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  1. Death run has been done several times here in GFL. It used to be my main server the first year of GFL. I was admin twice and I don't think it should come back. Many of the amazing gamemodes that made GFL Gmod popular are dead. Jailbreak was my baby and there is ONE active server left. I would love for it to come back but I really don't think it would do well for very long. the community it had back in the day was very dedicated to that sever specifically so I don't think there's a huge following for it left in GFL today to give it a boost of life. While many people may vote for a resurgence of the server, very few will actually follow through with that and continue to play on it. I've seen it many times with sever revivals.
  2. I work at best buy and i just tell people i am the manager because fuck it
  3. You're a fucking Karen aren't you
  4. It says It cant find a member account with that name https://oldsite.browser.tf/user/21168-eli/
  5. can't find my acct, and it wont let me log in with steam, sad
  6. Perks

    Thank you, look forward to it
  7. Perks

    that was my point... does it exist
  8. Perks

    Is there any kind of perks like chat tags or other commands for Vips in TF2? I Play tf2 often now and would like my vip shown on the servers.
  9. I know this is late, and I also haven't read any of the replies to this but the new change looks aids. ok thanks ❤️
  10. Remember that time when you got JB manager and you did literally nothing and killed the server even more just bc you "wanted manager just for the rank". Me too!!!!

    1. Eli


      remember that time where we had an inactive manager for 6 months that did literally nothing the whole time and I was active all the time and had ideas and was an aspiring Lua coder who did my best, while actively adding a few of my own custom made plugins and reworking a bunch of stuff the old manager broke. because me too.


      also, the just for the rank thing was when the server was dead, I genuinely tried. I messaged you on discord, and I quote "servers dead, riding it out for the perks" 3-04-18

  11. anyone wanna que R6S with me, im only rank 13 so it'd be casual. hate playing alone

  12. Surf Mesa tips

    so many skips you missed, could of cut at least 10-12 seconds off
  13. Anyone wanna be my sugar daddy, and buy me sea of thieves while its 50% off ❤️ 

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