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  1. Hi,Ban-Capture.JPG.ecba931ed03814fae21d5aeaa166e782.JPG


    I have just been banned from gflclan.com servers as I had left my VPN on by accident (normally used for  uTorrent) . Could I please be un-banned from your servers?


  2. General Ban Appeal

    I unbanned you. Using vpns on our servers may result in a false ban because another player may have been banned using that same ip.
  3. unban

    If you really are innocent, I'm sorry that you got dragged into this whole situation, but you were included in the list of "known" test2 users. The ban will remain until further notice. Sorry mate.
  4. I Lied

    Shortly after I wrote my resignation post, bhop broke. While trying to fix the server, I realized that I can't just abandon CS:S like that... So now I'm back and I plan on staying
  5. With your short time as DL, you've done so much for GFL. Thank you for your hard work and dedication and I hope you have a wonderful time away from this community. We'll miss you greatly and I hope you'll come back sometime.
  6. Haven’t heard anything with the CSS division hope you can change that (good things I hope)

    1. Reeve


      thanks. will do :)

  7. Congrats buddy <3

  8. happy birthday buddy ol pal.

  9. CSBhop Competitions

    2 weeks ago, I was able to partner GFL with the CSBhop Discord Server. They host competitions every Saturday alternating between CS:S and CS:GO. Three different servers open at 8:00pm in each region: EU, NA, AUS. But each player only gets 3 hours to get the best time. After 3 hours, you will be moved to spectator and cannot compete any longer. The 3 hours only applies when you are alive, so you are allowed to switch to spectator or disconnect when taking a break. THERE IS PRIZE MONEY!!! First place wins $20 and there is a random prize of $10 given to any participant. How to Enter: Join the discord at: https://discord.gg/eWya9A3 Ask for the GFL role in the #role-requests channel Type !whitelist <your steamid> in general Join the game server and have fun (: Hope to see you out there
  10. Odd Bans

    Hey! That ban was someone on an alt account that i banned for strafe hacks an hour prior. 1st Ban <--- This is the guy's original account that i banned for this exact config: 2nd Ban <--- I then banned him 56 minutes later on a different account with the SAME exact strafe config. This man tried to evade his ban by playing on a secondary account. Banning his alt account so he can't dodge his punishment was the right thing to do.
  11. We are hosting a CS:S event on Sunday, May 20th, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. central time. The event will be anyone who joins versus a special team of exclusive CS:S staff. CS:S Admins, Managers, and other special personnel will be facing off against every other person who joins. This is your chance to destroy a staff member in a fun game of Source! It will be hosted on the standard dust2 server and we will be playing multiple matches. Come out, shoot the staff, and have fun! Here's a list of the staff you can beat: @Roy @Decoy @Runda @Reeve @nightwalkerx07 @Rockstar @MustardTiger +Others waiting to confirm. (will be updating throughout the week) I hope to see you Sunday
  12. Bhop Timer Change

    As many of you know, today marked a new start for the CS:S Bunnyhop server. We finally moved from the 4 year old timer that everyone loved, but the new timer brings many new opportunities. I hope that everyone is happy with this new change and I look forward to seeing how this timer does. There's only one thing missing from the new timer is ranks. There are ranks to keep track of your placement, but there aren't divisional rankings like [Beginner] and so on. This is #1 on shavit's agenda though. He should be done with it soon! Come out to Bhop and check it out! (:
  13. @Riggs well, theres no point in hyperscrolling on the autohop modes, but hyperscrolling on any scroll mode is considered cheating and you will be warned to stop. If you continue to hyperscroll, you will be permanently banned.
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