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    Couldn't be bother to make another post. This doesn't appear to be working

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      Ah, it doesn't work on phones... God damn it. Thanks for bringing it up. โค๏ธ

    2. Nick
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      Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. CSGO Suggestion

    This has been discontinued for now. Not much progress was made due to the suggester being... unavailable. If you want to pursue this idea, get in touch with me or another staff member!
  3. I personally believe that an eSport team would only work if it is started up by people who actually wants to represent GFL in eSports. Therefore, I do not believe that we can simply say that we want an eSports team now for a particular game or games. I'll close this suggestions because of the above and that GFL's focus is elsewhere at the moment. I highly recommend that if you want to make an eSport team for any game, you should get in contact with staff, and then we'll see what we can do! (By this I mean a more concrete suggestion, e.g. "who wants to help me start an eSport team for CS:GO".) Thanks for your suggestion, @Blah!
  4. Recruiting Members

    I'll close this, because a consensus has been reached that a change is not necessary. Thanks for your suggestion, @Le Quack!
  5. Remove Clubs

    Clubs have now been removed in favor of subforums. You can see the subforums in the "Interests" category. Posts are still being transferred as I'm typing this.
  6. Follow Projects

    Since staff is mostly using Trello (which already has a nice follow/watch system) and not Projects, I'll retire my suggestion.
  7. Sign out button

    A prompt has been implemented so you have to confirm that you want to sign out now. I hope this will help our dear mobile users. Thanks for your request!
  8. This is an interesting idea. If regular meetings get implemented on a larger scale (I know some regular meetings have popped up in GFL recently; bless you guys for doing it <3), this would be a nice way of doing a recap of what has happened for GFL as a whole. However, I believe we should prioritize getting regular meetings up and running first. Then we can "easily" make a recap in some alternative media format such as a podcast. EDIT: I would not make it a weekly podcast since I would like each podcast to match a community meeting (big nay to weekly community meetings ).
  9. Took me a while to realize what SA meant, aha.
  10. This would be very hard to make, I think. The forums application for IPS is very hard-wired in many parts (mostly for optimization because PHP is inherently slow as frick) especially when it comes to loading posts and likes. Furthermore, it will have to be introduced through hooks into the application which might easily break in future updates. To end on a slightly positive note, it is possible.
  11. Remove Clubs

    This probably doesn't come as a surprise, but I would like to keep the programming forum.
  12. This has been taken up by the staff and is currently being looked into! Stay tuned for more information.
  13. Remove Clubs

    I am highly in favor of removing clubs. I do not see much gain from them. To me they are basically just very hidden sub-forums. We have seen a huge decline in activity in clubs such as the one for level design. It might be possible to solve the issue of clubs being too invisible but I simply see no pros for using Clubs over sub-forums besides that it reduces clutter, I guess, in the forum overview. However, the reduction of clutter comes at the cost of less activity. Simply put, to me clubs are over-engineered sub-forums. This is primarily just to prove that the clubs are pretty invisible, which we pretty much agree on already: I suggest that we move clubs back to subforums (maybe some are not worth moving back; I have not checked that).
  14. Bring Back Operator

    This rank seems redundant as mentioned earlier. @TheSadBandit's proposal for major changes to our forum group structure is off-topic and should be discussed separately so people who don't have opinions on the operator rank sees it too. I'll close this. Thank you for your suggestion!
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