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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing birthday! 🎂

  2. Man's been gone, but happy birthday! Come back fully one day, Kubby. 

  3. Happy bday mate!

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy bday!

  6. Finally, fuck off Kevin gfl is a cunt free zone mate ly man Alexa play space junk
  7. You were one of my closest friends I'm going to miss getting salty at you for being better than me then trying to rdm you only for you to kill me before I can. Imo You'll always be one of if not the best TTT player! Keep in touch man You're still a girl on Tuesdays
  8. Got permad

    I don't know we'll let an admin comment on that.
  9. Got permad

    You've already been unbanned I spoke to sad. But in order to rejoin and play his conditions are you'll have to change your name and remove the sups,gg. I'm unaware if having different communities in your name is bannable or not so I'll allow an admin to comment on that.
  10. Thought this was goodbye had my tissues pulled out congrats kite bb I'd join but I can't run anything but gmod
  11. 1 year and a half ago when you first started out I did not know you'd get this far in GFL, but you've honestly done an amazing job man. No one was expecting this ofc. Again though this isn't goodbye most of us are going to annoy you all day everyday on Discord cause we love you ❤️ I know we've not spoken much since I've returned but we were very close back in the day. Thank you for being an amazing friend wiggles.
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