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  1. Nintendo Switch

    I honestly can not even wait.....
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Yeah I was thinking like that too, until I seen Mario Odyssey!!
  3. Nintendo Switch

    If I was still in school I would
  4. Nintendo Switch

    @PB-n-J Yeah, this is my first Nintendo System Pre-Order. TBH I am PUMPED, have you seen the trailer for Mario Odyssey? Looks fantastic!
  5. Nintendo Switch

    @CrusTi Fair enough! I will let you know how it is
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Hey guys, With all the Hype or... Dis-Hype towards the Nintendo Switch, I was wondering who else (like me) have it pre ordered or are even going to get it at all!
  7. hardest game

    Yeah +1 for the Dark Souls series!
  8. CKPS-Yosh's Art Request

    Hey Bae, That is great I appreciate it so much, Thank you!!
  9. Hello, My name is Pikachu

    Welcome back, Be sure to stop by the 1v1 server to say hello!
  10. Games Done Quick

    Yeah I watched the Blue Shift it was nothing special, I am sort of bummed there is no Majoras Mask run... Atleast I still have the Wind Waker to look forward to though!
  11. Is anyone else watching GDQ, if so what game are you most looking forward to watching?
  12. This is the most useful piece of information I have EVER read on these forums. Thank you, thank you very much.
  13. CKPS-Yosh's Art Request

    Thanks Bae I look forward to it!
  14. CKPS-Yosh's Art Request

    Hey guys, I am no artist and would like to request a Steam Avatar if anyone would like to take a crack at it, I would greatly appreciate it. CKPS-Yosh's Art Request: Avatar Not quite sure what the Avatar size would be, I am sure whoever makes them knows the size of a proper steam avatar Looking to have a unique Yoshi, similar to what I have now Text: CKPS-Yosh or CKPS.Yosh Thanks guys!
  15. cs:go

    Legendary Eagle with like 200 Comp hours so far, focusing on ESEA for now instead of MM.