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  1. Bump @Yogpod or @Waylon Smithers the ban seems done can you close this.
  2. I am against ungaging you. I don't think your acting more mature simply from your reports and how the second something happens you unleash i will say i'm happy that if i ask you to calm down you drop it but still you seem to throw a tantrum every time . When you first got perma-gagged the first thing you asked was who snitched on you. That is very childish to me as your showing as you were trying to sneak around saying things that you were told multiple times that you should not say. since then you have not shown that you are willing calm down just when your told to you will.
  3. I went ahead and grabbed some screen shots of the logs just to help give more concrete reason. This may not be the only round you RDMed in but this most likely was the last. You exploded one T early in the round, Killed a detective and another T randomly, and then headshot an inno in the head with a deagle. most of this seems intentional so I would have to agree with .alm0st reasoning and his execution.
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