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  1. Obviously everything that's happening is bad. No doubt that the fault is in the government. To riot and raid stores behind a protest, however, is unreasonable. No reason to take it out on something unrelated, despite how angry the "protesters" are. Nothing is gonna happen overnight either. Everything is taken out of context even if a single police officer happens to so speak a word to someone. The government has their system to fix, but the rioters have their part too in calming down. If this escalates even more, I'd hate to have my future affected because of it.
  2. I think after there's some kind of statement saying the lockdown is over or something, many people including me probably want to get back into our regular routine ASAP or do a lot of activity to express some freedom for a period of time. I'm itching to get out. But as what Rocket said, hygiene regulations will be more strict. It will be hard to push those new habits over ones we had for years. I'm not saying its impossible, but there will be a considerable amount of time before we say that everything back to normal.
  3. These change logs are to keep everyone in the loop about what we're doing and what we have for the future. I will be constantly updating this as we go. Of course, you can suggest your own idea and it may find itself on the server! Last updated: 5/1/2020 Future/Potential Plans: - Weapon tweaks - Add/remove maps - Adding new playermodels to Pointshop - Custom music Currently Testing: - Tickle Monster attack dynamics
  4. I was basically server hopping around every gamemode in GMod back in early 2016. I stumbled upon GFL's Zombie Survival server and I kinda just stuck to it since.
  5. I'm no admin for this server, but I believe you should use this template to better help with your report. https://gflclan.com/forms/114-rust-modded-10x-muteban-appeals/
  6. Garry's Mod

    Maybe it could be sb being wonky for you or something server-side... 🤔
  7. Maps were added. Thanks for your suggestions! Feel free to suggest more.
  8. We do have a map voting system in the server right now; to my knowledge, however, it doesn't seem to work properly and only shows a select amount of maps. Because of that, we can't have the proper map rotation we want. As for everything you mentioned, it is taken for consideration. Thanks for the suggestions!
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