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  1. Neutral. I would love to work with you, though. Bump up that activity and I'll gladly change my answer :).
  2. +1!!!! You seem like a super friendly person, love the picture and name, detailed explanations! Love it all! Cant wait to work with you
  3. please marry m e 

    1. Amelie


      Bitch im at Zales wtf u want

    2. Omid
  4. followed u because I love the picture

  5. GFL was made in 2011. There would only be an 8 year badge?? What 10 year lmao. Ok anyways gimme
  6. Looks pretty solid! I agree with the removal of languages. The only thing is, the addition of more "off topic" channels will lead to more confusion between the moderation team. The political one seems to be alright, but the others are unneeded. I suggest instead of creating more channels to further divide up the general chat, revising the rules over with your moderation team. Such as, if JerryBomb says "Donald Trump is amazing" in general chat, would this be means for a warning to move it to political? These rules will never cohesively work with the changes unless the line is drawn. What is relative, and what's not. Anyways make it rain in minecraft also I want a cat but theres not jungle thanks
  7. Meet me at the park cuz your man keep eyin' me and sayin that im fake is straight mad irony

  8. Please please please add me for the love of god please sharon it won't happen again please
  9. I love u bby...

    1. Omid


      i miss u.. please take me away from horrible eboys ... 

  10. Hi, it's me Amelie! Please give me my PM's on the forums back. Denros banned them in a drunk rage. I also maaaaay have sent a message to every council member with the subject "Amelie for Council". It's all in the past baybay!!! I mean, the sentence I was originally given was pretty light, but I called Denros a "drunk fucking manchild" or something among those lines? Then I got the warning point and my PM's taken away. I'd like to be ungrounded now. I'm a good girl!
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