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  1. The list is in here after the app format, granted it should be on your own post rather than in there. If the bot could link the post with the list and say "Your application has been accepted! If you have any issues with your in-game rank and/or perks, please message a member acceptor (as a hyperlink like the here in the beginning)". Is it possible? @Ralsei
  2. Literally become Staff, easiest way to be hated.
  3. @Liloz01 His resignation didnt mess the whole "6 on each team right"? if so, damm you koni. @Harakoni have fun with life and good luck with your exams
  4. Notifications

    Pretty simple, adding notifications to tell when someone (their name) moves your post, hides your spot or does any mod action on it. Why? So the user can have an idea of what happened to his post, why was it hidden (showing the same reason as the one the mod put it to hid it). I've seen in other forums this, not 100% sure if can be done in here too, if so, pls.
  5. @VirusKing you were possible the best CSGO DL we had in years, your work as one will be missed. Have fun on saunas tho.
  6. y'all should read joshy's reply https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/34335-making-good-player-reports-ttt/
  7. Just saying, Media team might be one of the hardest teams to lead. Full of stress of higher ups pushing thing, constant change of leadership and requests with half the info and some people want you to read minds and do exactly what they have thought. Welcome to the club tho
  8. still hasn't be answered I guess you must do just like everyone that was demoted from MA, check if you were added to the new PM or not. They don't say it anymore
  9. Admin work and MA work is totally different. Having some inactive MA doesn't hurt at all, maybe one of these inactive haven't accepted apps due to time zones and such, and maybe he gets online and accept an app there. But now with the bot, that will automatically accept the ones that need to, how are you going to determine who is inactive or who is active? By who answers first the questions or check the vac ban? Once again, how was removing the inactives helping the team? I also don't remember saying anything about inactivity being a good or bad factor in terms of demoting people. And for not telling people who were demoted, why did it happen? Even if a copy and paste pm for everyone that was demoted, why wasn't it done or thought of?
  10. this still doesn't answer why it was needed, why it wasn't announced for those who were demoted or why it helped the team. Your answer pretty much only says why they were demoted, if you could expand it please
  11. I have to say, for someone who should in charge of relations to the public, I think you might have the been the most out of touch with the general public. Demoted many MA members and didn't notify any of the demotion. Why was the demotion needed, how did it help the MA team? Now for the merge of teams, were the teams aware of it, was it discussed with them or was it a private discussion where you thought could work out and solve every single problem? What's the point of sub-leaders? Do they have a final say on anything? Are the senior members there to help "regular" members? What role will they fit in that will need a sub-leader? As for MA to PR, why? Let MA be alone, they don't really need a leader at all, just have a council member look at the apps from time to time and discuss with the team of who to accept. As for you and worgee managing 3 teams under 1, how will you guys do it? What plans you guys got to solve the problems that the teams have in order to be needed to merge them all together? How will their application system work? Will there be any public list of who is what team and what not? Cheers!
  12. @Aura (das rose, I gotchu bandit)