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  1. That's like asking why doesn't Barcelona win everything in football. They win on paper but they don't consistently win every game... that's like saying why didn't Holly Holm beat Germaine De Randamie. statistically Holly is 10-2 and Rand is 6-3 so SURELY SHE SHOULD HAVE WON THE FIGHT I MEAN COME ON SHE HAS SUCH A BETTER FIGHT RECORD HOW DID SHE LOSE?!?! FFS FMAK;LMLK;SFMLKAMKL;FSA
  2. The guy changed his name multiple times, and the final name he changed to was a 'foreign', do they not have any sort of way of monitoring something like this
  3. Yes its only 4 dead 20 injured but everyone is freaking out because its ment to be one of the most secure placing around london, if they can do that there they can do alot more around the country
  4. The second that 9/11 happened should have been the time they do something serious about terrorism yes they might not know anything about it etc but the fact that its still a thing is so stupid, should never have gone this far with all the attacks that have been happening globally recently
  5. Oh my b didnt see that part
  6. How does one rank up within the cc?
  7. Ayy @harry
  8. 'Lovin Spuds' is my username on my main account ill be using
  9. Been playing rs for many years now, just started getting back into it, i dont ever play rs3 though D:
  10. I am a faggot.

    1. nocheat
    2. doorknob


      !ban no cheat Reason: Serbia doesn't exist.

  11. We should make that our thing
  12. I think this needs more recognition and appreciation
  13. You have my worst.