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  1. Looks like both were max extended. Shucks, we should remove cooldown so there are 10 hours of it a day, that way everyone can learn.
  2. And tell me the last time a FF map wasn't beaten because of inexperience or played for 90 minutes because we had to beat the last stage 5 times.
  3. 0 Ping

    I live close to server and was apparently dodging lasers too early. This plugin only assists those with high ping and if you are NA you should disable immediately.
  4. This concern is more towards mappers. Straight up zombies vs humans was too zombie sided. Giving items to humans make it too human sided. Lasers and zombie items made deodorant mandatory. There's nothing that can be done about maps that are already made. Just go afk if it frustrates you that much and wait for next human round until playing as zombie is more enticing.
  5. Was never talking about the contest in general. Just that in one night it was decided to play them all without telling anybody and expecting the rest of us to vote
  6. That time when 90% knew nothing about this and haven't played any.
  7. Bring back inboxed_final_unfixed while you're at it.
  8. Your shader detail is on low settings > video > shader detail you can change it to high or very high and you'll see the water but to be honest people play with it on low so they can see the zombies swimming under the water. edit: it also helps for when you have a shit pc that can't handle good video quality and increases frames
  9. We will get yelled at if we have fun with novas
  10. So............................................how did it go?
  11. Beating diddle like that? wtf you smoking?
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