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  1. 3276C91000000578-3506712-image-m-107_145Off taking Fluff out on his birthday gift from me. We ended up crashing the bike. Great time.

  2. CSGO Extravaganza 5v5

    Steam name TomRiddle #Isabel CSGO rank: MGE (LEM Prevous) Experience in ESEA/FaceIt (or others): maybe played a few games on face it to to mess around Rank in the above: N/A Position(s) you play: Rifler, Lurker, AWP Proposed team name: . Awper as in when needed I can use and understand where to be when with the awp and hit shots
  3. maxresdefault.thumb.jpg.45fc56cb2b07ff69dccc7a10aafd61e6.jpgTom came to the beach like this and I couldn't even talk to him

  4. OSU?

    I use to play abit, realized i wasnt getting anywhere. Gave up. Still remember A map called Snake eyes loved it
  5. 53ba25077e5c10e9077e1b530c21b52502e2cbc2Went deep sea diving with Fluff, Cheeky bastard had the cheek to whip out the bird.

  6. I tried it again, i really did

    I’m confused at the fact that if you can’t handle haters why would you give out these sort of things that you know people are going to ‘hate’ and be immature about over the internet
  7. the-rock-zac-efron-650x433.jpgKaraoke night. As u can see im having the time of my life, with my good buddy @D o c t o r F beside me for moral support. 

  8. 5a8c3369cb7f2_StarsOnTheSetOfBaywatch2QjftpvMiRXx.thumb.jpg.86b17c7e76660990fd3283603354a5eb.jpg

    I had a rough day so Tom was trying to cheer me up with a hug

    Edited by D o c t o r F
  9. tdy_jones_baywatch_170207.today-vid-canonical-featured-desktop.thumb.jpg.c4b4ce0dbcc4c3b317efa6a8ed916d7b.jpg

    Tom started boasting and as you can see I wasn't very happy

  10. the-rock-zac-efron-e793a8b3-8255-4b02-8611-69a80d360709.thumb.jpg.804d3b2a8b3a7e64cfd9afc6ecd3cdd8.jpgJust a small one of me and Fluff, he was trying to catch a fly with his hands. As u can see i was amused. 

  11. Caught Tom doing the ropes without me


    1. TomRiddle


      Damn, im looking good.

    2. Darkling


      Meh he used to look good...

    3. TomRiddle


      Dark, ive told u this many times. Im the sexiest man alive.

  12. So Matt Lucas wanted a picture of Me and Fluff earlier while on the beach. Crazy. Dwayne+Johnson+Zac+Efron+Rock+Set+Baywat

  13. Snapped a pic of tom about to fight the haters


    Edited by D o c t o r F
  14. Tom and I going for a ride