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  1. You remember this old boi?

    the old banner on the top was fire!
  2. feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, but from what i understood, once a manager is found for surf it'll be back up and running.
  3. Looking for help

    I'll be helping out populating the surf servers, someone just take the manager position!
  4. Stuff that need to be fixed.

    did not notice, must not have been there for too long since it took me bout a min after hearing sounds before actually getting to play.
  5. Stuff that need to be fixed.

    Decided to add a few things to this thread. -Checkpoints that compare your run to the record run would be neat! - Music starts instantly playing through jukebox, spent a good 5 minutes figuring out what the fuk was going on untill i saw a chat poput of the !jb, a popup for the jukebox as soon as you join would be better in my opinion! Gmod surf > csgo and css
  6. Some Core Changes

    It's nice to see people talking so actively about the core changes Kappa
  7. [Announcement] GFL and Trello

    Looking forward to the Surf Timer updates!
  8. It's time to move on.

    elloh y'all ! I very rarely post, but very often lurk on the forums, unfortunately i've come to a crossing point between staying at the level of skill i currently have in surf and stay with y'all on GFL, or move on to a more competetive server, it's been VERY hard for me to force myself away from GFL surf due to the many years i've been a part of this roller coaster of ups and downs, but as sad as it is, i've made the decision to move forward due to my extremely competetive personality. Nevertheless A BIG thank you for surf community and also a huge thank you for all of you at the top of the hierarchy for providing amazingly stable and generally great servers! As i said, it's been a roller coaster of ups and downs, but it's been an amazing ride! Thank you all once again!
  9. Surf Timer 1-2 map rotation times

    Hey there fellow surfers and non-surfers @Larma brought this idea to me, which i do agree with. The idea was to change the map time from current 45 minutes down to 25 minutes and possibly change the amount of times that a map can be extended on 1-2 servers, personally i never thought about it since i'm already used to playing a map for a very long time since the maps get harder when you get to higher tiers, and i'm already a god (joke hehehhe), but i do 100% support this. This would be a very good change for 1-2 servers due to people who actually join 1-2 servers are usually new to surfing, and being 45 minutes in a map that they are well aware they can't beat is very painful, dropping this down to 25 minutes (which in my opinion is very bearable), would cut down the number of people leaving the server when they stumble up on a map that they can't beat. I also asked a few of my fellow comrades what they think about, and all i got was positive feedback, the only problem that this idea has is that there are a few maps that have ungodly amount of stages (classics), so there is a possibility that newer people don't have time to beat them, unless the amount of extends is changed. Hope all of ya'll drop some feedback (positive pls) and ofcourse if you have a better idea drop it down in the comments and shape this idea to it's perfect form. -Breddy bred and Larma

    Make it 65k and i'м DОЩИ

    I was prepared for this, i already have a VPN, see you in a week with 180k points.

    I was more like thinking about surfing on my smurf for a week and transfering another 90k to main :^]