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  1. Pretty much we had issues where the server was full and admins couldn't join so I added 1 or 2 slots reserved so that an admin could join and moderate the server.
  2. Warzone

    What I like about it is the crossplay so if you have a xbox of ps4 or a pc you can play together. And I also play the coop missions and search and destroy too.
  3. Warzone

    Anyone that plays Warzone or just MW in general wanna team up?
  4. You’re an inspiration.

  5. +1 You have all the qualities to be a good mod. Already trusted with managing servers. I have nothing negative to say.
  6. Bro you've been playing for a week chill. As if everything I've done for the server is forgotten because I'm not 24/7 for a week.
  7. Could you link me your appeal.
  8. Thank you I was going to apply for founder so if I get accepted you maybe can get manager.
  9. Still racist. Kids say it because they think they look cool saying it and there is no consequences hiding behind a computer. I don't feel the urge to say it so why do you feel it?
  10. I don't see a ban under your steam id nor under your IP.
  11. The Pub Map issues

    Pub as been removed until I find a fix.
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