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  1. Ive bin noticing this alot as of late. Ive bin on this server for 4 years and it seems worse.
  2. But thats how i always play ze
  3. I feel like GFL is a good place for second chances and i think with the way the world is now we are more forgiving and understanding. ill +1 this.
  4. quality Ill Keep an eye out nuetral
  5. I called it as well....feels rushed. nuetral I dont really know who you are other then a guy who popped out of nowhere. Im guessing other server or source? People can seem and act like their admin material for a week or two then apply and get accepted and be completely different I would like to observe for awhile.
  6. not making the nova great again...tisk tisk
  7. Some of us ZE players have bin playing LFD lately. Those custom maps are fun.
  8. If you ever see Fury in discord just talk to him. Hes in a clan and a swell dude!
  9. STEAM_1:0:1940480 I actually won an event rpd and facility
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