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  1. Name: Loke Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:76475501 Banned by: Alexis Ban Reason: Mass RDM in headshot round Why should you be unbanned Missed the special round text and only caught that it was a headshot only round. Killed 3 or 4 people before being told normal TTT rules applied. Couldn't review the rules of the special round as it doesn't leave anything in chat or on-screen. Received one report, the other players I unintentionally rdmed did not submit reports. Not a fan of headshot round now.
  2. No worries, I've added you on Discord.
  3. Heya Rocket, Have some experience with C# from playing with Unity3D, basic academic familiarity with Python and C++. A few years off and on for oddball projects.
  4. My Age: 25 My Talent: Learning GLua to implement functionality and fixes into mapping in the future. Have a list of SWEP ideas I'd like to work on for TTT-MC. 5 days experience with GLua Minecraft Trident - Replacement for the harpoon SWEP Improvements: Minecraft model and sounds. Able to pickup if it has not hit a player. Fixed issue with projectile passing through players if they are too close. Shows DNA, Body search information shows Trident was used to kill. 3-4 months mapping experience - Further focus in mapping will be geared towards optimization ttt_minecraft_b5_fish_n_ships ttt_minecraft_b6_spooky Java - Modified a Minecraft Sign Generator to remove JSON functionality and utilized Swing toolkit to copy customized signs to clipboard in 256x128 Will be using this small program to create new sign textures for my Minecraft maps. SignGenerator_v1.1.zip Hours/Week: Dependent on project and availability
  5. I've been gone a while for other interests and life and such, but I want to butt in as this is a great conversation and I think it could use some traction. My experience getting the Halloween map together for testing and release onto GFL was bumpy. @MilkMan was a great help through so much of the process and very willing to work with me and I appreciate that so much. In our time working together the largest source of stress was getting the map onto the server and making sure it works. During that time we had a downtime of 1-2 hours troubleshooting. During this time @Zebra joined in to help us out and found that the filename for the map was too long... If there was a testing server I wholeheartedly wish we could have used it and that it was configured as a mirror to the main server so we could have avoided the downtime and added stress. During this time I started renting a TTT server as well to test the map on before attempting to migrate it to GFL, but the problem remained that the server I rented could never be identical unless all addons, scripts, and configurations were packaged over and sent to me (what a pain that would be). After all of that work I asked @Ben about the possibility of a test server to improve the quality of TTT Minecraft. I'm not sure if a test environment server exists or not, I believe the way I phrased my request was more aligned towards getting access to such an environment. We have so many creative people in this community; having another outlet for them to share their work, receive feedback, and improve their product in a community environment would be fantastic. I enjoy this community and would be thrilled to continue working on projects with everyone. I would feel much more at-ease with an environment we could work together and functionally test projects before moving them to production.
  6. Please don't close this yet, there is a misunderstanding still present. There was no use of a 3rd party application, please present the admission of such use. Our communication was explicitly through in-game text and voice chat.
  7. Haha my bad Arturus, I'm always butchering your name even unintentionally! I'm not trying to defend you as much as I am trying to make the situation right... I was the one who attempted to sabotage my innocent team. Many traitors have tried to sway innocents into confusion and that's part of the game. 'ghosting' isn't remotely accurate, 'cheating' is more in line with what it should have been defined as: 'sabotage' I should be punished for cheating/sabotage, even if it has the same length of punishment against myself at least it would be accurate and not affect someone else playing the game to their role.
  8. Thank you WigglesWorth, According to the rules I pointed out, it doesn't appear Arturas was ghosting. With that in mind the offense would be more accurately described as cheating. There is no reason for Arturas to be punished as they were simply playing the role as traitor asking me not to kill them. My lapse in judgement as an innocent should have no impact on Arturas. The targeting/rdm was performed I spoke of was easily 10+ rounds and I reported for all of them while they continued to submit false reports back towards me. The user was warned for the false reports and nothing further in terms of 1-to-1 slay for rdm or a 1 week punishment. I'm fixated on this because the annoyance/frustration caused and the punishment applied was disappointing. I refrained from turning back and rdming them while they targeted/rdmed round after round. While I get a week long ban for something so minor and easily correctable. Some questions I would like some help understanding: Is there a limitation to the number of reports we can submit through !report? When should I have given up reporting someone who was targeting me? As it stands I can't even view all the submitted reports I have submitted today as there is no scroll bar, I believe I can only see the oldest 8 or so reports. Is there a more effective way to communicate to staff? During the issue I had attempted !calladmin which didn't help and attempted to ask someone else if they had staff friends online who could help, but unfortunately not. When should we collect evidence to submit on the forums instead of through in game report?
  9. Loke STEAM_0:0:76475501 Which Admin Banned you: @SkydivingSquid Ban Reason: Ghosting due to verbally baiting (Obviously and sarcastically) innocents into nether and not shooting traitor Arturas while they newton launched innos into lava. Guessing these rules were broken: - Innocents and detectives may not help traitors in any way. - Not killing someone when they commit traitorous act when you should is cheating/ghosting. Received a warning, assumed this would be some sort of reminder to the rules as no specific information was provided by SkydivingSquid. Didn't perform the same 'ghosting' action even though Arturas informed me they were traitor again. Received ban in the middle of a normal round of play. Warnings seem useless if there's no opportunity for corrective action. Chat log: https://pastebin.com/NGWrxiDW Why should you be Unbanned: Arturas did nothing wrong according to the rules as they were a traitor. Both rules alluding to ghosting are specific to innocents. - Innocents and detectives may not help traitors in any way. - Not killing someone when they commit traitorous act when you should is cheating/ghosting. No outside source of communication was utilize, all communication was through in-game chat and voice. Punishment is too strict for a single round of a stray from consistent play; considering more aggressive actions I have reported went unpunished or underpunished in comparison. Examples: I can't utilize the recent report menu for recent reports I submit because I have submitted so many reports against Bobley-Swagger (STEAM_0:0:7439603) for targetting and rdm. Their punishment is a 1 day ban after derailing my playing for multiple rounds? I was glad they were banned and weren't bothering me anymore, but for such consistent rdm and targetting to receive a single day of punishment is... bullshit. TheSadBandit comes online and I use @ to inform them of two ghosters and report their actions discretely to be handled, get no response from the admin and later learn they are idle/afk... linguine (STEAM_0:0:56417709) and phat pee kniss (STEAM_0:0:45618255) I reported that when either of them were traitor, the innocent between them would attempt rdm all the traitors. This occurred twice. phat pee kniss receives 'rdm and leave' after a 1 day karma too low ban... linguine receives 1 week when Franchize comes online for mass rdm, likely related to the legitimate ghosting that I attempted to report.
  10. Banned for Mass RDM?

    Name: Loke Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:76475501 Banned by: No clue, sitting there dead then screen went black. Restarted gmod and found I was banned. Ban reason: Mass RDM Why you should be unbanned: I don't recall mass rdming. Last two reports I had on me are one from a traitor who tried to shoot me and missed so I killed him, and the other report was a false report saying something about 10,000 points. Hope someone can shed some light on this.
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