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  1. Addressed to both of you guys. Lemme tell ya, no suggestion is perfect, and people go about asking for things and then expect there to be no price to be paid. Maybe its naivety, but I see it more as an excuse of just getting things and then not having to put forth any effort in doing so. Maybe you should try to think outside the box a bit. Why is trolling less tolerated than it was before? What is the general atmosphere of trolling now verses before? How many complaints are there against verses for trolling? Excluding what everyone says, are people more inclined to stay or leave the server when trolling is not punished? How often should an admin be moderating the server? What would be the best way to prevent trouble when admins are not on the server? As a troublemaker, what would be the best punishment for preventing repeat offences? You know what, it doesn't even have to be bhop. If you want trolling to be permitted more often, what are YOU willing to sacrifice? Because it's clearly going to come at the expense of others.
  2. I addressed your topic. I can't blame you if you cant make counter-arguments and instead resort to memes cus reality is harsh and doesnt meet your agenda. Its always been the same stupid ass cycle, make self centered requests, don't deal with the consequences, other players don't deal with the consequences, and then when shit fucks you over and you're having less fun with the game, you start blaming everyone else. People get their fun ruined and people who got what they wanted start bitching at everyone else because they see bhop as perfect and everyone is at fault. Remember when this shit was supposed to make zombies more interesting to play as, and then a few months later, we have people screeching how boring it is to play as zombies?
  3. Shouldn't have implemented this bhop cancer. But nooo, gotta pander to a smaller minority so they can gain an advantage and then expect everyone else to have a comfy laidback time. Trolling is always going to be punished, acting on it is easy, and it benefits a single troublemaker over the rest of the players. Something something overall happiness values, something something maximizing player population, keeping the server alive. Permitting it promotes others to act the same and pushes players to not act as a team, which is almost integral to the game in its current state. Like I said, any mechanic that gives a boost to the zombies, will weaken humans. Ans people simply care more about winning as a human than winning as a zombie. Add bhop, decrease knockback, failnades, removal of rebuys etc its all the same shit which the manager of the css forced on its community. All of a sudden, defenses needed 50% more people, maps which used to be self sustaining needed leadership, and players started spectating more and more. Of course players dont keep track of the settings which are implemented nor do they think about consequences of settings. Which is why if they begin to lose a bit more than often, they start blaming each other. And that blame gets carried over to the people at the top, which prompts the people at the top to tighten restrictions on the players. You can think of it like this. In the past, a 2 hour tryhard session would probably lose 1 to 2 rounds due to trolling, bringing in frustration, but at the end of the day, most players could tolerate it. Now the same 1 to 2 round are naturally lost due to difficulty and add in another few lost rounds due to trolling, it becomes tiresome enough that its dictated as a harm. Then again I can't fully blame it on retard mechanics. Zombie escape is just full of wanky messes that can't really be fixed. For example, many mappers fall for the difficulty meme and make some 30+ defense at the end of 9 minutes or drag a round to 20 minutes long. Its these sorts of maps which either end with humans bitching about how its their teammates faults, or zombies bitching how they were powerless on a winning round, cus they only ended up killing 20 humans in 20 minutes, aka a average of 1 person per 10 minutes of running. But if players are naturally attracted to those sorts of maps, then there's nothing much that can be done about it. On the other hand, we have "easy" maps where theres no need for leadership, and players end up naturally getting trimmed every minute, and there isn't much of a need for teamwork. Problem with these maps however is, they get won easily and get rtved after 1 round. The second type of map is essentially more capable of "handling" trolling but if people go for the first, what can be done about it? Legitly there ain't a solution to any of this, its pretty much hard as fock to intermix tryhard and comfiness in this day and age. Your best bet is to stick with casual maps or something. Or do jailbreak.
  4. If you need to practice you can always play with (no) bots, bring up console use changelevel, sv_cheats 1, noclip, sv_infinte_ammo 2, god, etc.
  5. 0 Ping

    Thats real rich coming from the manager who forced his dogshit settings on the css community and then killed the most popular css server within a half a year.
  6. Black History

    The n word's derogatory value is partially built on the aspect that it is bannable. By making the n word non-bannable, you have removed its value from the word. By the way, fuck dura-thorks.
  7. Minas has aged like spoiled milk. Certain strats changed the entire meta turning from individual oriented to team oriented. Of course when it becomes like that, its popularity is going to drop massively.
  8. Hmm, maybe you're rite on that fire, though it be hard to confirm that gametracker had changed something within their policy within that time frame. Then again, gametracker is probably the lesser of worries compared to the bigger issue of growing number of spectators. Many ze servers in the past have banned spectating, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't related to gametracker...
  9. Eh just give dusty wot he wants and if the server dies, we can mock on him later. If the server doesn't die then there's no problemo. I'm still gonna explain why he's Cute and Funny!. Spectate was never a problem because long ago you never had that many spectators and gametracker never picked up on it, because we never had that many spectators. Since dusty likes things that coincide with each other, I'll also point out your spectator base began growing soon after bhop was implemented. Who would have ever thought that powering up zombies would lead to longer sessions and alot of players just rather wait till the very end. Oh yea, also spectate had been disabled on a lot of zombie escape servers for a long long time. Playing as zombie will always be boring. Long ago people threw a hissy fit, you got bhop to make zombies more entertaining, and now playing as a zombie is even more boring than it is before and people want to play as zombie even less than before. Srsly how Cute and Funny!. 1. All maps are built around winning as a human. That is generally the end goal of the players. On an easy map like POTC, players will value winning as a human over winning as a zombie even though human wins are alot more common. On a hard map like santa.... well everyone already knows that a human win is more valued than a zombie win there. Human wins are unique on every map, zombie wins generally feel the same. After a year or so of playing zombie, those zombie wins get stale. Increase zombie potential, and zombies get wins faster which makes it even go stale faster. If you want to solve this problem, you can go yell at playerbase and hopefully they'll change their mentality/map choice. lol it be real Cute and Funny!. 2. Human victory and zombie victory are nothing more than parts of the same circle. You can increase the zombie's capability to win, but you're going to have to acknowledge increasing all other players capability of winning as a zombie as well. You get the ability to screw over humans while playing as a zombie, they get the ability to screw you over when you're a human. You can't increase the chance of winning as a zombie while keeping the same chances of winning as a human. The css server had buffed zombies continuously and everyone soon got sick of that because they cared more about winning as a human. Then they all began selectively choosing their fights by either leaving or going to spectate to wait for the right moment. Problem is when that happens, people stop coming onto the server normally and the playerbase gets Cute and Funny!. You can think about it this way, is it worth high chance of winning as a zombie on maps like potc at the price of a even lower chance of winning on maps like santa and fape? Think about these for a second. - For harder maps, you will either end up staying a longer time on the map due to increased losses, or the session may be considered hopeless. Are you willing to stay in these sessions and continue playing for hours even if you think it might be a waste of time? - In another case, the playerbase will shift to an easier set of maps due to the difficulty change. Will you be willing to play on maps that you might have won many times in the past, even if they do not interest you as much? Note that if the joy of playing as a zombie overcomes the human experience in both situations then there is no problems for you, and you can argue that people can have the same mentality as you and it has helped draw players to the server. However, if you begin to avoid the server more often because you dont like dealing with these situations, then you probably consider that other players do the same, and ya kinda ruined the game a bit more for everyone. 3. People have always argued that zombies are powerless yet the game remains in an odd balance where they aren't constantly winning as humans nor are they constantly winning as zombies. As far as I'm concerned, players tend to be Cute and Funny! and not able to look at the bigger picture. Like I said, you can't expect win all the time while you're the human and win all the time while you're the zombie. - Case 1: Maps with high human win rates tend to also not have leadership. Even though zombie do not win the round, humans also don't have teamwork that makes zombies feel near powerless. Zombies will make a few kills here or there. Also these sessions end early because humans win early and rtv for next map. - Case 2: Maps with low human win rates fall into 2 categories. The first category being no leadership, which zombies make kills usually at the same rate as case 1, but players end up RTVing the map because they think its hopeless to win as a human, and they're in it to win as a human. - Case 3: A map with a low human win rate but with leadership. During these sessions, there is teamwork and this is probably the only case where I can argue that zombies are "powerless". That's because the leader can get the team to work together and effectively get the zombie kill rate as low as possible. Take frostdrake for example. In order to get past the parkour tower, you need to get around 30 people to survive before the parkour part. This means for 15 minutes, zombies cannot kill more than 20 people. Assuming we start with 10 zombies, that means zombies end up killing at a rate of 1 per 7.5 minutes, aka 8 minutes of just running. Note that the larger picture for case 3 is that zombies still win more often, but it is questionable if they enjoyed their experience compared to case 1, where they were making kills more often. We usually have case 1 and case 3 in general, and people avoid case 2. And increasing zombie power simply lead to more case 2 which causes people to avoid those sessions more often. Who should be blamed for this situation? Mappers who make maps requiring low zombie kill rates for a victory? Leaders for leading and creating a low kill rate situation? Or maybe the playerbase for avoiding case 2? Everything is relative to the player. You can make zombies more powerful, but you have to ensure the playerbase chooses not to avoid the consequences such as case 2. if they do avoid the consequences, they go back to the other cases and continue complaining about how zombies are powerless. Oh and bhop also ruined the balance by making it so the bhoppers got most of the kills and the new players didn't get any. You bhoppers are all Cute and Funny!.
  10. Just use replace captain phasma with another gfl model within the files.
  11. Ohh fuug someone else finally realized the importance of word choice! Could leaders finally be advancing? 10/10 mate, though the command could still be polished up a bit.
  12. Wot the guy above said. Also Too many conceptual topics. Should maybe focus on simple things that anyone can do rather than reputation. Add more examples, u got 1000 hours of leading so u should have stories.
  13. I already read your stuff. a nerf is a nerf, doesnt matter if you think it's reasonable or sensible, or the hierarchy of guns remain the same. Max human power ends up being limited at the end of it all. Seriously just buff guns, there really isnt a reason to nerf stuff. You either completely missed my point or you're trying to nitpick and fire some back off at me. Comeon now, if I was fully intending to have an infinite ump how would I change it?
  14. Buff yes, nerf no. Throughout the history of zombie escape nothing good has ever come from purposely fucking with human players individual power. Just buff the other weapons. secondly, i support making weapons stronger, but note that that this aint going to bring about weapon diversity. Also the lack of weapon diversity in the team isnt a problem. lastly, theres a reason why there are two well known weapons at the top rather than just one. One has speed and the other has power. In short the only manner of diversity was created was because both were unique in gameplay style and had benefits in certain situations. If ya want them to try out other stuff you probably got a better chance with wanking up the guns completely, like having the ump just have infinte ammo, or the xm1014 with 20 magazine size, or the bolt actions set zombies on fire, or have one of the rifles with no recoil.
  15. The problem supposedly already has been fixed. Secondly, there has been enough experiences in zombie escape with spinning, that the people have decided it as a gamebreaking mechanic. The reason they put a ban on it before is out of their own experiences. This has also happened on skyrim and minas too. Lastly, I'm going by theory here, but spinning doesnt decrease knockback, but redirects it. The skin has its own hitbox, which is also applied to the zombie. The manner in which it is done however there seems to be a lag due to calculation. When the bullet strikes the skin direction is saved relative to the skin rotational direction and then applied to the zombie's own rotational direction after a fraction of a second due to lag. By spinning, the knockback is redirected because the zombie is now facing a different direction after the lag calculation. If the zombie is spinning at the constant rate, and the lag is enough to allow the zombie to turn between 90 and 270 degrees, then all bullets that hit will create the same sort of knockback that propels the zombie forward. Once again, the problem should be already fixed.
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