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    fix your website

    1. Nap14hockey


      Sometimes its not the website that needs fixing, sometimes is the person behind the screen that needs fixing.

      Just saying

      (That was a complete joke,  I dont want you to go ape-shit on me like last time)

    2. Otter


      Best Regards

    3. Roy


      2017 => 2018 bug. Not a big deal in my opinion and probably fixed itself by now.

  2. remove my got damn warning point 

  3. Public Discord Server Changes

    Well, waste of time meaning that the 1-2 days could’ve been used for different things. Resources referring to the people working on it.
  4. Public Discord Server Changes

    It’s unnecessary to have 150+ mixed Discords + a teamspeak + trying to gather people outside of the community into a community Discord that’s open to everyone than to your own private Discord. Not necessarily a flaw, just a waste of time and resources.
  5. Public Discord Server Changes

    It isn't necessary. TeamSpeak is dying, but if people wanted to talk to their friends, they would just make their own discord and invite their friends. They would have all the power they wanted and won't need a middle man for it. It's one of those things where it's good when you start off with the voice platform, but GFL didn't. There's probably 150+ discords between small groups in GFL and makes no sense to have this one with a ton of channels, most of them open to the public and able to be accessed by anyone. I see where it comes from, but what are you gaining from advertising a Discord server? ANYONE can make one for FREE and it's private with nobody coming in and screaming into your ear. If you're trying to get people to use your Discord for Fortnite/PUBG/etc. You're not going to get anywhere. You might get some people into it. More than likely people are going to invite them into a private discord with themselves and their close friends. Yeah, it's good to have now. It will probably not be used like Teamspeak/private discords are used.
  6. Before GFL

    Played Halo up until 2010, switched over to sniping/trickshotting in CoD until 2013 and started playing Minecraft/Garry's Mod in 2013-2014.
  7. Missed me?

    absolutely not
  8. Some Core Changes

    It does have something to do with GFL. GFL has shitty community feedback and argues about everything. It's what happens.