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  1. That is fine. Like I said It was a gray area and I took the slay. That is not the main issue
  2. The false kos was based off logic. It was in a gray area I'll admit but I took the slay. I didn't kos you off skin. If you would have read my report you would've seen that. Also another admin was on but the admin that slayed me was the one that reported me. I wasn't the only one who kosed you but I was the only one you slayed
  3. They weren't my friends, I never instructed them to message or say any of that stuff. You muted me for something that I didn't do. I never messaged anyone telling them to do this, nor were any of them on my friends list. I repeatedly told them to stop spamming and saying stuff so I wouldn't get blamed for it. Yes I spammed Hai Der's name to prove a point because that is something I've done many times before with no problem. It is ridiculous that you keep harassing me when I'm on and proceed to perma mute me for something that I didn't coordinate or control.
  4. My IGN: Sunshine My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:81709735 The Admin's IGN: TheSadBandit The Admin's SteamID: Unknown (If this is blank, I don't know) My description of the events that occurred: Just targeting. A bunch of people were doing free sunshine and stuff and he muted me permanently and started gagging people for spamming. I've seen many people do far more and be fine. Everytime I'm on and this admin is on I get harrassed, Gagged, muted, and slayed way more than with anyone else. It is driving me crazy that I payed to play on a server that now has pretty much become toxic with thsi one admins repeated attacks on me The evidence I have gathered against TheSadBandit: These post show messages from sad to me and other players. Creamy was also online at the time, So was toxic. Multiple VIPs have spoken out about this too.
  5. I've been listening too senses fail alot, especially their album life is not a waiting room
  6. I was gagged permanent by TheSadBandit today for saying "fuck off" to him in text chat. This is not against the rules and was in text so I can't be gagged for that. Multiple other admins told me this would be the best route to take. Some admins will gag you if you say one sentence they don't like. I feel like a permanent gag was extreme for being in chat and just being a too world phrase
  7. Ban Appeal

    Name: Sunshine Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:81709735 Banned by: Karma Ban Reason: Karma Ban REasons to be unbanned: Got karma banned after killing some people who rdmed, killing innos who were false kosed and killing people who were rdming. Got unlucky and karma didn't reset for some reason
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