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  1. Leaving GFL

    This post was gay and so is Sasha.
  2. Let's Repopulate Purge.

    LOL I do like this. I think that the gamemode just got stale, and I got out at the right time. The change in guard didn't help any. If you look at the admin team that I put together over the course of my time as manager there, you'll see that almost all of them at one point were higher-ups in our community. My last admin appointment was Zebra and his brother. I just did a great job of picking representatives to make the game a fun time for our population.
  3. So... Zezima joined my discord...

    Zezima was the 2nd best RS player. Muahahaha was the OG
  4. Finally Leaving.

  5. Voting - EOTM February

    Uh, why would you vote for anything that isn't Dan's face?
  6. super saiyan is back man :hahayes:

  7. GFL Member Directory

    If you ain't talking about my wife, ur gay
  8. Hello, I'm new!

    I reacted late to your post because THAT JOKE IS LATE AF NO ONE REMEMBERS SOUR D
  9. GFL Member Directory

    Pow don't I look good omg yas
  10. Hello, I'm new!

    Hello friends! My name is Cypher and I'm hoping that I can come here and make lots of friends. (I fixed my computer and am back permanently.)
  11. Happy Birthday! <3 <3 <3

  12. Happy bday u internet bitch :happytree:

  13. Who tf is this guy again? 




    Happy birthday, bitch boi.

  14. Happy birthday my dude.    :happytree:

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