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  1. Music/Gym/Talking with certain people
  2. @WigglesWorth Dont know whats happened but thanks a lot for this post.
  3. Ive been binge watching 60 days in recently. Prison/Jail stuff has always interested me a lot but of course im fucking hyped for tomorrow with GOT
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 25-cringe.gif

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 25-cringe.gif

  6. zacef2.jpg?crop=1xw:0.6666666666666666xh Just trying out this new look thoughts @RVFK?

  7. Well CS servers were fun while they lasted.
  8. For everyone with Dyslexia i'll simplify everything:
  9. Late for you but Happy Birthday cunt

  10. Happy birthday, fren :)

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