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  1. We used to be able to see if people took fall damage if they were pushed by someone, dunno why it doesn't show anymore
  2. Big bad at TTT :3

  3. The ones at the end of where bae linked, and moving them as they were hidden
  4. Cool Guy List

    i'm talking about not adding me to the list smh not about you leaving
  5. Cool Guy List

    asked xy to promote you and u do this?
  6. eh, I tried moving some but they gave me an error
  7. The creator of the map is @Loke, since milk forgot to give him credit
  8. how to pronounce your name so you can stop being mean and saying you don't know any kite when i talk to you?
  9. my friends and I and a picture of me using a snapchat filter
  10. SOLID: Pros: Can be put into your drink to make it cooler; Cons: Can hurt if thrown at you; LIQUID: Pros: You can drink it; Cons: Can make you wet if you drop it on yourself; GAS: Pros: Doesn't occupy that much space; Cons: Can't be seen.
  11. tbh, I only bought VIP because it was a perma package and it was going to cancelled
  12. Bhop Map?

    CS:GO or CS:S bhop server?
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