this, as its possible to see discombob throws aswell as other grenade throws, but I think it comes to the player to contact us, if something with a discombob happens to them. Admins are players too and we don't always notice what is going on as we play the game too and might be in a different zone from when it happens, I feel it comes to the player to come to us and ask us to check, either after the round or while we're dead as we're more than happy to help, we are just not always aware of what happens unless it is brought to our attention. I decided to put these together, as they basically highlight the same issues. Yes T-delay should be dealt with, aswell as any form of camping. T-delay isn't always like obvious, since it can wary from multiple Ts alive down to one, I feel that it should be used if there are Ts alive whom are not actively trying to do something (e.g walking around the map, doing random assortment of things). I feel like it is also an unsatisfactory end to a round, that the final T is killed but it is a necessity, that we go to when we deem it necessary to continue the game. Camping from my interpretation is being in a place for a prolonged distance of time, that provide limited assault points towards you. I don't feel as if being on the two towers on rooftops is "camping" as the place is accessible to anybody and there are plenty assault opportunies, be it a sniper or rushing the tower physically. I do however feel staying inside a room (such as rooms in the main house on 67th way) have limited assault points where it's either go through the main door, or try something with a grenade, that is camping because the means of assault are limited, and takedown of the person in such a room is limited to one method. That rule is mainly in place, so a T can't just go in the T-room and say "i was let into the t-room smile", and as far as im aware it exists so innocents do not wish to stay in the room, as the 30 sec camp rule also applies there. C4 on skyscraper is actually already nerfed, as far as Im aware it has a smaller explosive radius on that map, I don't know the exact number but I think its 600/500 as opposed to 750/800 which it normally has. (side section, Yog does sometimes buff weapons, the original Mp5 we had dealt laughable damage like 3 on a legshot or something, so we are aware somewhat of balancing) The afk-timer sets in after... 2-3 minutes I think it is, if they arent put into afk then it's because they've been anti-afk'd by either being pushed with a prop or a crowbar, or been shot which can move them. I try to put people into afk if I deem they've been afk for a long time, but forcespeccing people without letting the automated force-specer do it leads to the risk that you might force someone to afk who is actually here, so that is unless you are 100% sure someone has been afk for a long time we don't usually forcespec, as it basically is like giving a slay and we want to be completely sure. I wish to touch on that, that we do not have a warning system right now, which forces us to manually keep warnings in mind, and keep other admins up to date about what behaviors we have been seeing from players. A warning system is being worked on as far as I know and it will be here when its ready. Those would mainly be the points I wish to touch on, suggestions however are usually to go on the discord as we have a tab on there for suggestions, that the people of the discord can vote on, that including weapon rebalancing and map removals and adds.
  2. As the admin responsible for the gag, and regarding it is now the 16th I will make my comment regarding the matter. A permanent gag is a serious offense, it is given to systematic breaks of the rules regarding communicative conduct on the server, as such I feel inclined to go over your gags as I was also responsible for those. The first gag was issued on the 29th of August after your insistence to argue with a fellow player, who did not wish to argue with you, you were told to drop the matter since your method and aggression was deemed disruptive to the server. After the gag was up 15 mins later you persisted to argue the matter, going as far to yell into your mic while arguing the matter, which you were also warned against doing. You were not gagged again until the 31st of August where you were gagged for dropping a homophobic slur, an offense which carries an immediate gag, and you should have gotten the hint that you were not to say that slur again. The final gag was issued on the 1st of September after information from a concerned player, who could provide evidence that you had been toxic to players in VC and calling them the very same slur, while no admins had been present. The decision to permanently gag is not a decision taken lightly, and the decision was taken in accordance with a manager after they reviewed the provided evidence. As was mentioned you immediately concerned yourself with “who snitched?” (as provided as a cropped screenshot, and more evidence could be found regarding it on the forums). It would be my impression, you feel it is “okay” to break the rules, as long as there is no admin there to catch you, as the act of your toxicity ban, was also conducted in the absence of staff, which pointed at your behavior was more extensive, than initially thought. When you do get caught, you concern yourself with “who snitched”, rather than concerning yourself with the conduct you exhibit on the server. Generally, I also believe that you seem to have used the slurs in acts of anger. Therefore, I believe it is a good thing to keep you gagged, as you get a chance to consider what exactly you are going to say, and consider how what you are writing will affect others before you hit the enter key. The very topic of your gagging often turns into a “controversial” topic on the server in my opinion, when you mention your desire to be ungagged, there are players on the server who strongly express the contrary. Some players on the server would desire to see you keep this gag, due to the behavior that you exhibit is the subject of scorn and rancor. I cannot help but feel, that it would be a great disservice to the players that gathered evidence, for your gag and eventual ban, to ungag you. On the grounds of that and the previously mentioned subjects, the only one you can blame for this punishment is yourself. As the land lays now, I advise the managers against an ungagging of you.
  3. Evening. I cannot find an exact ban on sourcebans that is active but i think I might know what have happend. You were banned on GFL Rotation by Kettermelon for RDM/L (random deathmatch and leave), when you are banned for anything except karmaban it goes into our sourcebans, and you're banned from all GFL servers. The ban seems to be expired now so you should be good, otherwise what you have right now is a karmaban, which is not a global ban and is given if you happen to teamkill too much in a map rotation.
  4. The reason for the ban was "Attempted mass" not directly mass, however they carry the same punishment. You killed two (which you were reported for) and damaged two other people, which I interpreted as an attempted mass, and for that reason I banned you. However, since you came to appeal, and you also generally did not cause trouble in VC. I would reckon you committed attempted mass by mistake, and I will vouch for a reduction of the ban, or an outright unban.
  5. Your ban was invoked due to incidents that had taken place 14:30 (GMT+1) on the 30th of August. Console bans are not done by trials, instead they are done of people of higher position. Your ban was invoked upon you by Waylon Smithers, who also dealt with the report issued on you. The the nature of ban appeals, are that they are dealt with by server managers(and senior admins to which we have none currently). Please be patient and await one to deal with it. I will now ping them, so they are notified of your ban appeal. @Waylon Smithers @Yogpod
  6. For context, I had been informed prior that Shotta was ghosting, with a party who was unwilling to participate and was getting pmed against their will and told who the traitor was. I get on and tell them not to do this to which Shotta instantly informs me who the traitor is, because Shotta was slain for previous rdm and was a T so they told me who the T was, while I was not a spectator and playing on equal footing as everyone else. See image 1in which I explicity tell them not to do that, and have them do it anyway. I later confered with Leprosy who was the victim of the unwilling ghosting, that was being forced upon him by Shotta, see screenshot 2. For those reason that he explicityly ghosted, then when told that was not okay, and giving him a warning for it, which was in hindsight a generous courtesy he ghosted with me, and thus I banned him.
  7. Steam Name(s): Misery SteamID: STEAM_0:1:26528092 Admin that banned you: Console What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Ban: Karma Too Low Why should your punishment be revoked? Okay so we were on skyscraper and i got shot from a vent, and I then stopped up and looked back in the vent, where there was an un-ided and someone crawling in there. Thinking I just got attacked by a traitor i shot back and killed them, then I went the long way around to go ID it. When I came close I ran into an innocent who was running from an un-ided so I attacked and killed them, then someone joined in the fight against me and I killed them too. I then found out that all 3 were innocent and at the end of the round I got karmabanned (rip). I think it should be revoked since, it was a honest line of miserable misfortunes, and I'm not ususally one to do bad things as is known from TTT Rot aswell, and I have no history of bans at all on GFL servers. (ALSO YOOO THIS IS MY FIRST BAN AND FIRST APPEAL IN VANILLA POGGERS)
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