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  1. More of this? Why do you guys write this stuff?
  2. Internet bitch bro /slap @aim
  3. Please do. Get me as far up and away from this garbage as you can.
  4. admin application

    No ass kissing. -1.
  5. Prepubescence does that to kids.
  6. Lol who else is married?
  7. This isn't difficult. It's all body weight exercises and it's good for you, but as Joshy said, only good for slimming down and toning up. Push-ups and squats have a plateau as far as strength improvement. This is just a benchmark for you. Yes I can do these exercises.
  8. This. We don't need those problems.
  9. Calling people fags isn't nice anyway.
  10. @Cypher my main bb, can you create a Player Reports sub-forum in the Zombie Survival section, thanks mang.


  11. Especially if Jim Belushi tells you that you do too much Coke.
  12. She had a heart attack and went quite a bit longer than 20 minutes without any medical assistance. She was bound to bite it sooner or later given the MASSIVE amount of Coke she did as a young woman.