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  1. Oh boy. It has been difficult reading this topic and the 4 pages that came after it. Being a part of GFL for the time that i have i learned fairly quickly that changes are mostly done by the ones in charge (be it the old BoD or community staff team regarding community changes or managers and server staff teams regarding server changes) which for a community is a very bad way of functioning.As we can see this decision and change for fhe merge of the teams and creation of new ranks had been made and agreed upon only between people who possess the staff badge and then released to the community itself. My suggestion for the future of this community's growth is to place a lot more importance in community feedback but not on ideas that have already been implemented but ideas that would be voted and discussed upon.This is just common sense in my eyes,one that i never saw or heard even be mentioned in GFL in the time i've been here. That is just my personal recommendation to the staff team on how to approach matters in the future.As for this one change in particular i won't go into it as i've read plenty of criticism of it that i somewhat agree on(if you are interested check my recent reactions to posts on my profile) but if i were to be asked i wouldn't opt for this organisation at all.. Moving forward i'd just like to ask some questions about things said here i just couldn't understand. First,i've read multiple times here (mentioned by worgee) that the directors alone had a say in this matter.How is it then that @Ralsei in their response expressed negative feedback on the change,actually disagreeing with certain aspects of the changes made.When 4 directors(excluding roy since he is the founder though he had a say as well) are not able to have a unanimous vote on a matter that non the less goes through you know something is wrong.But my question is how did it go through in this case?Does the vote of every director count or did this response come after an initial agreement in which case i still don't understand. Secondly a question you can think of me being biased to ask but it is non the less one i want to ask and is about Member Acceptors.A team of people that have been around a lot longer than any of the new inventions,yet one that i feel is being looked at differently atleast importance and appreciation (towards work that has been done and work that will be done) wise.The question is simply why are member acceptors the only team that are discriminated of all that make up the new public relations one why do it's members not get acknowledged as such on forums(via ranks).Is it because of the new bot's role to accept most member applications and the MA role is being internally discussed at the moment?(without the team's knowledge or feedback if i may say) As you can see it's not hard to guess the answers to these questions but the real one is why should anyone have to?Why don't people with clan's membership have these things available to them.When is GFL going to be transparent with it's members and ask what they want and what they think is best for the community they love and are apart of. P.S. When someone is demoted they should be notified of the said demotion no matter what you think of it.I can see why @Pyros had a need to voice his questions.
  2. All i have to say is lol.
  3. Congrats mate,looking forward to see you in action!

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  4. hey man nice to talk to you I was just wondering how I can be an admin in the future type me back when u have the chance thx

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  6. Just got settled in to my apartment.Everything is nice,though i'm probably going to sleep throuh the whole first day lol.
  7. Well this is it.The post you've been waiting for.My friends will be saddened,my frenemies even more so,but i have to inform you.. I'm going to Greece for my well deserved vacation from 07/09/2018 to 07/19/2018. Don't worry i'll have internet there so i'll still be here on the forums and so on. Love ya guys. <3
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  9. I know i do not play on the server but i'd like to put my 2 cents in. I know where you're coming from on this but it's still a bad idea to give VIP mute/votemute power.As you said it yourself it can be easily abused and nothing is stopping the very people who spam and like to troll from getting VIPs themselves.I know it's frustrating when you have someone ruining your experience on the server and you can't do anything but you can always apply for the admin position yourself if you feel like there is a lack of admins/or their activity.Reporting them with valid proof is still a good way to get them punished which is good with repetitive offenders.