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  1. A long time ago, I was at my dad's houses playing poker, or some other card game, with my brothers and sisters and he was teaching me how to play the game. He told that the spades and the clubs are the most powerful cards in the game and that it represents how black people are strong and powerful. Later, he told me that the ace of spades is the most powerful cards in the game. Since I'm black, I thought to myself, "Hey, that's not a bad name." So started to call myself the AceOfSpades. I even change my email to the AceOfSpades and change my twitter to the AceOfSpades also.
  2. What ya guys talkin about?? 



    1. King_Wailord


      You should know by now (Being an admin yourself) that private content reserved for a specific team is kept there and not leaked to everyone else. What goes on in the Jailbreak admin zone is strictly for the Jailbreak admins, as you can literally see in the subtopic. 





    2. AceOfSpades


      Geez dude joke :/ 

    3. Flooooooooooooooooooooooof
  3. Congrats! @Worgee & @PB-n-J
  4. Oh man! Another one! Is Leks resigning or something? Congrats! 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Leks


      @AceOfSpades King_Wailord is the Jailbreak manager. I am co-manager at this point.

    3. AceOfSpades


      Oh. I thought Wail was your right-hand man. Welp GL to you all. 

    4. Leks


      He is. That's why he's the manager now.

  5. 17 years old? what the actual fuck lol
    I might aswell start calling you dad

    old man

  6. Happy birthday! 

  7. first person to wish a happy birthday

  8. Fust *Unfollow* this shit annoying
  9. Sky Blue STEAM_0:0:64812591 Thank you for the GW!
  10. tbh I was Inspired to create this post because I wanted to make the artwork and try my best to make a thumbnail for the announcement, but I'm not apart of the creative team to do so. Unless the higher-ups tell me what's the announcement is and wants me and the creative team to do the thumbnail. That would be great.
  11. Hey leks, can you add all of votedays commends in the rules plz. 


    Also plz fix ---> 8807ad294bdf42b9f544949ad868687f.png

    1. Leks


      What do you mean, fix?
      Is there something wrong with it?


      Also I don't need voteday commands are needed as you can type !voteday and choose one.


    2. AceOfSpades


      You typed "quard" instead of "guard" in the rules. It's a tiny fix. It's under the guard commands section. 


    3. Leks


      Ah right. Gotta look into it again aha

  12. I thought it would be great to have different thumbnails for each announcement. So that if there's a new server, it would be a new unique thumbnail for the announcement. It would be similar to YouTube thumbnails; every video a YouTuber makes, there a different thumbnail so it'll grab people attention. The thumbnails would be around 230x130 size and might have a bit of animation to it. Who's going to make the thumbnails? What I had in mine was the creative team or someone else who wants to help to create the thumbnails. idk. Just a thought I had. Let be know what you think. Thanks for reading.
  13. Great idea Moose! This well help a lot!
  14. West