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  1. I better get a discount whenever I'll rent from you. jk hahaha I'm sure you'll be a good Hosting provider. Keep us updated on the company.
  2. +1 I think she would be a good addition to the team. I agree with all the reasons listed above.
  3. @BeanSparrow2206 @MilkMan
  4. Well it's a game best played with people. There is always stuff to do too. But yeah it's kind of an mmorpg on a smaller scale.
  5. If anyone plays The Division 2 add me on uplay same name as on the forum. If you don't know what it is, here's a sneak peak.
  6. Here is the format you must use in order to appeal a mute and/or ban. If you do not follow the correct format your appeal will be denied. You may find your ban in sourcebans https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/ using your Steam ID. You can get your Steam ID using this site https://steamid.io/lookup To appeal a ban, make a new topic in this subform with the following copied and pasted with your information filled out as much as possible. Ban appeals with no Steam ID may not get processed. USE THIS LINK AND COPY AND PASTE THE FOLLOWING WITH IT FILLED OUT Name: Steam ID: Banned by: Ban reason: Why you should be unbanned:
  7. Since your ban is over a month ago, and we don't have evidence against you I will unban you but if you were really cheating and we learn that, you will be permanently banned from our servers. -k2
  8. April fools was last month. You're late.
  9. Badges

    Server Manager needs stars.
  10. trial admin mom

  11. The server is up.
  12. I have the same opinion as @Leks. Don't want to end up with 100 pages of rules. Although it would be funny, example: Sir, you are in violation of article 5 , sub-section 174;A and sub-section 13;F.
  13. I attempted to search you with the username you provided "Shironeko#5612" but I cannot manage to find you. Are you sure that is your username? Also I would recommend elaborating on your application, to give a good reason why they should choose you over the other applicants. Thanks, k2
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