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  1. models/XQM/airplanewheel1large.mdl models/XQM/airplanewheel1big.mdl models/XQM/airplanewheel1medium.mdl models/XQM/airplanewheel1.mdl models/hunter/misc/sphere075x075.mdl models/hunter/misc/sphere175x175.mdl models/hunter/misc/shell2x2.mdl models/hunter/misc/sphere375x375.mdl models/hunter/tubes/tube4x4x6.mdl models/hunter/tubes/tube4x4x8.mdl
  2. Is chromium already installed or do you have to download it ?
  3. The only problem with that would be if they used all animated materials IMO. Animated materials(not sure if it's just me) grouped up in one area mainly PD lag me to the point where my fps cuts to a 3rd ov ehat iy usually is
  4. I think I was the best Dictator .... I mean mayor
  5. What's this?

    Who let @Quint back here we need to up the security first @DaLaw now him
  6. Happy bday DrDickJizz :lenny:

  7. Happy 16th Birthday DoctorDJ! 
    Have a blast and enjoy (*≧ ∀ ≦  *)

  8. you are one of the few people in this community that are actually cool, just letting you know

    Edited by Porch Monkey
  9. (Sorry for the bad formatting I'm on mobile) +1 charmy is a well rounded person from what I saw he seems mature enough for the pr position
  10. Hi

    Welcome to GFL my dude hope we can be friends and that you dont get anymore bans
  11. Why do you think you'd be a good fit for the team? I am a very kind person who knows the rules for most servers. I enjoy making sure people uphold the rules and standards that keep people from hating servers and eventually hating gfl as a whole Roles: Discord YouTube Forums/servers What is your age? 15 Do you have any prior experience? Yes I was a senior admin on purge and admin on 2 other servers breach and jailbreak How much time would you honestly dedicate into PR weekly? I would put as much time as I can if I have to give a number I'd say at leave 2 hours+ as I am usually on my PC or phone Public Relations members, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  12. sad to see you go daughter this doesnt mean you cant play games with me though randomly late at night
  13. So i have been thinking about it a lot recently and i think it's time i enact on my thoughts and resign. There isn't really a reason why i want to resign it's more or less because i think it's time for me to hang up the hat and pass the torch on to other people. i love playing purge its very fun even now when people say its dying. i can't recall a time i was on purge and didn't have a blast. Purge will always have a special place in my heart being that purge is the first gmod server i played on. without purge i wouldn't have met my close friends that i still talk to now like @SkyTailor @flyingjoe32 @Dreamm @Abyss_ @Vyrin @Velocity670 @PotatoMum and many others. I don't know where i would have been if i didn't have the experience of GFL some people say GFL is bad or its dying from my point of view GFL is like another part of my life yeah i know that sounds sad but it's true. GFL gave me many opportunities like being apart of the media team and helping me advance my editing skills and giving me the drive to make videos. Or being part of a Admin team and even advancing to senior admin. I love GFL and i will miss it <3 i would do a special thanks thing but that takes to long and im lazy so emm.... thanks guys
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