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  1. With the problem of cheating plaguing the bhop community, we have to assume that many of those on the list were still cheating. I know it's not definitive proof and the list was proven fake, but behavior like this will only keep you banned. In my years of dealing with cheaters, I've seen this over and over again. You're not going to accomplish anything by calling my staff "mentally disabled" or "retarded". It'll only keep you banned. Talk to me like a normal human being and stop being such toxic cunts. It's bhop. Ya jump on blocks and wiggle. As long as you behave and you don't cheat, there'll be no problems... but I can't trust that you'll follow that.
  2. Unban please

    Sorry, but no. Blank's list was proven fake, but you can't just start your appeal with calling him "gay, retarded, fucked in the head, bald, and ugly". That kind of language will only make it harder for you to get unbanned. It's just toxic and makes me not want to let you back on the server. And besides that, you were banned months before Blank's list came out and I can't trust that you don't cheat. A few people have appealed their bans from the recent situation in the bhop community. Some have messaged me like normal human beings and tried to clear things up as best as they could, but many others try to start our conversation off by calling me retarded for their ban and only getting more and more upset when I deny their appeal. I'm not going to unban you if you're going to act like that. Talk to me like a normal person and I'll consider unbanning you. But for now, you're going to stay banned.
  3. You're right. It is personal. You were demoted yesterday and it's honestly hard for us to watch an ex admin act this way. Razz was doing you a favor by banning you. It was only a day at first, but you had to continue joining on alts. A break will be good for you. Get some fresh. Spend less time on your computer. Find something else to do for a week. The way you're obsessing over this whole situation isn't healthy and I wish you the best, man.
  4. yeah sure, it was in 2015, so I'll unban you auto scripts are fine on auto styles to reduce lag, but don't use them on scroll. just keep in mind if we find you cheating again, you won't get another chance.
  5. unban

    If you really are innocent, I'm sorry that you got dragged into this whole situation, but you were included in the list of "known" test2 users. The ban will remain until further notice. Sorry mate.
  6. Ban Appeal for stinky

    If you really are innocent, I'm sorry that you got dragged into the whole situation that's going on in the bhop community... But all recent test2 bans will remain until further notice.
  7. Yeah I’m not letting this one slide. This isn’t the first time you’ve done this and I’ve given you plenty of chances before. Ducky unbanned you without consulting with anyone first, which you just can’t do with someone who’s been permabanned. You’ve been a special case, blank. Time and time again you start problems, yet you always get away with just a slap on the wrist. I’m tired of your shit, blank. Because of you, cheating has become normalized within the bhop community. You’ve given out cheats to god knows how many people and now cheating is at an all time high. Ik it wasn’t just you spreading the cheats around, but you’ve done nothing but accept them. You’re not getting unbanned.
  8. Lhops ban appeal

    Ye sorry, but no. You kept evading your initial ban by using alts. I can’t just unban you because of a short apology on here. You just have to do your time. Try again in a month or 2 and we might unban you.
  9. There's the very very slim possibility that that isn't really you in those screenshots, but even then, you still admitted to using those very same cheats. I'm done discussing this with you.
  10. It goes hand in hand. We know you're just trying to weasel out of your ban and victimizing yourself isn't going to work here. In your last post you explicitly admitted to using the cheat offline. With how many people are using the cheats on the server now, there's no reason for us to believe you weren't either. We know you've used the cheat and that's all the evidence we need.
  11. I get that you're upset about getting banned, but this case is closed. Stop playing dumb and accept it. You know what you've done but you keep trying to find a way out of it. This isn't the first time I've had to deal with this. Idk why you chose the forums to ask why hyper, someone you personally know, banned you. Ask him yourself and maybe he can get you unbanned. Stop continuing to post appeals when it's already been closed. I'll lock this in a bit in case you have anything left to say
  12. Ban Appeal - Facade

    This was over a year ago, so I guess I'll unban you now.
  13. Your ban was over 5 years ago and It'd be cruel to keep you banned. I'm sorry I didn't get to this way sooner.
  14. CS:Source Ban Appeal

    You lit the AC up like a firework and the admins looked into it so I trust their judgement on this one. You were only banned for 3 days. I'm sorry, but you're just gonna have to wait this one out.
  15. ban appeal part 2

    I'm going to keep you banned for another month. You'll be unbanned on 12/7/19 and I hope you now understand the consequences of cheating. Next time, the ban will be permanent.
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