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  1. I will pm you the details I am fairly good with PHP. It was my first language I ever learned (aside from HTML, CSS and Javascript), that and MySQL. Though I am not up to date with PHP 7 changes from 5, but I am sure I will be able to learn them quick. @Roy
  2. My Age: 24 My Talent: I am proficient in PHP, C#, C++, Java, SQL (SQL/PL) Oracle, MySQL and Linux command line. I also have worked with front end like HTML, CSS, Javascript. I also know very little sourcemod programming. I mean I know the general programming language behind it, but the library itself. IRL, I got a diploma in Information Technology (2 years), plus 2 years of working experience in the industry. I was previously accepted as a developer however, I was demoted due to my inactivity. I was inactive because I had no computer where I moved (another city for school). I may have tried mentioning it, however, at the time GFLCLan was migrating to the newer version, which may have been the cause of me forgetting or overlooking. Hours/Week: 4-15, it depends on the day/week... the work and my work schedule. On my worst week 4 will be my bare minimum though.
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