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  1. I'm sorry that you have to see GFL like this. I hope for your return someday. Thank for the help.
  2. Name AceOfSpades8510 Thanks for the GW, Leks. I hope I see you when JB is back online.
  3. Post free games or game deals here
  4. Well, I was taking a little bit longer making this list so I decided to post it now. I going to list the maps that should get added +1 Maps Jailbreak Classic Maps
  5. What maps are going to be added on the server once it releases? So that I won't suggested a map that are going to be added anyway.
  6. Happy New Year's!



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  7. My family getting ready for the New Year's Eve Dinner Party.







  8. It'll be great to add a quiz to the players that wanted to join CT. The quiz will only have JB MOTD rules questions. The quiz will only have one question and if a player gets it right then they're on the team However, if they gets it wrong, they have to wait on the T for 10 minutes alive to try again. This Idea wasn't mine, but I seen it on a JB server that I was playing. With this plug in implemented will prevent RDMs and might populate our server a little bit more.
  9. holey shidd

    And CSGO JB is...betterest...
  10. Happy B-Day! ❤️ 

  11. Updated my picture! Merry Christmas!


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  12. Hey, didn't realize that it was your B-day today! 


    Happy Birthday you active son of a gun :P 

    1. JerryBomb


      thanks broski, appreciate it.