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  1. I'll change to +1 because I don't have anything bad to say and people told me good things about you. I believe it's worth giving you a try and see from there.
  2. Please use the format below: 1. Name of Suggestion 2. Description of Suggestion 3. Link to Suggestion( if possible ) 4. Any screenshots or videos of said suggestion( if possible)
  3. Hello, feel free to suggest any map you would like added to our Zombie Survival server. The only requirements is that it is a zombie survival or escape map. Thank you.
  4. Hello, Here's a list of Zombie Survival's staff! Division Leaders @Zebra Server Manager @k2nod Senior Admins @Z1galord Admins @LawMyl @Trigger @DOOMSlayer_ Thank you!
  5. @LawMylyeah I know. For me too I would rather wait for multiplayer because campaign after you play it once it becomes boring you know.
  6. Neutral for now. I simply don't know you too much to have a say. Will change my vote once I feel comfortable.
  7. Make sure to wash your hands before you join the servers. Thank you
  8. You're using a vpn which the ip is perma banned. I will unban you but stop using it because I won't unban everytime it happens.
  9. happy birthday stinky

  10. Playing the same map over and over and over and over and over and over again becomes annoying.
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