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  1. I don't think this is a new gamemode, like in any facet. Cool though, if the work is up to par.
  2. That gif of Dan's looks like a sequence of pictures to show how his character model shot the other character model. No way around it; Dan is the winner.
  3. Lol that 5's game we played was nuts. Still disappointed we didn't win. I look so fucking dumb.
  4. I liked dans the best, so I picked that one.
  5. Well clearly dan wins. Just call it a month.
  6. Gay. I vote for Dan; fuck the haters.
  7. Hmm

  8. w0w no shoutout fk u fgt
  9. rekt u kid l0l
  10. Gimme limit
  11. Didn't give me limit break. -1
  12. Beat you to it nerd
  13. I'm not leaving the community, I'm just stepping WAY back. I'll be in TS plenty. Thanks for the love guys, much appreciated.
  14. Welcome back dude.
  15. Too busy to contribute anything close to what is required by any of the directors. I want VIP forever, thanks. See ya kids.