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  1. I Lied

    Shortly after I wrote my resignation post, bhop broke. While trying to fix the server, I realized that I can't just abandon CS:S like that... So now I'm back and I plan on staying
  2. Since it was more than 2 years ago, I unbanned you. Just don't get banned again
  3. Yeah sure, I'll unban you. You're staying banned next time though.
  4. With your short time as DL, you've done so much for GFL. Thank you for your hard work and dedication and I hope you have a wonderful time away from this community. We'll miss you greatly and I hope you'll come back sometime.
  5. @Rockstar was actually the one who banned you. I talked to him and because you were honest and apologized for cheating, we’re gonna unban you. gratz
  6. You were banned for a week. Just sit it out. I'll be investigating this whole issue in the meantime.
  7. I talked to my admin team and we've come to a decision. We will reduce your ban to 6 months and your alts will remain banned. You'll be unbanned on 02/02/19 on your main: STEAM_0:1:220504554.
  8. I kicked you and told you not to use that command and you believe it was okay for you to use it when another admin was on? You were warned once by me and rockstar was doing his job. Also, I know how much trouble you cause on the server. For the past week, you have joined and screamed our names on the mic just to look for some trouble. Your actions prove that you've been wanting to get banned, and you've successfully done it. Congratulations! This appeal has been denied.
  9. Fishy ban

    Sorry but your ban appeal has been denied.
  10. I'm gonna go ahead and reduce your ban to a week. If you are caught cheating again, you will not be given a second chance and will remain banned permanently. ty
  11. Haven’t heard anything with the CSS division hope you can change that (good things I hope)

    1. Reeve


      thanks. will do :)

  12. Congrats buddy <3

  13. happy birthday buddy ol pal.

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