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  1. Recording Fortnite: How do I do it

    amd has some built in recording stuff, i've never used it, i'd recommend obs though
  2. Omega Warheads being added to the game

    make it a second map that you can only play for 1 round and there's a 5 or 6 round cooldown before it can be played again. or not, i'm not really known for my good ideas when it comes to new ingame stuff
  3. I Need Staff: Prop Hunt Server

    Steam/GFL Name: MotorsteakTime on server:Approximate availability per week: i spend probably 20 hours a week in gmod so it shouldn't be hard to put a few of those toward prophuntCurrent roles in GFL: admin on ttt, trial admin on jailbreakDiscord Tag: motorsteak#0970Why I'm interested: i had an active app in for prophunt back when bee took over but had to cancel it because of irl shit. am back now though and would like to contribute againIf you are accepted, would you likely stay with Prophunt long-term?: i don't have any plans of leaving gfl and i'll probably stay admin as long as im here
  4. Breach > TTT

    RIP @MilkMan
  5. Fortnite Discussion Board

    don't play fortnite, it's just a meme
  6. Moose pfp revamped yaaas

    https://gflclan.com/rules/forum-rules/ read 1
  7. Russia prepares for nuclear war with us

    politics on this scale has always been a dick measuring contest, everyone says they got the biggest one, but the first one to pull theirs out is gonna regret it because everyone else will too
  8. Debates

    tbh a rank called operator makes more sense if it were used to signify someone has been on the server a lot. at least to me it does. i think the powers that the operator has is better suited to be called mod. i've played on nongfl servers where they have mods that fulfill the same role that operator does and it's easier to follow using that naming convention as opposed to the one that's currently in use.
  9. revolver in ttt

    There's a magnum revolver in deathmatch. The flaregun t weapon shares the same skin so unless you want to run around and risk getting rdmed by someone thinking you have the flaregun and not the revolver i think it should stay out of the main gamemode. Also adding the revolver to the t menu doesn't make sense because it's basically a deagle reskin and t's already have a pretty large number of things to choose from.
  10. I need Admins

    i'm willing to help out used to play jb a lot on tf2 i'm admin on ttt and i've modded several twitch chats in the past\ no bans on your server have mic. just ask ttt folks
  11. Last comment Wins

  12. Last comment Wins

  13. Last comment Wins

  14. Resgninations

    i just like that he tagged me, captain of the shit liner, and not others
  15. Resgninations

    you heard it here @MilkMan he asked for the demote