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  1. Can we stick to the topic . Thanks.
  2. Neutral for now. He seems to be active on the forums. I will change my vote once I make a decision.
  3. Recruiting Members

    Pretty sure @Ralsei can put a message in the applications, reminding users to look back at their app.
  4. Well the joke was pretty lame. Not even funny.
  5. Accepted. Demoted to Member. Now closing this thread.
  6. Maybe because there's a lot of people that are immature?
  7. Thanks for everything.
  8. Back then when you had admin it was like CSGO Admin, GMOD admin, CSS Admin, BF4 Admin etc.. it kinda helped so that at least you know which game they were admin on. Also this is easy to do. For a quick fix just copy the code for the location on the profile change the name to like "Rank" then the person could simply put the server they are admin on. Look at my location for exemple.
  9. Because 5 years is a lot being in 1 community, and having 1 badge for each year makes it look less "prestigious". I don't know how to explain it haha but yeah.
  10. Surf Mesa tips

    broo that was 3 years ago now i do it under a minute but i don't play much now. I just thought it was funny when I found the video because it's from 2015.
  11. Surf Mesa tips

    How to do it in 1 minute. Lol video is from February 2015. PS: Yes it's me surfing.
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