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  1. SM is kind of a trial mod position (with regards to perms) on forums, i'm willing to see how you perform as a full forum mod. and if anyone had anything bad to say they would have said it (people that i would believe that is) so ACCEPTED i guess.
  2. lets see how well you do as a discord moderator, and since SM is essentially trial mod on forums i'm willing to see if you have potential as a full forum moderator.
  3. this is so low effort that it feels like an admin app
  4. Man, I always thought ur profile picture was a epic pirate one look closer made me feel so dumb HAHAHHAA

  5. Based on your post history, you keep trying to apply for admin for a game server but you refuse to read the "this is not an admin application for a game server" disclaimer. Denied
  6. This isn't for a game server
  7. this is really low effort and is leaving out a lot of stuff. try again next time. try again in a month or two
  8. understanding subtle differences like this is a key part of being a moderator, i'm just gonna deny this because you don't meet the requirements and you're not getting the hint that your prop hunt discord activity doesn't count in discords that aren't the prop hunt discord
  9. because it's not an officially moderated discord. that's like saying "i play on prop hunt, accept my ttt staff app" when you have no hours on ttt
  10. unfortunately @Le Soc, @Toxic is correct. this application is just for the official discords only. i went to the prop hunt discord and tried to look into your activity there but i couldn't find any text chat messages at all from you, so unfortunately we're at a loss there too. nevermind, my discord fucked up is all. still, activity really only counts in the official discords
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