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  1. You were caught with an unknown command running on your client. I just realized that this may have been a mistake cause by someone else hacking the server though. You will be unbanned for now and this will be looked into further.
  2. We have the wrong server on gametracker linked here on the forum because of the new IP. Just thought that should be pointed out because I haven't seen anything about it. Also isn't it costing money to have that other server running just to advertise the new IP? It makes sense if the month has already been paid for though.
  3. What exactly should someone wanting to become a manager know? (Programming, plugins, staff management, etc.) I haven't found any topics relating to this.
  4. You're just jealous of the fact that we can count to 5.
  5. Don't need to start over, server managers don't reset the count. We left off with 5, so 6 is next.
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