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  1. On GFL Purge it's usually something following this format: That's (accusation) (broken rule) (insult) (threat)
  2. Take a shot every time you see a
  3. To me 10% is considered a, "thanks but no thanks" tip... so 15%
  5. Just realized I switched up the text. Fixed it, not that that would help it overall either way.
  6. I took a different approach, but I still feel it isn't my best. I tried to improve it's overall look and feel, but it somehow still feels like I tried too hard. Either way I did try to redo the test you gave me. I think the style I went for had a more authentic feel. I'll let you look over it.
  7. The first photo was made several days ago, about Jul. 1, and as I stated in my reply to Bae, I find inspiration in music and my interests, I did feel rushed and kinda weighed on as I had a foggy vision of what they wanted me to do. I felt it was very unspecified and sorta panicked. Edit: I also wanted to ensure you knew the HL2 background photo was one of the first things I ever attempted.
  8. The text style was discovered by myself, i've never used a photoshop tutorial, besides trying to figure out how to install shapes and text files 2 years ago. I know it looks rather horrible, and as a defense, everything i've done has come from what i've found looked decent, when given ideas from others it sorta distorts my vision. In this certain scenario you gave me very unspecific setting ideas, I was unsure if you wanted a happy setting / summer setting / outdoorish style. In short what I find looks the best and what I spend time on is what I find within myself, as i've noted I listen to music for inspiration and what I listen to isn't exactly royalty free vloggy music.
  9. As far as my other works go, i'd rather not give out names of people. I'll try and look through and see what I can give you. This image is one of my first wallpaper attempts, a play on the "Pick up that can" meme I guess.
  10. From what i've found from this test I do better with darker colors But after many tweaks i'm happy with what I got, be it not so summer-ish I wanted to add on that I feel like I get a lot of inspiration from the music I listen to, and my pandora isn't exactly decked out with happy-go-lucky music, which leads me to create darker designs.
  11. Karma ban

    This is the SteamID you were looking for. Seeing as this may be a reoccurring issue for you, i'd suggest checking out http://steamidfinder.com | STEAM_0:1:122823038
  12. My Age: 15 Roles: Graphics Design Do I have any experience in the selected roles: Yes Examples of my work: First one was a banner / wallpaper made for myself obviously The second one is, I guess, a different interpretation of the current GFL logo. Why I think I will be a good Creative Team member? I recently started poking around CS6 and found out it can be entertaining to just sit back, listen to music, and find things that work decently with each other. So, in a way I guess it's fun to design different things. Mainly i've been making banners or icons for different friends, who run discords or servers. What I left above are recent, and are a style I like to call "Popped in my head less than 2 minutes ago" designs. Would I consider making profit: No
  13. I definitely don't think i'd be Gryffindor... i wanted to be slytherin dammit...
  14. I have a well crafted poem based on Canada's greatest accomplishments It's called... Canada. Canada, Moose, Tim Hortons Fin. Edit: Forgot maple syrup, sh*t
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