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  1. Alternatively why not try dropping us a message seeing if we are available and able to come on the server for a couple minutes to sort out any issues
  2. Another little suggestion involving shop for innocents/detective could be a tac grenade that once exploded tells you how many traitors are in the radius but doesn't show u who or any indicator like that and how many innocents are in the radius, this will add some rather tactical/sticky situations once again just a thought in the shop department
  3. Not sure if this is even possible but maybe a shop item for Innocents as 'Decoy', once bought it will spawn in a mirror image of your character and randomly run around the map like a bot but once killed it will tell u who the person was and if they were an innocent or a traitor. i would think the price of this would be rather high maybe 10k or so, once again not sure if this is possible or if this is already in talks but just an idea. Thanks.
  4. Only @Darkling knows how salty i really am. if u feel me.
  5. The problem with that is the regulars will make it un fun for non regulars. It won't bring anyone that is new back if they aren't enjoying it and typically blind guessing in a quiz won't really be enjoyable
  6. Where do i preorder?
  7. +1
  8. Steam Name: TomRiddle #Isabel Steam ID: (Optional) Age: 18 Play Time (On TTT): Do you have access to TeamSpeak 3?: Yes, online everyday from 6pm-10pm Weekends throughout (Optional) Sponsor(s): @QiadoxSkel @PaulaDeen Why should you be accepted as an admin/operator?:I believe that i should be accepted as admin/operator because i think i could be a great addition to this *new* community, i have a fair amount of previous experience concerning the admin role in general. I like to think im a good listener and can be proven quite helpful in moments of need. I will always listen to people no matter their role (Casual, Staff Etc.) i will and will have help anyone who is needing any sort of Guidance and will continue doing so, i work well with a team and know what needs to be done to help or prevent situations in the server as im aware that it is very 'chaotic' during its active hours. overall: i think that i will prove very helpful in the roads to come and i would love to be apart of it when those days come. What do you feel you could bring to the team? I feel like i can bring someone that is very helpful within the community especially concerning the casual side of in game world. i think that my timezone (GMT) will help as typically the staff team are of a different timezone so i shall be there to monitor when others aren't. i will bring new ideas and thoughts that could prove rather helpful and new. I will bring someone that knows when to act and wont hesitate in my decision making, i will bring someone that knows when its time to take a joke and when its time to get serious. Having my previous Admin roles and current i will bring experience and the knowledge of certain situations and knows what is necessary to deal with them. i will personally spend my time helping someone if they are in need of it and will quite happily take my time out of the day to guide and help the person(s) in what ever it is that they are in need as i have been doing for quite awhile. overall: i believe that i will bring someone that will always stop what im doing to help others and to be there in moments of need (When not at work that is) and someone that finds happiness in helping people. im aware of my time spent on the server and i would have took the time before posting this but im just really enjoying my time and would love to be apart of this and watch it grow and to even be there helping it. Have you been an admin/operator anywhere else? I am currently admin on CS:GO Jailbreak and recently resigned from Surf admin Have you fully read the rules and understand them? I have read the rules completely, any sort of issues concerning rules i always look for them as guidelines and to be able to use a level of 'Common sense' in my decision making If you have any bans, why were you banned? I believe my Record of Bans are clean as far as i know Additional Information (When you're most active, info about yourself, etc): I'm almost always on from when im out of work, after school i lost complete contact with 98% of my 'Friends' so i spend all my time at my computer my working times are from 8am-6pm with weekends off and will be on from 6-10 pretty much everyday, excluding weekends i will be on for around 36hours of the weekend out of the 48. About myself: i like to think im friendly with the staff teams that i have been on got to know them rather well and made some really good people during the time i love helping people. i listen to alot of music (pretty much all the time) No exaggeration, i have been listening to Ed sheeran ever since he has released 'Small Bump' i think that was the first time i was listening to him, i enjoy the 2005-2011 time of music, and will listen to alot of songs over and over, ive been listening to the same 30-40 songs for the past maybe 6 or so years?, i dont get bored of music if i truly enjoy it. Anyway enough of my life which literally consists of music and games... Thanks for taking the time to read, if i have missed anything or u have any sort of questions for me feel free to ask, on here or PM. Thanks again.
  9. Dont come back you boosted hoe
  10. We have just hosted a 'guess the song' but maybe after next weeks event we will change it up abit? Maybe Instrumental only? So many different things u could go off with the idea. But if u guys want more of that let us know! They are very fun to make happen.
  11. At work so on my phone please excuse yourself from the hate
  12. I feel like people don't use this command very often due to it's obnoxious for some on how it is used? I think it's quite a handy little command especially for the new event system that's in place and will help a lot more than people would think, at least that's my opinion on it, posting on here so it doesn't get buried in the admin chat. Danke
  13. Don't Rush.