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  2. @King_Wailord this sounds like a very fun event oh boy I can't wait to get on the gfl minecraft server to participate in this event!
  3. I was manager on prop hunt for probably 4-5 months or so, mostly while the new server was still being made. I know that there are rules for admins going onto other servers and doing this but I did make the unwise choice to do it anyway. Trust me, it's already well known that I hacked on the Minecraft server by a large portion of the community, and this apology was not meant to "cover the fact" that I did. It was an apology to the people I affected with my actions and it's really just me stating that I was wrong and that I do feel remorse for what I did. When I said that I was inactive on Breach, I will admit it was a slight exaggeration and I would say that I was fairly active when I was demoted, but not as active as I had been in the months prior due to trying out some different games from time to time, but nonetheless I was still active. Listen Swegbuster I really am not happy with myself at all and I know I put myself in this position but I'm trying to be completely transparent with this apology and just say what I really feel. I should have made this apology sooner and you're right about that and It is true that Xy told me to make this apology but I decided that I would try to make the most sincere apology that I could to make up for it. No matter what I'm pretty much in the wrong here and I'm just trying to fix the damage that I've done and steer myself back on the right path.
  4. I was told to apologize by Xy to Swegbuster and to Benroy for my application to be accepted but what I said in this post is just something that I've been wanting to get out for the past few weeks and I do have other reasons that I would prefer to keep private for why I did this so yeah.
  5. I am here to make a formal and public apology to the people affected by my actions on the GFL Minecraft server. @Ben Roy- I'm sorry for being so toxic and for acting so immature in discord and on the minecraft server. My actions on both of these two platforms were decided by my poor judgment and the decisions that I made were just childish and poorly thought out. @SwegBuster- Hacking on the minecraft server was something I should have never done, and I'm sorry for any problems I caused you. You've got a really good server going and It was extremely rude of me to go on and to use x-ray hacks on something that you've worked so hard on. I wish you good luck with the server and hope that you don't have to deal with a situation like the one that I caused again. @wailord (idk his actual forum name)- I'm glad that you came forward with that video proof of me hacking because it has shown me just how toxic I really am. To be honest, if you hadn't done this, I might have continued to act like this and I do think that I was heading in a bad direction, and it really could have ended in a worse way then it did. I know that we've talked before in discord vc's and I feel like it's been awkward to be in a vc with you since then so I want to just apologize to you now and hope that we can be on good terms again. @Ralsei- I want to apologize to you because this admin application that I made for breach definitely puts pressure on your decision because of what I did. You've been nothing but helpful to me during this process for these past few weeks and I want to thank you for that. Even before this situation you've helped me so much to grow in this community and I feel like I have done nothing for you and I feel like there really isn't anything that I can give you except an apology and a sincere thank you. GFL Minecraft community- I'm sorry for the toxic decisions that I made on the Minecraft server. To anyone I negatively impacted on the server, I'm sorry for my poor behavior and for ruining the experience. I promise that I won't make these mistakes again.
  7. Nigger I was busy rip
  8. @sciguy429 @Ravelord @Xy_ @Violator @Zebra @Ben Roy @Carthing2 @Toasted_Chromosomes @Jat @Kite9867 PLEASE VOTE NOW I NEED RESPONSES AND THIS IS NON OPTIONAl
  9. Can i buy a N word pass?
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