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  1. We will get yelled at if we have fun with novas
  2. So............................................how did it go?
  3. Beating diddle like that? wtf you smoking?
  4. Honestly it is too much work to record a demo and fill out a form that leads to nothing
  5. We know what you're saying. The option to ban a player will never be put in the hands of the peasants.
  6. This will never happen. I get your frustrations but no, report and move on. /close thread
  7. @Loco Could you clue us in as to what's been revamped?
  8. At least get a streamer we've heard of
  9. @Loco As one of what 2 admins that were even here back when there were zombie points was that not when the server was taking off? It was fun playing both ct and zombie and that's why the server was so successful. Half the enjoyment was taken out because some people complained about inflating, and it became a shitfest of lasers and tryhard ct maps because the community was trying to compensate for the loss of enjoyment for the gamemode. Points can be tinkered with, but was never even brought up when the whole complaints against inflating was even a topic. I'm telling you now the results of a rushed decision have been culminating to where we are today, having to disable spec to make it appear like people are actually playing on the server. Long ago are the times of admins slapping zombies standing still and that was the only kicking that ever had to be done. People stayed on the server and played for hours resulting in donations for reserved slot and actual threads about new skins that could be added, and don't forget how advantageous your colors plugin was. This is what led to the meteoric rise of GFL, which has since plateaued if not declined due to a stale gamemode running at half-power.
  10. So it hasn't gone unnoticed how flawed the gamemode is. Rather than disabling a feature that has been available since the beginning of time and thinking you've solved your GT and AFK player problem, why is it still ignored that people just don't want to play as zombie? It's right in front of you yet nobody wants to acknowledge it. Spectate is the effect of the problem, it is not THE problem.
  11. Something I see beginning to happen here is that the server has become too easy to join. Before you say that was the point, think about why it was always full. People used to have to stay for hours because the server slot was so valuable they didn't want to leave for risk of not being able to rejoin. You have now taken that away and thus the demand to play here is dwindling. Play with fire and the server that has carried this clan might burn you.
  12. New Default Map

    Dangerous waters was 4 years ago Icecap 2. Going down the list I see escape the eye evil mansion liccinana LOTR rooftop
  13. Save your ideas for sky temples 2
  14. I'd rather we take my suggestion from a couple months ago but this can be plan B.
  15. It's been decided that the server would like to see zombies be fun again.
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