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  1. Gonna drop a -1 for these reasons, at least make sure you're in all the discords you'd be moderating and have more that 2 weeks worth of activity before applying
  2. you're in the right place
  3. you're not banned, you're just gagged donpatch isn't admin anymore so i guess we'll leave it up to @JadedJade, @MooTheCow, or @MilkMan. also this is your steamID STEAM_0:0:175067622 based on past appeals you've submitted
  4. disclaimer because i forgot to put it in the main post. I am not affiliated with him or his channel outside of being a YouTube subscriber of his. The link i provided at the bottom will give me entries if you click on it. you can go to the video and click on the link in their description to avoid giving me entries if you wish but if you just want to enter without having to link hop my link is there for you.
  5. A channel I follow on youtube is giving away an anvil. The channel: Essential Craftsman https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzr30osBdTmuFUS8IfXtXmg The giveaway announcement video: the link to enter if you don't want to watch the video: https://wn.nr/89EjbH
  6. Gonna drop a hard no (-1 if you're uninformed) all I've seen you do is role hunt and community hop and most of your activity in this community is just randomly posting in discord with no context and then disappearing again.
  7. I've seen you around and you're doing a good job from what I've been seeing so +1
  8. i say let him back but keep an eye on him
  9. they make one with like a 20 foot (6 meter) hose so you can put the vacuum in another room if they get spooked
  10. vacuuming every day or multiple times per day is just about your only option. I've heard of pet grooming attachments that fit on the end of your vacuum that brush and vacuum the coat while collecting the dog hair in the vacuum itself. I've never used one before but i know people that have and they love it.
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