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  1. I kinda feel bad, being remembered as a person and not liking the topic in a reasonable time.
  2. If you're going to add anything, add a place-able jack o lantern that plays spooky music. So I can just sit in a cade and play random music and not help anybody is that even possible? idk where I came up with that idea tbh
  3. The try-hards were most definitely the reason the server died. The lack of any good management was just a small addition to the big problem. Those in this community who go zombie every round and decimate the human team every game is what makes people leave.
  4. pls no cannibal trait
  5. Meningitis
  6. We don't talk about Scoobers here.
  7. Server is pretty lively at 30+ people at the time of me writing this. I think we actually revived the server gg.
  8. Title basically says it. More so in the video's description.
  9. If it doesn't repopulate the GFL higher-ups will instantly go for a shutdown tbh. After all, GFL is a business and they aren't going to spend money on a server that is dead.
  10. Honestly the thing that probably killed it is that the game got stale. Plus the Managers never added anything or fixed any issues, just added more issues (the useless pointshop models that constantly crashed people's games). The Tank was a giant error sign for a nearly a YEAR before someone (@Z1galord) said "hey, maybe someone should actually fix that issue" and did. After playing for a little bit on another ZS server it's very clear that GFL ZS is pathetic compared to the others.
  11. Well it was fun while it lasted
  12. Some random ideas I have come up with that could be used on the server. Any of these ideas I may have gotten from other people at some point will be credited. (unless I have forgotten who they are) - Nightmare having visual affects such as hallucinations when within close proximity of the humans. - Wraith's scream messing up humans screen much more than it does now. (and maybe slight damage too) - Weapon unlocks so people don't get a boomstick on wave 2. - @Trigger - Point-saving. - @MegaUpload (however I personally think if this does get implemented it should be you keep 10% of your remaining points if the humans win that can be used next game, as opposed to just having 800 points to start out) - A reward system to give ZS a sense of progression. Perhaps permanent slight boosts for both zombies and humans. - Make the loading screen the GFL Motd rather than the weird slideshow thing Scoobers implemented. - New Worth perks, such as a perk that gives a reduced effect of the Stalker rifle. - Tutorial videos for newer players. I think it would be fun to make if a lot of us worked on it. Feel free to comment your ideas below and I'll add them to the top post here!
  13. Lol now that just doesn't even sound fun.
  14. @Trigger Weapon unlocks on waves does sound like a good thing for the server. I'm one of those people that tend to get Sweeper (Sweeper is better than boomstick imo) on Wave 2 intermission and I would agree that it should be a Wave 4 weapon at minimum. I mean, zombies are already unlocked by waves... Imagine if a tryhard zombie could unlock Fast Fag on Wave 1 just from doing enough damage to humans? That would be fucking mayhem. @MegaUpload I wouldn't suggest point-saving personally. To me that would take the fun out of the game tremendously. Over time you would rack up tons of points and just think "Well, why do I need to do anything productive this game? I'm already guaranteed to get my Sweeper shotgun because I have X points from all the games I've played." I haven't ever played on any other ZS servers so I assume that point-saving means you keep whatever points you gain forever. I guess it could be interesting if you kept maybe 10% of your remaining points at the end of a round (if Humans win) but if it were to be 100% of your points that just wouldn't be fun.
  15. It does need a rework, it's just not easy finding that perfect middle ground for balance and fun. When you get killed constantly as human, you quit. When you get killed constantly as zombie, you quit. There's always going to be a skill-gap between skilled players and nooblets that will cause an unbalance and there is no way to fix that without giving new players a handicap which will only annoy the skilled players. Maybe at some point if I get a creative light I'll make a thread of any sort of fun additions to human and zombie teams that might be possible. I play a game called Dead By Daylight quite often, you may or may not have heard of it. The game has had a huge balance issues since release and is extremely Survivor sided to the point where if you don't play as a certain Killer, the Survivor's will basically make you their bitch. Yet the game is still very fun for me (and I play as the Killer often) and the reason for that is that they really nailed it with the progression system of the game. Perhaps if ZS had a good progression system it could make up for any slight imbalances?