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  1. Yeah, it's my thing I guess

    glenn_, you don't even play ttt
  2. Minecraft skyblock

    @Worgee give link to minecraft pls, i want to play tonight
  3. i've heard duolingo is good for at least starting learning new langauages. Does anyone have any experience with it? here's the link if you're interested https://www.duolingo.com/
  4. A true work of art

  5. erafsdafgwersdfabr

    to understand recursion, you must first understand recursion
  6. Bordem and Unturned.

    doesn't unturned use that shitty 3rd party anti-cheat that if you don't install you get banned from some servers?
  7. How much notifications I get now :lenny:

    i think it stops counting at like 1000-1250
  8. gary come home

  9. Population Boost

  10. Do You post About Anything Else?

    i can't read
  11. Do You post About Anything Else?

    i wish @rapperdan did this
  12. holy shit

  13. Which game should i buy?

    you can download the demo for free and play a good bit to see if you like it or not