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  1. Gimme limit
  2. Didn't give me limit break. -1
  3. Beat you to it nerd
  4. I'm not leaving the community, I'm just stepping WAY back. I'll be in TS plenty. Thanks for the love guys, much appreciated.
  5. Welcome back dude.
  6. Too busy to contribute anything close to what is required by any of the directors. I want VIP forever, thanks. See ya kids.
  7. 428fda31e09fc.png

    Proof or it didn't happen boi

  8. I love your singing <3

    1. Finnick


      fuck me sideways @Roy

  9. If it's not official, we don't have one lol
  10. lol let's see if we can keep all the money at the top, just like the United States.
  11. Yeah. So why would we want to bring those nerdos in here?
  12. Peace t0
  13. Taking the hobbits to isengard?
  14. Let me know how's CQC goes. I love hearing about trainings I can incorporate to my wrestling team.
  15. Ipro can't get likes Lolllll