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  1. yeah no, you posted blatant nsfw and this was less than an hour ago. take at least a month off. DENIED
  2. That was the goal i hope to have an answer for you soon.
  3. I have a question for you. Why shouldn't I make you a mod?
  4. appeal accepted, what skittlez said is true. any future punishments are liable to be much more to the point and without the usual warning.
  5. This looks promising, I want my mods to respond with their reasoning before any decisions are made though.
  6. you posted it the first time and you were warned, you posted it again and you were banned
  7. you advertised your community which we don't allow
  8. hello i am mod TL man, I like the app but i want my mods to do their mod duties and comment on this app before anything else happens
  9. you joined our server to dm invites to people, we don't allow that`
  10. Hello, you were banned middle of June last year. I've seen you post more art and interact with others on forums and I believe you when you say that you want to post your art. That being said, please remember to be aware of what others are saying and listen to mods/other higher ups when they ask you to stop doing something. I have removed your ban from discord, just be careful, I don't want to have to do this again with you for any reason.
  11. You are correct with everything you've said (and I mean everything). That being said, I think you've learned your lesson and I have undone your discord ban.
  12. Unbanned, just be good and follow the rules from now on. I don't want to have to do another one of these with you.
  13. Thank you for being honest. Do you promise to follow the rules from now on?
  14. Thank you for following the format. You continued to break rules despite being told to stop just before you were banned. Do you mind explaining why you did that?
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