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  1. hey give me monkey videos thanks sincerely -monke
  2. Ight, just making sure that the ban length was correct. Carry on. Meantime I'll just ping some SAs and managers. Also Kaiko, this should serve to you a reminder to keep your actions in check especially if you're gunning for staff positions. It doesn't look good for you or really, your friends as well. @Harakoni @Kwehs @Worgee
  3. Has Kaiko been warned/banned for FailRP/NITRP before? Talking about previous offenses.
  4. Please note that members are not allowed to comment on things like ban/mute appeals and applications. In the mean time, @Junie would you like to do diligence here?
  5. I was into Deathrun heavily around 2015-2016 and GFL happened to be one of those servers I stuck with till its eventual death. So I branched out to GFL GMOD JB where I was also there frequently.
  6. Coming from CWRP, it was really difficult to get an event server for us. We still don't have it for good reasons. Overall its difficult to get other servers mainly because you have to run it through the chain of command which means it can easily get denied or there might just be issues getting one up. There are a plethora of reasons as to why servers might not have separate servers for events, those just being a couple. I'm sure someone who's more up there can clarify more but those are the reasons at least why CWRP didn't get one and still hasn't get one.
  7. pretty fuckin poggers ngl
  8. This is a guide on how to use a WiltOS Lightsaber. It will be a very very basic guide mainly focusing on the light attacks of each form and the heavy attacks. DEFENSIVE FORM STANCE 1 This post will teach you each light and heavy attacks for each form and stance. This form is defensive and we are using stance 1. Light W & S Attack. This attack is apart of the defensive light attacks mainly focusing on a straight forward, frontal attack. Press or hold W or S and left click to use this attack Light Attack A This light attack is once again apart of the defensive form. Press or Hold A and then left click will execute an action of swiping from right to left. Light Attack D This attack allows you to swipe from left to right. Press or hold D and left click allows you to execute this move. Heavy Attack E+RClick Every form has a heavy attack but each one is different, having there own strengths and weaknesses. This one is the defensive heavy attack that is done by pressing E and holding Right Click simultaneously. Blocking (ALT) Blocking is very straight forward. Whenever you are being shot at or in a duel with another lightsaber wielding individual, you can hold ALT to block. Look in the direction where you are being assault from while holding ALT allows you to block or deflect their attack. All forms have the same block. to be edited for all forms/stances soonTM
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