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  1. Don't make me flex on you kidd0s.
  2. Someone should fill me in on purge when you get the chance. I'd love to see what we're working on.
  3. I'm super snobby. I left my Restaurant Management job I've had the last 4 years and I'm currently Bartending and Brewing at RAR Brewing in MD. Best beer in MD hands down. I'll drink anything, but I'm definitely a Stout and Porter kind of guy. Anything dark!
  4. happy birthday internet bitch boi.

    1. rapperdan


      @Cypher your an internet Bitch bro if I met you in real-life I would slap the fuck out of you. You act all badass cause your names red you are on a fat power trip with a fuck in your ass it's you who's killing GFLand Mark my words it will crumble with you in that position.  You and shuria side on everything like it's going out of style you support some esports bullshit and it's not even GFL. It's some third party kids who live in la there a joke they think there good but they haven't even played against a real team. Pull your head out of your add no one can even see it from your point of view the way you see things. Bitch 

  5. This post was gay and so is Sasha.
  6. Zezima was the 2nd best RS player. Muahahaha was the OG
  7. I feel like your new "Trusted" Rank is implied at this point. Theoretically, the CAs and the Council and DLs are already the "Trusted" members of the community. There's no reason to muddle the ranks further with another encompassing rank. Let the new CA position exist, and then look to them when you need stuff. I also don't see a reason to lower the content of #Trusted. If you need a channel for some sort of special discussions, just use what you already have. No need to go restructuring for what amounts to a monimal change in rank and file.
  8. Those suggestions and opinions also hold much more weight when, in the eyes of the community, you're being held on a pedestal. From the higher-up standpoint, a newer member can introduce a fantastic idea to the server management staff, and it'll almost always be instantly brushed off because newer member isn't a part of our inner circle of trust. The CA's that are to be chosen carry much more worth in their words than anyone else. People that are going to be chosen for said role definitely need to be of the mind that what they say 100% of the time matters, and that if they're not willing to come forth and put work in to make sure their suggestions aren't more than empty promises of a better future for GFL, that they aren't fit for the roll. Edit: I see what you're saying @Nick. If you're using this position as an opinion chamber as well as a proving ground for something more in GFL, I could 100% see this being a successful means of doing so.
  9. Totally agreed with this as well. There's a huge benefit to having people that have been with GFL for forever. I'll use myself as an example. I've always had plenty of opinions, and as I've gotten older, I've got so much to offer in the form of advice and opinion. There's also absolutely NO reason for me to hold a forum rank, or any sort of modicum of power in GFL anymore. I'm always super happy to help steer the ship in the right direction with words, but anything more than that at this point in my life is an impossibility. Nobody needs to think that oldheads like myself who don't do anything anymore are making any sort of huge decisions.
  10. I definitely agree with the conception of the Trusted status. It was 100% designed to keep people that had valuable input around without demanding any sort of real work to be done. My only word of advice would be to make sure that CA's are made to be something more than talking heads. It's really easy to come up with good ideas in theory; especially if they're not really required to do anything more than that. The changing of the ranks is wonderful, and in theory this would make the Community Advisors valuable to GFL. What isn't wonderful is if history repeats itself, this group ends up doing the same things that it has been doing, which is talking about great things and not making much happen.
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