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  1. Happy Birthday! <3 <3 <3

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    Happy birthday, bitch boi.

  4. Happy birthday my dude.    :happytree:

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    Have a good one Dad <3


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  11. Damn son, I forgot you're brown and can't read any farther into it than what's at the surface. I like those other guys, and always did. There's a reason why they're still on my steam friends list. I was just making a joke. @positive You should know better nerd. I know who's deserving of praise and who isn't.
  12. Dope. My wife and I are going to start trying in the winter. Very exciting, and I hope she's in good health!
  13. Yeah when do we get Hall of Fame badges for Skullz, or Robin, or Stashe, or Rexy, or Devious, or Dainevas? OR JUKY, OR BOTOX, OR SATSUKII, OR SHINI?
  14. Lol the only cancer I see is this wack ass roast attempt.