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  1. You were banned for a week. Just sit it out. I'll be investigating this whole issue in the meantime.
  2. I talked to my admin team and we've come to a decision. We will reduce your ban to 6 months and your alts will remain banned. You'll be unbanned on 02/02/19 on your main: STEAM_0:1:220504554.
  3. I kicked you and told you not to use that command and you believe it was okay for you to use it when another admin was on? You were warned once by me and rockstar was doing his job. Also, I know how much trouble you cause on the server. For the past week, you have joined and screamed our names on the mic just to look for some trouble. Your actions prove that you've been wanting to get banned, and you've successfully done it. Congratulations! This appeal has been denied.
  4. Fishy ban

    Sorry but your ban appeal has been denied.
  5. The official csbhop discord is hosting a 5v5 CS:GO tournament. The tournament will consist of 10 teams, in which each partnered community is able to enter 2 and every other bhop community will be able to enter 1. The only partnered communities at the moment are GFL and Tango, but Skynet, Ultima, Kawaii, and others will be able to enter 1 team. It is recommended that we have at least 2 subs, so I am looking for 12 people total for our 2 teams. The event will be hosted on August 4th - 5th on Saturday and Sunday. The first round will consist of all non-partnered teams playing at once, while partnered teams will be playing on a scheduled stream. There will be a minimum of $100 prize money for 1st place, but this is subject to change after Hypnos is able to get a larger sponsorship. If you are interested, please leave a reply on this thread.
  6. I'm gonna go ahead and reduce your ban to a week. If you are caught cheating again, you will not be given a second chance and will remain banned permanently. ty
  7. here's my fathers day present to you



    1. Reeve


      :) tell addy i say hi

  8. Haven’t heard anything with the CSS division hope you can change that (good things I hope)

    1. Reeve


      thanks. will do :)

  9. Congrats buddy <3

    1. Hatty


      I remember the day addy accepted him as bhop admin. im so proud


  10. happy birthday buddy ol pal.

  11. 2 weeks ago, I was able to partner GFL with the CSBhop Discord Server. They host competitions every Saturday alternating between CS:S and CS:GO. Three different servers open at 8:00pm in each region: EU, NA, AUS. But each player only gets 3 hours to get the best time. After 3 hours, you will be moved to spectator and cannot compete any longer. The 3 hours only applies when you are alive, so you are allowed to switch to spectator or disconnect when taking a break. THERE IS PRIZE MONEY!!! First place wins $20 and there is a random prize of $10 given to any participant. How to Enter: Join the discord at: https://discord.gg/eWya9A3 Ask for the GFL role in the #role-requests channel Type !whitelist <your steamid> in general Join the game server and have fun (: Hope to see you out there
  12. Odd Bans

    Hey! That ban was someone on an alt account that i banned for strafe hacks an hour prior. 1st Ban <--- This is the guy's original account that i banned for this exact config: 2nd Ban <--- I then banned him 56 minutes later on a different account with the SAME exact strafe config. This man tried to evade his ban by playing on a secondary account. Banning his alt account so he can't dodge his punishment was the right thing to do.
  13. We are hosting a CS:S event on Sunday, May 20th, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. central time. The event will be anyone who joins versus a special team of exclusive CS:S staff. CS:S Admins, Managers, and other special personnel will be facing off against every other person who joins. This is your chance to destroy a staff member in a fun game of Source! It will be hosted on the standard dust2 server and we will be playing multiple matches. Come out, shoot the staff, and have fun! Here's a list of the staff you can beat: @Roy @Decoy @Runda @Reeve @nightwalkerx07 @Rockstar @MustardTiger +Others waiting to confirm. (will be updating throughout the week) I hope to see you Sunday
  14. This was from 2014... I'll be glad to unban you. Just don't cheat and if you have any questions, feel free to add me on steam.