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  1. General Ban Appeal

    I unbanned you. Using vpns on our servers may result in a false ban because another player may have been banned using that same ip.
  2. Again, no. The initial ban was because of that list, but I gave everyone a very easy way of getting unbanned. All you had to do was behave and not cause any problems, but you had to yap on and on about how unfair your ban was. Yes, the ban was pretty unfair for everyone involved, but I gave everyone a pretty free option to get unbanned. Fix your behavior and maybe next time, I'll unban you.
  3. Gweria Bhop

    Alright, it's been long enough. I don't care if you've cheated in the past. But if you did, I hope you've learned from it and you're clean now. Welcome back and have fun
  4. fewRy's Ban Appeal

    It was actually 5 years ago, but I went ahead and unbanned you. Have fun
  5. We've decided to tack on another 2 months to your ban because of your evasions. You'll be be unbanned on 4/18/20. I know that you understand your mistakes, but every action has a consequence. Just do your time and I hope to see you on the server again.
  6. There are no bans under that steamid. If you still can't join the server, pm me and I'll deal with it. You've done your time.
  7. Already dealt with privately. Already unbanned.
  8. The ban was over 5 years ago, so welcome back lmao
  9. Sorry, your appeal was buried under a dozen others and I thought I got to this one. You're unbanned now. Sorry for the wait.
  10. It's been a month and the list is unreliable. I don't care if you used to cheat in the past, but just stay clean now. Cheating is dumb. It's Bhop. You jump on squares. Just practice your strafes and play with your own skill. All I can ask is for you to continue playing legit. And chill out, I get you might be upset about getting banned, but it's Bhop. Please stay civil and be nice to other players. And have fun. You're unbanned.
  11. When I received that list from blank, I did ban all of those players. Test2 is extremely easy to get your hands on. Everyone has it. It's reasonable for me to believe at least the majority of those on the list were using the opti. Yes, I really don't care if the list was fake or not. The way you and many other people have reacted to these bans just confirms that it was a good idea to ban you. See, I don't know you at all, but from our limited interaction, you've given me a terrible impression of yourself. Your reaction to getting banned is to insult me and continue to be toxic. I just don't understand how you thought that would get you unbanned. Sorry mate, but this is over. I'd advise you to move on with your life and find something new to make you happy. All bans from blanks list will remain as they are, but you can appeal again in 3 months if you'd like.
  12. With the problem of cheating plaguing the bhop community, we have to assume that many of those on the list were still cheating. I know it's not definitive proof and the list was proven fake, but behavior like this will only keep you banned. In my years of dealing with cheaters, I've seen this over and over again. You're not going to accomplish anything by calling my staff "mentally disabled" or "retarded". It'll only keep you banned. Talk to me like a normal human being and stop being such toxic cunts. It's bhop. Ya jump on blocks and wiggle. As long as you behave and you don't cheat, there'll be no problems... but I can't trust that you'll follow that.
  13. Unban please

    Sorry, but no. Blank's list was proven fake, but you can't just start your appeal with calling him "gay, retarded, fucked in the head, bald, and ugly". That kind of language will only make it harder for you to get unbanned. It's just toxic and makes me not want to let you back on the server. And besides that, you were banned months before Blank's list came out and I can't trust that you don't cheat. A few people have appealed their bans from the recent situation in the bhop community. Some have messaged me like normal human beings and tried to clear things up as best as they could, but many others try to start our conversation off by calling me retarded for their ban and only getting more and more upset when I deny their appeal. I'm not going to unban you if you're going to act like that. Talk to me like a normal person and I'll consider unbanning you. But for now, you're going to stay banned.
  14. unban pls [2]

    You're right. It is personal. You were demoted yesterday and it's honestly hard for us to watch an ex admin act this way. Razz was doing you a favor by banning you. It was only a day at first, but you had to continue joining on alts. A break will be good for you. Get some fresh. Spend less time on your computer. Find something else to do for a week. The way you're obsessing over this whole situation isn't healthy and I wish you the best, man.
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