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  1. Damn son, I forgot you're brown and can't read any farther into it than what's at the surface. I like those other guys, and always did. There's a reason why they're still on my steam friends list. I was just making a joke. @positive You should know better nerd. I know who's deserving of praise and who isn't.
  2. Dope. My wife and I are going to start trying in the winter. Very exciting, and I hope she's in good health!
  3. Yeah when do we get Hall of Fame badges for Skullz, or Robin, or Stashe, or Rexy, or Devious, or Dainevas? OR JUKY, OR BOTOX, OR SATSUKII, OR SHINI?
  4. Lol the only cancer I see is this wack ass roast attempt.
  5. Dope Cosby Sweater.
  6. Couldn't be any less exciting. It looks like the same game that we expected it would be a year ago. Plenty of new story, but does it really matter if it's generally the same game?
  7. You're dumb.

  8. Quality post, thanks for your input!
  9. The key is absolutely breaking into a market that isn't so oversaturated. There was no guarantee that DarkRP would work out, but the lack of community effort was appalling. We have a large collection of purchased plugins for RP. CWRP was a mild success for a bit, but we really didn't have the means of monetizing it, and if it's not making us a little money, it's worthless. This is a business, after all. If we want to do anything, we should look towards different GAMES and not different servers for the same games we've been doing for years. We hit our niche, which is ZE and TTT. Purge had a great run but it's not a money generator. Everything else is hit or miss, and spotty at best. We've had stuff like Jailbreak for CSGO, or our short runs in games like FoF or PVKII. The issue is and will always be sustainability. We should, if anything, expand our market into newer games that allow us to get in on the ground floor, and work from the beginning to make ourselves a reputable gaming community for the game we're getting into. We're already established in CSGO, CSS, and GMOD. I think that our time for expansion is done there, and we should look at other things moving forward. But not Minecraft. Fuck Minecraft.
  10. new division

    Why? We've put a FINE server together twice before, and twice it's not worked out because we don't have the ability to sustain a minecraft community. Why waste the time to build this if we as a community generally don't want to have one?
  11. Sheesh, kids never learn. There were PLENTY of thing we've tried expanding into, like the DarkRP server that we built for GMOD, or the entire TF2 division for the last few months of it's life. We've had great people put up great servers, and they don't work out because after the work is done, we lack the infrastructure to sustain them. I personally know how much work went into the GMOD servers we've worked on in the past, and there were plenty of interest during the conception stages, and much less towards the end of their cycles. The higher-ups at this point are few in number, and there are plenty of reasons why we're not pushing into other gamemodes or servers at this time. Anyone that can do the work has been here for a LONG time, and at some point, they get burned out. Being hounded to do HOURS and HOURS of work for free by people who have absolutely no concept of how many real man-hours goes into making even more simple servers isn't easy to deal with. So all in all, fuck Minecraft. There's absolutely no reason to open a server when we as a community don't want it. We're not a good minecraft community.
  12. Self-explanatory.
  13. Not even wrong. Gotta keep updates updated.
  14. Not a buzzword to me. That's just how I read it. Wasn't intended to detract any sort of earned respect from anyone else.