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    I kinda feel bad, being remembered as a person and not liking the topic in a reasonable time.
  2. Zombie Survival Halloween Event!

    If you're going to add anything, add a place-able jack o lantern that plays spooky music. So I can just sit in a cade and play random music and not help anybody is that even possible? idk where I came up with that idea tbh
  3. Zombie Survival Halloween Event!

    pls no cannibal trait
  4. Last Letter Word Game

  5. We don't talk about Scoobers here.
  6. Server Suggestions And Ideas

    Some random ideas I have come up with that could be used on the server. Any of these ideas I may have gotten from other people at some point will be credited. (unless I have forgotten who they are) - Nightmare having visual affects such as hallucinations when within close proximity of the humans. - Wraith's scream messing up humans screen much more than it does now. (and maybe slight damage too) - Weapon unlocks so people don't get a boomstick on wave 2. - @Trigger - Point-saving. - @MegaUpload (however I personally think if this does get implemented it should be you keep 10% of your remaining points if the humans win that can be used next game, as opposed to just having 800 points to start out) - A reward system to give ZS a sense of progression. Perhaps permanent slight boosts for both zombies and humans. - Make the loading screen the GFL Motd rather than the weird slideshow thing Scoobers implemented. - New Worth perks, such as a perk that gives a reduced effect of the Stalker rifle. - Tutorial videos for newer players. I think it would be fun to make if a lot of us worked on it. Feel free to comment your ideas below and I'll add them to the top post here!
  7. FAS Nerf/Removal (Different point... Kinda)

    I've only actually used an FAS weapon ONCE since I started playing ZS again and that was almost a month ago, and I remember the moment because you had made a comment to me about it, and that was just so I could try the bipod for the Rpk on top of the fountain near For Lease. I don't know why you have it in your head that just because I used it one time, that automatically means I use them all the time. None of my saved loadouts have any FAS weapons at all because they are terrible for cade defense and even more so while running. So if someone did call me one I would explain to them why I am not, as I am doing to you right now. Now please stop turning a suggestion thread into a one on one argument.
  8. FAS Nerf/Removal (Different point... Kinda)

    On occasion, not religiously like most people
  9. FAS Nerf/Removal (Different point... Kinda)

    I was calling people Fas fags long before BigB or Kcim ever joined the community so there goes your logic
  10. FAS Nerf/Removal (Different point... Kinda)

    I call people FAS fags when im salty about being mowed down by 5 Rpk's as zombie on Wave 1
  11. Ways on implementing new cades

    Vents in gamestop are the best
  12. XP?

    Nyfox, a thread created in the general section of zombie survival doesn't simply get "locked". It will remain here for all of eternity, forever being clicked on by newcomers to the ZS section of the website. Curious to see our opinions on an XP system for our server. Perhaps they will comment their opinions as well, even though their opinions will mean literally nothing because ZS never gets updated. Years from now we may look back on this topic and think "Maybe an XP system would have been good after all for zombie survival." Perhaps in the future will we be proven wrong and this post will only show of our ignorance of never implementing an XP system, and cry because now we see the consequences of never adding an XP system to our beloved server, and that it would have repopulated the server and taken over GMod, replacing DarkRP as the most popular gamemode. But that's not going to happen, it's kind of a dumb idea I was kinda bored, In case you didn't get my point, general things don't really get locked.. I guess Kurama will lock it if you beg enough if you do care that much though...
  13. XP?

    I'd prefer new things regarding the game's balance in general rather than something basically useless such as an XP bar. I mean, the last memorable update to ZS was when the Tank player model was fixed and the Tosser was buffed, and that was a little less than a year ago.
  14. XP?

    XP systems are garbage in general, the people who play the most will always be better (not skill-wise necessarily) than a new player joining the server. If there would be an XP system it would have to be something non game changing, such as having to be a certain level to buy a cosmetic from the point-shop.
  15. Best worth menu loadout for point farming?

    Knife > All your noob melees