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  1. Welcoming in Big Changes!

    I remember we skipped obj ravenholm because we couldn't find the lever or whatever, but I actually did find it right before you force mapped. The one building we were in you are supposed to nail props and climb to the top 3rd floor of that building. The lever was on a table up there.
  2. Welcoming in Big Changes!

    Really liked that map that was all texture errors though.
  3. ZS events

    And then the server died again
  4. wtf is this

    wtf I thought he died (yes, I practice necromancy)
  5. ZS events

    I'll probably just afk for player count.
  6. ZS events

    thanks for mentioning me.
  7. When we should all join the server

    Well, I am going to be joining today in the afternoon. Probably just play around with cades for awhile hoping players join.
  8. When we should all join the server

    Well I'm not going to try and host another event like this since it failed last time I did, I am just making the thread. Up to @BigBthefluffyredneck to decide when this will happen.
  9. When we should all join the server

    11 people voted and only 4 responded to the thread so it kinda makes me feel like random people kinda voted. Regardless, the vast majority voted for 6pm so it would make sense to start it at 6 with no end time, it'll end when people get bored and leave tbh.
  10. When we should all join the server

    I get home from work at 10 usually so
  11. So if people actually want the server to populate again we will have to get the player-count up consistently daily. I'm all for hopping on for a few hours at night daily in order to get the pop back up and attract new players. With that said, those of us who were "pros" at the game should refrain from going full try hard every round or going zombie every round and destroying on wave 1. We want the server to welcome new players, not kick them out the door. I added a poll with afternoon times to see when people would want to. (if anybody wants to put forth the effort)
  12. Well you already are server manager now so totally not late at all. I feel like you can revive the server since (from what I remember) you are pretty dedicated to getting things done so hopefully it works out. Also yeah how was I tagged and not Tenhours, at least he is actually active.
  13. Uploaded my First Gmod Zombie Survival!

    Cool video.

    Hard to believe it's been nearly 3 years since I started on gfl zs tbh.