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  1. I'm going to finally finish this part of the map. It's looking pretty good! 




    1. AceOfSpades


      Looks pretty good! Keep it up! :thumbsupup:

  2. The one time I do good on this game I get Banned. GG 



  3. YES! For the hype of Half-Life: Alyx, All of Half-Life are now FREE on Steam for a limit time only. The following Half-Life games are available for Download: Follow the Half-Life Franchise for future updates! Download NOW! WOOOO!
  4. It's going to be a long night...



    1. Roy


      It'll be worth it :) HL2 was great imo!

  5. “I don’t need friends, they disappoint me.”
  6. Great! Now let’s do GFL Award Show! 😃
  7. Ok, I can’t get mad it that. Even if this problem is “fixed”, demoting inactive admins, what will happen next? Do all the other admins have to be active 24/7, worry, and get unmotivated of doing there jobs, or should we push players to apply for admin and run into the same problem months later?
  8. Happy that you give an open option on the admins on the server, but if you have data showing that there was more players breaking rules on the server then their was when these admins that you mentioned were active, then there isn’t really much of a problem to make a post about. I understand that there are admins that’s inactive, but as Soviet said, they get that position for a reason and I don’t think their shouldn’t be title taking away.
  9. First of all, if you’re going to report a player go on the player report sub forum and post there. Second, this is just a screenshot, which is good, but doesn’t have the users ID and feedback on what happen. A screenshot is good for MFK, but for spin botting it’s useless. A CT can just have a clear shot on the Ts and kill them with headshots and body shots. Provide more information on what’s happening and this report can go through. (or apply for admin. :P)
  10. I like playing on AWP Submarine. It's fun bhopping around and hitting the most sickest shots. But every time I play on that map I always ALWAYS hated the fucking nade that hits the breakable wall in the building. It's so FUCKING ANNOYING! It's the stupidest thing ever and just shouldn't be in the map at all. I didn't want to map this post, but it's so easy to fix. Just add a triangular func_clip_vphysics or a just a regular clip to the top of the breakable wall. That way the nade will fly outside of the window or inside of the building! I don't fully know what will make that nade not stick, but it should be that hard. Maybe I'm speaking out of my ass, but it's so dumb how that shit is STILL in the map! I can revise the map and make it a little bit better if @Vauff wants. It's not intentional to have that there. If in admin was on the server playing awp_submarine and he/she sees you doing that, your ass is going to be kicked from the server or at least ban from joining a team. My GPU can't handle the shit that nade can cause from that window. It's non-playable and it TOTALLY ruins the experience in the map for me and probably for others as well. @Vauff PLEASE FIX (or let me fix it for you)! Do it for me, do it for the server!
  11. 2 more days until The Witcher! 😄

  12. @Luffaren @Vauff Hey! I'm just wondering how the score to defeat the boss in Crazycarts is 999999+ on the Minigames server. I never played Crazycarts on the ZE server, but they should be the some right? Is this a bug or is this a actual thing on the map the manager must set?
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