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  1. Wish my pc could run the game, Division was a really nice game. Nice photos, unfortunately there is rick ruinning one of them :c
  2. Yes, but Fafy speak spanish due to him being native and from down here, there are some diff words depending from where you are
  3. The SA scenario in terms of quality is lacking at best. We don’t have as many options as EU or NA, for example. In CS:GO, the most popular gamemode is 4fun servers such as DMs to warm up, a giant casual or 1v1 servers. The biggest casual one is called GOST, which runs Mirage and D2 as their main map. I think we could also expand on such game types with similar plugins such as !ws, !knife, !wear and !glove. They also run a ranking system, so we could give top 10 in the server VIP package for as long as they keep the rank. For CS:S we have 7 servers, the most popular being one called DUCK deathmatch, which as the name suggests, is a giant DM where you use !guns to choose your gun from and play till either the clock reaches zero or the bomb explodes or gets defused. For GMOD we have only 3 servers with the 3 being top 1k GMOD servers, but can’t really say what the best one is due to not knowing wtf the TheIsland map is. I know we are currently testing a UK TTT server, and I would recommend maybe changing it to a Latin American location such as Brazil or a Spanish speaking country. Why expand into SA? For starters, as I briefly mentioned above, there is space to expand and not that many competitors to “deal with”. Not only that, but Brazil has around 100 million internet users (granted not every of them plays games, but it is still quite a good number imo). How would GFL be able to expand into a continent their staff doesn’t know how to speak? Easy, @Fafy (who is Argentinian and speaks Spanish) and I (who lives in Brazil and can speak Portuguese) could work as translators for the MOTD and the ads we plan to run on it. We could get an English-speaking manager to run things more smoothly for the beginning, at least until we find a good manager regionally. I remember that I brought up before having a translator team in GFL, which would help with expanding into different regions of the globe. They would work exactly like other teams like PR and/or Mod Team. This team would have a TL at the beginning to get the ball rolling. After that, the TL would be removed and the team would report directly to a director or a CA if needed. They would only work into translating reports/appeals/applications formats for our different speaking servers and (if possible) the whole website to make it easier for people that speak poor English to understand and not have a bad time trying to donate for example.
  4. Got permad

    If you type on the url area it leads you to a diff community, nevertheless, this appeal has been closed.
  5. quite dumb question, but have you tried sending a ticket to their support? They usually answer in a few hours, https://dis.gd/contact is their link.
  6. It doesn't notify you of new messages or you outright can't open discord overlay?
  7. You are trying to use Discord overlay while playing a steam game and it isn't working?
  8. Notifications

    @Nick any updates?
  9. We used to have a team for CSGO, like one year and a half ago? Not so sure of what happened to it, as for having an eSport team, it's quite an investment imo
  10. As long as if he misbehave he gets the ban hammer 4 ever
  11. hm, this is quite a surprise since we held a vote to remove it quite recently. @Darkling sorry to ask, but wasn't there a promise to not make Nick Staff again? No harm feeling nick, just quite curious on what happened to that promise.
  12. ur color is kinda of strange ngl

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    2. RVFK


      It's not the same colour as a user, so it sticks out more

    3. Roy


      How about the color now :P 

    4. Pyros


      even gayer tbh

  13. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:0:482980890&advType=steamid
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