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  1. Uno Online

    My fav. type of event
  2. Congrats on JB Admin. I thought you'll get it. Wonder how it'll turn out.

  3. Congrats on DL. Well deserved!👍

    1. Leks


      merci 😜

  4. Cheese and Crackers...
  5. @RVFK Can I get my AOTM badge? Please..

    1. RVFK


      Unfortunately I can not assist you. I have asked the leaders of my team multiple times to award you your badge, I'm sorry it hasn't been done. If you have any questions please directed them towards the leaders of my team.

  6. You know how you'll get 8 likes or more on a post you'll post will get a orange heart boarder around the post and there'll be a heart in the top-right corner of the post? Well, how about the same thing but with a different Emoji. Like if someone's leaving GFL and the post gets 8 sad emojis or more, the post will have a blue boarder around the post with a tear drop in the corner. A side note, on the forum page there'll be a slideshow on the right side of the page that'll say the saddest post of the day, or yesterday. A thought...
  7. Finally completed!



  8. Perfect! Lol



  9. Thanks for the embarrassing feedback. xD I'll try to make more test videos and send them to you and others to find errors that I can't see next time.
  10. If you're wondering...



  11. Here you guys go! Another @thorgot secrets video! Please leave feedback.
  12. Video soon! "All of JB Arcade Secrets"

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