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  1. Blair Which Project, kept me up all night.
  2. Yea I know, but you handled it very well good job mate
  3. Fun is when those ISIS people raided the TTT server and started playing some melodies 😂
  4. I dont think were nesscarly child friendly when people are calling others n words and getting raided by ISIS bots trying to recruit people on a website
  5. I've heard about this and may or may not have made a few memes out of it but who in the lack tating sissy fucking mind would drink water with a dirty ass and shit particles #ecolitasty https://youtu.be/xuLqYBzoIrU Here's a link of a guy being a complete retard and drinking it. Tell me what you think of this. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Spoiler Alert: I bought some and it tastes like unicorn shit
  6. Well as of yesterday fire school began so I wont be as active.
  7. I realize I am in the wrong for impersonation I have personally apologized to the person I did it to and, the ALT was because of the fact that I wanted to explain to the admin what was going on and I personally apologize for all of that and as I concluded I wont do that again. On the other hand I have matured and learned a lot of lessons in my life that have changed my health and my mindset and all of the above stated has changed and I have no need nor anything thought of repeating or doing anything like this again. I know it may seem like a excuse but being banned for over 8 months, I am pretty sure I have learned my lesson and have changed the way i do things. I really just would like to be unbanned and regain trust with staff and players in the future and be apart of GFL even more than I am, I have always loved this community and have for over 4 years, otherwise I wouldn't be asking to be unbanned. Anyways thank you motor for stating the reasons for the ban and I hope you and others that know the situation will forgive me🙁🤙.
  8. I thought we had a stepson and stepmom relationship...
  9. oh ok well a little birdie told me other wise
  10. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): TheHunterGaming#4803 Why were you banned?: "IP grabbing/Scamming?? Why should you be unbanned? I really want to apologize for this I dont know how the scamming came to play but the IP grabbing was true but it was not forth of GFL it was on another community, the situation happend when I was testing how strong my website was against DDOS which had a ip grabber to test if it was strong enough. I accidentally sent a link to a friend which was supposed to be a different link to a video but didnt realize I still had it copied to my clipboard, the person proceeded to click it and I later told his community staff that I had done this and found out I was apart of GFL and later told some GFL staff about the incident and I was suspended from the Discord till further notice. I have since not been unbanned and it's been over 7 months since I have been banned or maybe less idk so I left GFL for a little bit and came back recently and forgot I was still banned. Anyways, I would like to be unbanned and personally apologize to any staff that I have acted immature too, or have done stuff that I shouldn't have. I have learned my lesson and punishment of the situation and would like to no longer be banned. I would like to be apart of the community a little more and help as much as I can, because I have been on GFL for over 4 years and i have really enjoyed my time here, anyways I hope you take this appeal in to consideration and I am sorry for what I have done and I wont do it again. Thank You!
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