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  1. Very active, all in all worthy of the chance to show what he can bring to the table +1 :^)
  2. Make it 65k and i'м DОЩИ
  3. I was prepared for this, i already have a VPN, see you in a week with 180k points.
  4. I was more like thinking about surfing on my smurf for a week and transfering another 90k to main :^]
  5. I know right
  6. THIS IS JUST UNACCEPTABLE, OUR EX-MANAGER AND OUR CURRENT MANAGER ARE FIXING POINTS!!!!!!!! For you that don't know, surf timer has this "challenge" thing where you can race for points, and as you can see from the video below, neo and zynth are abusing this, like OMG, THIS IS RIDICILOUS, AT AROUND 15 SECONDS IN TO THE VIDEO YOU CAN SEE IN THE CHAT BOX "NEO HAS WON A CHALLENGE AGAINST ZYNTH, GAINED 100 POINTS" ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR, THIS MUST BE STOPPED. this is a joke btw
  7. Now i know why there's an "other" option when surveys ask for gender xd i'm sorry
  8. the more and more i think about this it just sounds better and better
  9. :^(
  10. I didn't know you're a man of comedy :^]
  11. I believe we had a talk about it, i don't remember saying or even pointing to a "fuck you, and have a nice day" , i specifically stated that the pop-ups are not a priority among the much bigger issues that surf timer servers have right now, but i'm sure they can be looked in to eventually, if it's even seen necessary, you might have taken it in a wrong way. I do agree with you to a certain point, yes there are a lot of chat pop-ups, but they're making newer people aware that GFL has other servers aswell than just our surf server.
  12. FeelsTaggedMan :^) #makesurftimergreatagain