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  1. Happy Birthday Roy :) 

  2. Kill : @Bredcrumbs Marry : @Darkling Fuck : @harry Next are @Bredcrumbs @pite @Berg
  3. Hello!

    Hey I'm Aaron, Operator at the CSGO Surf Timer EU, Nice to meet you -Aaron
  4. I know Leks it was just an inside joke Anyone who does this sorta stuff is a low life so yea
  5. That moment when you realise, admin should be made a little harder to get to stop people like them carrying out things like this
  6. Hey everyone, As you can tell im a casual "Forum shitposter" as people say but for once i'm actually interested in getting to know anyone from the active community Feel free to introduce yourself the more the merrier Thanks, -Aaron
  7. Hi there!!!!

    Welcome back, Regards Aaron
  8. OSRS Main Account

    That is 100% a botted account
  9. Depends on the person, Some Women suit a good rack better but some suit a nice Ass ITS SO HARD TO CHOOSE O.O
  10. Hey Guys, Surf Operator Here, Nice to meet you all o/, My names Aaron if you didn't know
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