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  1. Go back a couple of weeks, and both GFL Fistful servers were 4 Team Shootout. They have since been changed to Free For All. I don't understand why both servers were changed, although I greatly appreciate the introduction of a different gamemode. I just wish that only one of the servers had changed. I absolutely think that the large majority of the players would prefer to have one server for 4 Team Shootout and the other for Free For All. Especially considering that most of the time, one of the servers is even empty because there's already another GFL server completely identical - meaning the other server has gone to waste. Honestly, when I first joined after they were changed to Free For All, I thought it was only one server and I was very happy to see a new gamemode, but as soon as I saw that they had both changed, I just didn't understand why. I think it's ridiculous to change both, as one of the servers is now just cancelled out. GFL has two of the exact same server. Please differentiate them.
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