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  1. This doesn't change the fact that the changes came out of nowhere. We had been discussing internally, and at no point did the Directors indicate something was going to happen about "hierarchy issues". No matter how welcome changes are, I still expect the to be documented. You can have very good intentions with your idea, but not realize liabilities until other people gets their eyes on the ideas. There is more to this story, but it is honestly a tiring tale.
  2. I must admit, that I am a bit concerned about how this was handled. It seemed very rushed, and I honestly find it shameful how people were demoted (Note: Members of Trusted and, of course, Council were demoted.). These changes came very suddenly out of nothing, and I do believe that we, as a community, at least deserves a heads-up before such things happen. I am happy that you will focus more on transparency since I believe this would have heavily helped executing these changes. I don't like how we have kicked teams from the internal, now staff, Discord since I believe it is important to keep communication easy and in one place. As a result of this, the development team now have two channels in the public Discord which I find very hard to keep track of. The only reason I have heard for this kick is so Directors can more easily communicate which I find counter-intuitive. It was awesome to see the Board come together and get something done, and I hope we will see more of that in the future (though more documented ). For now I wish you good luck.
  3. You guys are overreacting a little, lol. It's managements' fault that they didn't announce and promote at the same time. Maybe they shouldn't be in such a hurry.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. I have added a new section about the concept of project managers. You can see it in the change-log at the top. I don't believe actually executing the plan initially is hard. The important and hard part is maintaining it afterwards (e.g. keep documentation going, ensure community meetings are held at regular intervals, keep each other active and vigilant). The Founder's and Directors' agreement is important, and I would rather compromise than create a civil war. I do not expect my proposal to be executed as-is or at all. As stated in my preface, I hope some of the ideas can be used while we make GFL great.
  5. I have written up a very opinionated proposal for a new hierarchical structure for GFL. You can read it here. I apologize if some of my assumptions seem offensive to some. If they are incorrect, please correct me either here or by making a suggestion/comment in the document. I would love to hear everyone's opinions on and suggestions for this.
  6. You are into cheat development, right? Could you elaborate on that? GFL does not support cheating in any way, but since you also develop(ed) anti-cheats, then it might make sense.
  7. I see no reason not to have such a valuable member on our team. Without question a +1 from me. 😄 EDIT: I'll change to neutral for now while I get the full picture.
  8. ur handsome

  9. ur ugly 

  10. I warned you, and you should not put an anti-spoof plugin on a subserver, smh. EDIT: And it seems all the crazy stuff that happened is connected with @Ben Roy. I just proved my point, and I did not do anything to harm the server. You guys "fighting" me seemed to cause all the problems. Sorry, @Liloz01.
  11. Nice to have you back, @Xy_!
  12. I am currently studying Computer Science at Aarhus University. I also have a part-time job as an API developer for Salling Group (owner of the majority of retail stores in Denmark). I have just signed a contract for another part-time job with a consultant company where I will get a better pay and more interesting projects. Furthermore, the company's head quarters lie 50 meters from where I study. I'll start in February so a lot is happening at the moment (including resigning from my job at Salling Group ). I also volunteer in a lot of organizations (such as GFL). I am a board member in an organization responsible for introducing new students to Aarhus University, and I am a board member in another organization called UNF Aarhus. UNF Aarhus (and its sibling organizations) arrange talks for young people (mostly pre-university students but everyone is welcome) about science. I am also arranging a yearly camp for girls who are interested in IT. This camp introduces them to what CS and other IT degrees are at Aarhus University. I am also part of the core team arranging Denmark's largest hackathon AUHack. I also do a lot of minor things such as being a bartender, leading/managing bars at larger (AU) events, translate for Steam, setup and control lighting at a theater, and many other one-time things. God, I got stressed typing all this out. For those who are wondering about what I do in GFL: Shitposting and sometimes plugins.