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  1. If Floopy comes back, I'll sit at his side on the floor like the good boy I am.
  2. If you idiots don't take this man to be your lawful wedded Director, you're making a terrible mistake...
  3. Old bitch


    1. Cypher


      Hey thanks bb

  4. Don't make me flex on you kidd0s.
  5. Someone should fill me in on purge when you get the chance. I'd love to see what we're working on.
  6. I'm super snobby. I left my Restaurant Management job I've had the last 4 years and I'm currently Bartending and Brewing at RAR Brewing in MD. Best beer in MD hands down. I'll drink anything, but I'm definitely a Stout and Porter kind of guy. Anything dark!
  7. happy birthday internet bitch boi.

    1. rapperdan


      @Cypher your an internet Bitch bro if I met you in real-life I would slap the fuck out of you. You act all badass cause your names red you are on a fat power trip with a fuck in your ass it's you who's killing GFLand Mark my words it will crumble with you in that position.  You and shuria side on everything like it's going out of style you support some esports bullshit and it's not even GFL. It's some third party kids who live in la there a joke they think there good but they haven't even played against a real team. Pull your head out of your add no one can even see it from your point of view the way you see things. Bitch 

  8. This post was gay and so is Sasha.
  9. Zezima was the 2nd best RS player. Muahahaha was the OG
  10. I feel like your new "Trusted" Rank is implied at this point. Theoretically, the CAs and the Council and DLs are already the "Trusted" members of the community. There's no reason to muddle the ranks further with another encompassing rank. Let the new CA position exist, and then look to them when you need stuff. I also don't see a reason to lower the content of #Trusted. If you need a channel for some sort of special discussions, just use what you already have. No need to go restructuring for what amounts to a monimal change in rank and file.
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