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  1. NSFW bro NSFW At least it's not that bad.
  2. That doesn't stop Roy; Roy is nothing but a 24/hr person even after every one tells him to take breaks. It might not be my place to say this but learning PHP would probably help out a long way since .NET and Angular are not really web frameworks. PHP is probably the most powerful and easiest to learn, especially compared to C and Java.
  3. Get Galaxy S9+ one of the best phones that I have ever had and so far have never experienced any slowness or problems with it.
  4. Or could just make changes to the mutator to do the check and changes.
  5. Not unless the server updates the player count via live without a restart then this wont really be possible. If it does update players live then it's not really hard to write a script that gets the current online players, if max then increase the slots by sending an update player amount command to the console.
  6. Could you try explaining this a little more? If I have an understanding of what you want to accomplish with this then it shouldn't be to hard to make one for it since I have a slightly working one for Squad.
  7. Ah, I wonder if someone made scripts and mods for it would get players to join. Maybe by adding Server Extension mod, a global leveling system across the KF2 servers and some custom things that might bring players to the server. The game uses unreal engine so it should not be to hard to make mods for it since the game does include the SDK for it.
  8. I would play KF more if it had more slots for players to join like the old days when it use to max out. Maybe since mutators are whitelisted: https://tripwireinteractive.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KF2SW/pages/161316886/Current+Whitelisted+Mutators+mods With a couple of adjustments, scripts and mods we could make it really good, but the problem is if people still play the KF as much since it seems to be dying lately due to how Tripwire has been lately.
  9. Sign out button

    If Roy or a site developer does look at this thread this can be achieved by finding the logout button in the theme editor and changing the logout button to do this first: <a href='{url="app=core&module=system&controller=login&do=logout" csrf="true" seoTemplate="logout" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure you want to logout?');"}'>{lang="sign_out"}</a>
  10. Full Squad Server

    Today is a good day; It will be even better when we get the better server as well. Now need to make sure that we keep up the amount of players on the NA while also trying to get EU popular.
  11. I think you might be my long lost brother! Damn you look really young although you're probably a lot older than me.
  12. Should definitely join; not only will you have fun but will help the server in the process since it's recently new.
  13. "Permanent" Bans

    I somewhat agree though I guess I shouldn't be allowed to say much on the matter. What I feel like would be the best is a type of strike or point system. Based on the offense that the user has caused will give the player a number of points, for example, if the user was banned on a gmod server such as TTT for a specific type of thing such as RDM for let's say like intentionally RDM and other things such as toxicity then the player would get an accumulation of points which could have been added to other points if he had any from a different server on GFL. Based on the number of points that the user received in that category would alone ban them from the server, game type or all servers. What would also make a difference is if those points expired depending on what type of points were added; this would also make it very easy for staff to keep track of user's points along with how close a player is to getting perm banned. Which later, could expire based on what type of points and/or ban was given to the user. Example if an admin gave the user warning points, and later came back and another admin gave him points on a different game server for almost the same identical thing then maybe the user should be temporarily banned from all game servers for a set amount until the points expire which could tie into how perm bans and stuff like getting banned from hacking would affect the user. To add even more even if those points expired to have them still on the user's account, so if he does come back but does something that warrants a very special type of points or accumulations of points then to ban or increase the user's ban length even longer. This in return would still allow players to come back without having to do a type of appeal but would still restrict and make players learn about their actions even more. If the player wanted to instead he could appeal or challenge those points which for example could make his ban time less or so .etc, kinda like a prison or jail system, I guess...
  14. I remember those old days with COD as well. I ran the Zombie mod on MW2 which was pretty cool never had it on MW though but it looks awesome. I'll probably start playing this again.
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