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  1. hey man

  2. bianca i love you

    1. Omid


      u were acting like u were too good for me before and now ur acting like u love me .. 

  3. mom

    1. Amelie


      Otter.... my son....

  4. fuck you, and a little car wreck
  5. who the fuck told me to make a demotion video? i only edit xxxtentacion music over simpsons clips with static filters now
  6. had to grab the juul just for the picture
  7. Reason I was banned: From what I remember and what I have been told; I got banned because Fx was calling me and a few friends some names and instigating drama with us. We were all arguing with each other. Zebra came in and banned me permanently(of course leaving Fx with no lasting punishment) Date this happened: Months ago Why I should be unbanned: I want to be unbanned so I can talk in shoutbox every once in awhile and just actually talk to people. It's been a long time.
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