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  1. Hey, @demonic_kingz23. Your application has been denied due to low effort. Feel free to reapply in the future with an application describing what you're proficient at and providing examples of your work.
  2. Denied due to application inactivity.
  3. I'll deny this since it seems @NeonxDxD is in the wrong section.
  4. Advent of Code 2019

    Yea, I really love the storytelling in Advent of Code. It teaches you to navigate through bloated descriptions and identify the central pieces which is something you'll often have to do when working with customers, haha.
  5. Advent of Code 2019

    Hey, @Joshy. Can I get you to remove your code from your post? I'd rather not have solution shared on this thread. 😄
  6. Hey, @ThanoslBsl. We have chosen to deny your application. I think @_Rocket_ and @ghostthemarine brought up some great points that you should consider. Feel free to reapply in the future, when you feel like you've improved on the points that have been brought up.
  7. Hi, @ThanoslBsl. Thanks for providing more code. @_Rocket_ brought up some very great points. I ideally see our development team as a space for people to improve each other and have a good time which is why I am so focused on attitude. To be honest, I do not think you have provided enough code for proper assessment. I'd like to see something you've made from scratch; you could create a plugin just for this application if you have time. However, for now I still vote -1.
  8. Hi, everyone! December is upon us, and that means Advent of Code! 😄 Here's the description of AoC: There'll be a channel for it on Discord under Events where you can talk about the daily challenges. We've set up a private leaderboard for GFL where you'll be able to see how others in GFL are doing. This leaderboard can be joined here (after you've logged in) with the code 103534-dd0879f0. I hope that many of you will join us! It's a fun challenge for all skill levels, and it can also provide a fun way of learning to program.
  9. Thanks for sharing, @Roy! Just a note: If you're trying to query a larger server, then you might get rate limited. The status code for rate limiting is 429 TOO MANY REQUESTS, so keep an eye out for that. Here's a link to Discord's documentation on their rate limiting. You'd often choose to use a framework to avoid manually handling rate limits, but it'd be overkill here in my opinion.
  10. As I said two years ago, you should remember that this is your application. I know how a diff works.. Your attitude does not benefit your application in my opinion. All I am asking is to see more code. I guess code writing can be seen as a skill. You have "published" the micspam code here as your work, so I agree with @Bara, that it is a little worrying since you are basically stealing credit by removing the license. My vote for this application currently is -1.
  11. I believe the micspam plugin was the same plugin you provided two years ago. Can you show the parts you edited in the plugin? Also could you show us something new? I'm sad to hear that you lost the source code for the cksurf project; I hope you can find other examples of your work.
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