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  1. one can fill this more than once btw
  2. well this is my kitsune time, 1.04
  3. so a clip counts, right?
  4. mine is: Evolve in to a whole bread.
  5. memes
  6. I got a 38.9 °c fever as an early Christmas present :^)
  7. post count paradise <3 5
  8. I want a big stack of breadcrumbs in a basket :^)
  9. "i'm not a troll" ~ thanos 2016
  10. I'm an operator aswell, and I agree with this topic 100%.
  11. :^) FeelsGood, a real star :^)
  12. Name: Bredcrumbs Steam Id: STEAM_1:1:72202870 Age:18 I've been playing on GFL for quite a while, nearly 2 years almost daily. I play on both EU and NA but mainly on EU. I've got a microphone and from time to time i a chat with people. There's obviously a lack of staff on the european server and i'd be willing to help out. I believe i know pretty well how operators and admins should behave and the rules that should be followed. Whenever there's been an issue on the server i've always had to call in an admin and i think i'd be ready to handle the issues on my own. I've played under the name Papa Breadcrumbs and now Bredcrumbs. Thanks for reading -Bred
  13. Bredcrumbs has applied for member. Steam Profile: Steam Check Link: Why I want to be Member:  Well i've surfed on the gfl surf servers for a long time and i feel like i'm a part of the community. GFL Bans: 0