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  1. okay thanks I would work on getting to know the staffs on GFL and get some hours into the game.
  2. Steam Name(s): VapZ. SteamID: VapZ. Age: 16 Hours Played: 50 hours Why should you be accepted? I feel like I should be accepted because I don't put up with bullying, racism, harassment etc. Also I want the server to be enjoyed by all players and specially new players I could also speak Spanish and help out anyone in need in the server. What makes you better than the other applicants? What makes me a better applicant is I can speak a different language and I can monitor the Spanish speaking side of rust and help any new rust player that joins the server. I could also do my job as chat mod watch out for any bad language from Spanish speaking players and do my job as chat mod from the English and Spanish side. Are you familiar with being chat mod or admin on Rust? NO
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