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  1. I have to render all of this. Phew.




    I'm going to render a test video to see if everything is alright. If there's no errors, then expect the full video this morning. 

  2. Final Releases of my jb undertale video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxFInmlM38M

    1. i have had it up to here

      i have had it up to here

      dude that video is not bad, I would look at those songs and see if they will hit you with any copy right nonsense, and if not make that shit public, because if you did everything that is in that video on your own, I want to know and if you did not I want to know all the people and how it all came together because that video is the first time in ages that I have seen something good come out of the creative team, anyways @AceOfSpades not gonna lie I always knew I saw something in you in terms of a possible member for the creative team not gonna lie that team goes about picking people in a fashion that I have yet to figure out, it just makes no sense to myself anyways glad you got that spot and take care bucko.


      also your intro is fucking great fam.

      Edited by i have had it up to here
    2. AceOfSpades


      Hey, I reread your post and I did do everything on my own. The animation was inspired by a Lynda.com tutorial about After FX. I made the animations that tell you how to do the secrets, but I didn't make the title animations of the secrets. The person that was teaching me about After FX, Alan Demafiles, had that animation in his tutorial. So, I've add it to my video, change it up a bit to make it fit into the theme, and made an animation out of it. 


      Other than that, the video was made by yours truly. :P


      There's the editing.


  3. Will Be Out A Couple Days (Surgery)

    Get well soon, Roy. GL
  4. Art request simple

    I did a red box in your last post. Here it was.
  5. Art request simple

    Here ya go.... If there are any changes you want me to make, comment below.
  6. Art request simple

    lol that's pretty nice. I'm finishing it up right now, fluff.
  7. Art request (simple)

    Here you go... Black Blue Gray Orange Red White
  8. Congrats, @xSnowyAngel Hopefully we'll see a CSGO server soon. 😀 GL
  9. Profile pic

    k thx
  10. Profile pic

    @Triple_A Sorry for the delay. I just couldn't really make a cartoon picture. If there are any changes you want me to make, let me know. If not, I'll lock and move.
  11. February Emoji of the Month

    This goes out to the shitposters of gfl :gflshitpost:
  12. What happened to GFL Got Talant?


    1. King_Wailord


      Definitely not happening next week or anything :lenny:

  13. [CSGO] Jailbreak Suggestion Thread

    Look. TBH I only suggest it because CSGO TTT had operator. When I was admin I thought this was a good thing to have if I'm feeling neutral about the person applying. I do see that this can be my own benefit, but I can also see this benefit the future of JB. Maybe, it's just me. idk. I knew that you guys won't like this suggestion. That's why I put it at bottom.
  14. [CSGO] Jailbreak Suggestion Thread

    A hassle? I don't get it.