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  1. hey guys, im looking for someone to donate Vip Status for me in exchange for skins in CSGO, this can be any sort of range with the donations but of course The more u can donate the better, i will be overpaying in skins as i know Real money is alot more valuable depending on the amount that is donated, i have figured a way to complete the process safely by using a Middleman, mine being @Dano if anyone has anything they want to ask or are willing to do the 'trade' feel free to Message me or leave a comment on this post. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, im interested to know if anyone has any good recommendations of some tv series, got alot of spare time at the moment and outside of csgo i dont really do much else, sad i know :^) so i was just hoping anyone could recommend me some (or anything related), ive only seen the more 'well known' series's E.G: Game of thrones, Flash, Vampire diaries, The originals... Thanks guys.
  3. i would say if u cant get the marble fade Fire/ice i would go for the Doppler anything blue ofc fuck the red, tiger tooth's get 'boring' and get ugly to look after awhile :^)
  4. After being demoted from LEM >> MG2 i no longer care about my rank, u will very rarely see me playing comp all together now surf and JB are the only uses of csgo, the only time i play comp now is if someone needs me to play, no longer find it enjoyable
  5. Gz man what time?
  6. @Darkling Introduced me to JailBreak and at first i thought it wouldnt be enjoyable what so ever, How wrong i was, granted i almost never go CT i still really enjoy the 'social' aspect of it, but nothing can top @Aqqle and his Lg's xd
  7. TomRiddle has applied for member. Steam Profile: Steam Check Link: Why I want to be Member:  Hi, i was member along time ago, way before i got admin but now im not a member? im not sure what has happened so i was hoping to get my member rank back? Thanks. GFL Bans: 0  
  8. Surf_Stoneworks2 is always a fun map to play on T4 i believe very well made
  9. Ez Kill: @Bredcrumbs Marry: @Sinnex Yah weeaboo/ Mimi Fuck: @pite Picks: @bballallan, @Cloud_, @ThanoslBsl
  10. Thanks lad will do <3
  11. Hello people, as u can tell i am a harry potter fan so -Insert Kid Joke Here- and get over it :D im an operator on EU Surf and i only really play surfing on CSGO now so look forward to seeing all of you that join the server <3 Have fun gaming!