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  1. How about instead of murdering, we see who can get demoted the fasted 😉
  2. Nvidia before GTX 920 alienware Aurora on far right. Alienware area 51 on far left, and Asus pc for both in the middle, this was the game night with the bois.
  3. Goodbye buddy with the short time we talked ur a pretty lit guy and thanks for supporting me!
  4. I would say Beavers since it's my home state lol. They also just lost their first game, but on the other hand I have seen they're offense and its looking pretty good defense is ehhh. But they have pulled through before so I am feeling confident.
  5. Yes I did have the legal documents and legal registrys to perform the tests and I made him sign a waiver stating that this could affect his ip. When in fact after the 2nd testing we had no problems and moved on.
  6. The only way he could give me his ip is a ip grabber(well atleast all I know of) so I had found one and used it with a link and began the process. Yes I was the first one to test round one but after a week he wanted to have us try again and I was gone so my freind did it for me since he was helping.
  7. Like I said above my freind is the server hoster or we called it a bot but I had to get his ip since hes running the website.
  8. Thank u and yes I dont think I mentioned a company before but I said I was testing for valid reasons. But yes I was working for a small company or (website) that was starting out and my freind had created it so he knew me and asked If I could help and test his protection.
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