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  1. Im back

    Don’t know you kind sir but welcome back to this shit show
  2. This man says a bunch of nerd Mumbo jumbo so I believe him
  3. I had to come back to my ttt family
  4. Whats This?

    I never got to play on the original purge so this is pretty hype
  5. Wouldn't mind seeing these changes, but I doubt they'll happen.
  6. please do, we need your guidance
  7. Thanks for doing this! @VirusKing
  8. Joined later half of 2016, and used to be a trial admin before I left for my own health reasons. I don’t have issue with the harpoon, and the 2 hit knife I’m sure is a bug. Shotguns are commonly used because they offer such ease of use, they require almost no skill to use. Most games I’ve played just go to tower and you’ll get knifed when going up the ladder, that’s not really skill. I can see your point on the dna but I’d counter with the fact that you can just flare the body or cleverly hide it. Most times I knife someone I never get caught - could just be detectives not knowing how to do their jobs or not paying attention. Thanks to everyone who is posting, I appreciate the time.
  9. I understand a few threads may have already been made, but I'd like to throw some suggestions around that could help the server out. This post is simply my suggestive view on what could be seen as "good" changes. I am in no way telling what would work, but simply throwing ideas at a wall. Please feel free to add, or suggest your own ideas - or criticize what you see here. -Addons Some from of contracts could spice up game play quite a bit - would love to see some uniqueness to the flow of the game as everyone literally bolts for shotguns, so maybe giving players the incentive to grab a different gun for a sweet reward could achieve this. A level up system would be really cool, as progression + rewards are really a solid way to keep people coming back. Making the rewards for achievements enticing would possibly promote players to have something to work to. Maybe some form of rank system (diamond, gold, etc...) would also be nice to see, as it's just another reason for players to keep coming back to the server. It also promotes a form of competition among the community. -Changes Take a credit away from traitors OR increase the credit cost of one hit kill weapons (knife, golden sword, etc...) to 2. Traitors shouldn't be able to simply instantly have access to some of the most powerful weapons in the mode. Most T's will buy the knife (or others stated above) instantly, granting a free kill and requiring no skill. Give more incentive to detectives to actually do their jobs - Most people don't like to play detective, which is understandable as your'e a major target and most likely the first to die from T's, so why not give detectives some form of reward for killing/iding T's? Maybe a small amount of points could work, however I am open to any suggestion. Decrease shotgun spawn rate(?) I am sure this is possible, but I have no idea. Shotguns are very strong, and require little to no skill. I can see this being divisive so I won't argue this suggestion, but it is frustrating getting one shotted and not being able to fight back. Show that a T and Detective has armor equipped. The more information given to the player, the better. Again, this is simply my list of ideas that could positively impact the server - it is open to suggestion, criticism, and any amendments by me. Thanks, Monsoon
  10. Thanks for reading, just wanted to let everyone who remembers me or cares to know that I'm back after around a year or so of being silent. Around the time I left, some pretty big things happened that took all of my attention away from here; some regarding my own health, and others that I feel that - out of respect for my family, shouldn't be said. As of now, my doctor has had extensive talks with me about my health and how to maintain it the best I can moving forward - as of today all I can say is everything seems fine. I wanted to also say I'm sorry for the abrupt leave, and also to the TTT staff for not letting you all know I was going to be gone for a while, especially when I held a position on the team. In regards to everyone here, thank you for keeping this place alive, and thank you to all of the staff on the site, regardless of server or rank. We're all one big family, and I hope I can be with you for as long as I can.
  11. dad its been almost a year please come back

    1. Monsoon


      I have returned 

  12. come back to me dad

  13. Happy birthday

  14. Ooo more dan may may pictures I can photoshop lmao
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