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    Hey, I noticed this guy was walling after I was killed and saw him dome someone through double doors(He didn't see the guy at all, and it was from the mid entrance to B tuns). He definitely was wary when I went spec and after this demo I recorded of him w/ scout he just went AK(Still have many others of him literally looking through walls at other areas of the map). In this demo if you turn on mat_wireframe you can see him line up a shot on someone through a wall/around a corner. Also, I know this is a bit unorthodox but I googled his steam id. He posted an appeal on another server where he openly admitted to using cheats. Here is his account on that servers website, his only post is the appeal. https://war-lords.net/forum/user-26748.html "I got permanently banned from one of your pug servers, by the SourceModAntiCheat plugin, although I admit I'd like to come back and play cause you guys are pretty cool and I promise I won't use any more types of bhop cheats or just cheats, in that matter I really like CSS and I'd love to come pug again and play, please unban me ❤️ steam id STEAM_1:1:232660511 " His Steam Account ID is [U:1:465321023] Edit: Forgot Demo, doh! https://filebin.net/kz0ha7jfic8m0dmo
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