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  1. I know this is late, and I also haven't read any of the replies to this but the new change looks aids. ok thanks ❤️
  2. Remember that time when you got JB manager and you did literally nothing and killed the server even more just bc you "wanted manager just for the rank". Me too!!!!

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    1. Eli


      remember that time where we had an inactive manager for 6 months that did literally nothing the whole time and I was active all the time and had ideas and was an aspiring Lua coder who did my best, while actively adding a few of my own custom made plugins and reworking a bunch of stuff the old manager broke. because me too.


      also, the just for the rank thing was when the server was dead, I genuinely tried. I messaged you on discord, and I quote "servers dead, riding it out for the perks" 3-04-18

  3. anyone wanna que R6S with me, im only rank 13 so it'd be casual. hate playing alone

  4. Surf Mesa tips

    so many skips you missed, could of cut at least 10-12 seconds off
  5. Anyone wanna be my sugar daddy, and buy me sea of thieves while its 50% off ❤️ 

  6. Im back

    How in the hell can you not remember zoroark?
  7. Personally, I think this is a good change, BUT only if they actually do what they say they're gonna do. Until then we wont know
  8. The whole team merger debacle. It was a mess and frankly, in my opinion, the council didn't handle it very well. People were unhappy with the changes and this is them making an honest effort to try and shift focus towards something that the community is actually about (games), and will actually affect the most amount of people, rather than dumb internal changes and affect a very small amount of people.
  9. Definitely not out of nothing. This is whats called DMG Control and it was done well
  10. Shortest lived changes ever. but tbh why is ben roy like the most sensible promotion ever?
  11. @Snoopy @Rick @Leks @Worgee and whoever else is in your gang. Fuck You🖕 🙂 🖕

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    2. Worgee


      One door raid... can’t get much easier. I hope you had more than 1 door earlier that Day tbh...

    3. Snoopy


      Btw the base was already opened. I just killed you : )

    4. Rick


      i am innocent, i was not online :happytree:

  12. Looking for group

    I gave in and started up on it. Might as well. I got a Shinnok crate ak bolty and rockets so I decided why not stay for this next wipe also I have 400 hours which I know isn't pro, know it all, wreck the noob hours but i still think its a decent bit
  13. Looking for group

    I'm well aware of the GFL Rust server, but there are two things that are wrong with it for me Its low pop, and its EU. If there were constantly 100 players instead of it going only to 25ish max then I'd give it a chance, but I like having to defend myself from Korean zergs and a shit ton of people on 24/7. Especially with a larger group, it lets me test my skills and when we score big it feels more rewarding. I understand where you're coming from though.
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