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  1. Nice idea!
  2. Guts. Glory. Ram. *badass voice*
  3. @Rick Said it well. You don't become manager because there is a free slot open and you're there. If you want it go get it.
  4. Neutral. I still don't know too much about you.
  5. Congrats! PR Team are in good hands.
  6. DayZ has changed a lot, you can build bases now. Perks wouldn't have to be advantageous, maybe something like skins or you spawn with a different gun. There is a lot of work to be done if we were to have a DayZ server but we have to look at all the possibilities we have to expand GFL.
  7. I agree with everything @RivalRevival said. As for the rule it will remain. Thank you.
  8. There has been a huge update, that DayZ SA needed to gain players. I've had the game since it started and now it's actually playable. So it might be worth looking into it. UPDATE: I reposted @Roy thread on the bohemia interactive DayZ forums. Hopefully someone will reply and help. https://forums.dayz.com/topic/245957-dayz-dedicated-server-wine-support-binding-to-specific-ip/
  9. GFL Movie Night

    Movie Night sounds a like a nice event. I will try my best to attend it.
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