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  1. You made this account less than an hour ago, you aren't in any of our discord servers, and you aren't in teamspeak because nobody uses teamspeak anymore. Why should I accept your application and make you a moderator when I have no history of your behavior or experience in working with you?
  2. Not to be blunt bud, but this isn't a "starting position"
  3. I plan on buying one this holiday season. If I get it I'll try and remember to get some games that I can play with others.
  4. if you're good, you can discombob jump, just be prepared to get kosed because people think you are trying to knock them off stuff and take damage
  5. I'm gonna be real with you chief, we don't really need forum mods right now. This app while not bad (it has some good points i will say that), also doesn't have anything that makes me say "if i want to make the forum mod team better, i need this person on it". So I am going to unfortunately deny this app based both on the current needs of the team and that there isn't anything that really stands out. Good luck with the rest of your endeavors in GFL.
  6. It's all good man. You've got potential. Also @Pyros, if they request the app to be closed, don't just lock it, do the whole job and move it too.
  7. Nah, can't make it. I'm getting ready for Trucktober down at my local dodge dealership. The safest place you can ever be is in a dodge ram, 2019's motor trend truck of the year with a 5 star safety rating.
  8. The security training does help a bit but doesn't mean much until you pass said training, also applying exactly one month after your last application may be a bit too soon imo but we'll see.
  9. After looking through your post history more and hearing more about your various adventures throughout gfl I'm gonna deny this.
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