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  1. Im fucking jealous of that hair tho
  2. @TomRiddle
  3. Yeah i can see that now, thanks man no problamo
  4. Thats what im confused about i think i have donated $50 and im trial/full admin? or must i ask for someone with powers to do so
  5. Hey guys someone may have made a post about this and im just blind but how does one get these cool Badges under your name on forums? if anyone has a post or anything like that feel free to drop the link, I was just wondering because they look real Groovy, Baby.
  6. The closest thing i get to being toxic is when i have to put @Bredcrumbs in his place.
  7. Finally.
  8. so out of all the things u could of made a complaint about, the advertisements stood out to you the most?