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  1. One and Done where if you turn mother zombie on at least 3 maps and successfully kill all the humans on each one you get reward.
  2. All Weapons Matter 2020
  3. STEAM_1:0:80275070
  4. Before this gets closed let me say no one in the history of the server has been muted for saying that. Perhaps the yelling and perpetual need to start a fight with everyone was your downfall. Just from my perspective. alliteration bonus +1
  5. sounds like a let's get rid of negev post if i ever saw one
  6. We will be watching...
  7. When you have to wait an hour to join a full server you can't expect people to sit on the csgo screen for that long. I say extend the afk timer for 20-30 mins so I don't unknowingly connect and get kicked because I wait so long and get distracted by something else.
  8. When the leader or admin influence by mic spamming the 5 second countdown is already over. Admin occasionally says "stop spamming" but the damage is already done. By the time we've moved on to another map it's been 10 minutes and either new admin is on to say the exact same thing or it's the same admin who does nothing because the spam was only for like 3 seconds.
  9. Which occurs more? No admin on to mute a mic spammer or No admin on to unmute leader for tryhard map?
  10. We just need a desktop alert that let's us know when the round ends so we can tab back in. I've heard from a few who hate switching back and forth.
  11. Does it not say the mortar warning is shorter which means less time to react? Even so I would do Omaha first so we know if we should just slay for another round if too many die.
  12. I've been saying there needs to be a system to give players who have beaten more minimaps priority in the shop for regular diddle. Now even more so because we are gonna be playing the one big stage for so long only to have some dumb fuck buy the wrong thing. I don't know how this could be done on extreme with everyone having to beat the 5 consecutively, maybe just have the shop open and first come first serve so at least the bhoppers can get them. But just pointing out how mad everyone would be if some zoomer got selected and purchases the wrong thing.
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