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  1. :thumbsup:




    Game: Stranger Things: The Game


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  2. My fav anime is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Second fav, Angel Beats.
  3. GFL and @Roy BBF Reddit post/ OG pic
  4. Keep this in mind ;)




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  5. That was fast lol



  6. I thinking it would be great if we had a view more option on the forums. So that if there's a good post and it got bumped by other posts, you can click on the view more option and see all the post that was made in the past 24hr, week, mouth, or even 1 year. Something like Reddit where if you're on a subreddit and you want to look a the top post in the past 24hrs, you can choose that option. I don't know where to put this option at, but I know this would be useful.
  7. Can u fix this little thing plz? 





  8. I tried... Fixed @Bae
  9. Fall/Autumn is my favorite season. Not only my birthday is in Fall, but the weather is fantastic. Here is my entry Extra Pictures.
  10. Money doesn't make happiness, but does fix shit. 

  11. I'm just wondering, how did you create that intro?
  12. Damn. Not even VIP. U will be miss.
  13. mmmmmmm if you think so. Like I said if u something change, let me now. and thanks.
  14. Ok, bub. If you want something to change with the art, PM me.
  15. You said is anyone gonna new the pic and I think you were trying to say is anyone gonna do the pic.