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  1. zex pls come back, you leaving koni to handle the server, pls don't make this mistake cya nerd
  2. Skin changes

    Just get full admin nerd!
  3. Sorry if I sound a bit ignorant. But what would be "English GED"?
  4. False Ban

    Admin requested it to be closed. If you are still unhappy about this, feel free to DM the manager. Cheers!
  5. I was tagged with Nick. I can't take that. People can understand me when I speak english
  6. neutral, same as Jaded
  7. I am neutral on forums side. Haven't really seen you outside of the gmod bubble.
  8. Since I'm feeling a bit nice and you admitted to breaking the rules, I will be reducing go your 1 week ban to only 1 day. Cheers!
  9. me big dumb and didnt realize it, found out after some time I was curious to see if there was any sort of easter egg. And btw, nice spooky scary skeleton
  10. The lights from the torch and how it illuminates look a bit weird imo, specially in the caves and the tower; I also dislike how you made the ground above the small path to get the deagle under the tester bigger; The caves are darker which is something I think that should be changed; I also disagree on how the cave under tower only have one exit now, rather than 2 how it used to be; I'm still trying to understand what the wool on the rocks behind the tower is for; Light in the nether is awesome, good job, but I don't understand why you removed the small area that was in between the last glowstone and the hut in nether, if you do fail the jump to that glowstone you will be stuck and can't leave without either jumping into the lava or getting a TP.
  11. Xy is talking about the server files, which will show what you are looking for.
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