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  1. Lol u left ur own server after a week.... .....anyways I give it 2 weeks
  2. mom

    1. Amelie


      Otter.... my son....

  3. Neutral. I would love to work with you, though. Bump up that activity and I'll gladly change my answer :).
  4. please marry m e 

    1. Amelie


      Bitch im at Zales wtf u want

    2. Omid
  5. followed u because I love the picture

  6. -1. I am going to preface a couple of things before getting into the explanation. - I understand that Liloz said in your other mod application that you may apply at a later date. - This is not biased. I quite like you as a person and I love to joke around with you. - I will be referencing your previous mod application only because you have done so as well. I would not normally hold someone to their previous application information. Ok! Let's go on, then. I'm going to go through this app point by point, and then we'll get to the other points. You claim that the beginning of 2019, compared to the end of 2018, is slow and pushing users away. (Nonsensical spam, emotes) You post these copypastas quite frequently. During the end of the year, many of our underage users (still in school), are free to frequent the discord and play games. Even our servers have experienced a dip in population due to this. With exciting re-openings of a few key servers, we'll return to the average. You also claim that people have said the chat is lackluster. As opposed to the end of 2018, with extreme nitro gif emote spam, I can agree with this. When discord gives away free nitro again, the people will have their chat back! The reason your previous app got denied was not because you @ people. One of the reasons it got denied was because you used it as a soap box to express your qualms against the members of the mod team., and GFL as a whole. You then received leaks from a person who I will also not name, and created another post. I believe I've gotten all the points I wished to talk about in your app. Let's move on to my other reasons. I believe you are a bit hot headed when it comes to things you dislike, and things you fight for. This isn't a bad trait to have, but when being a moderator of the people, you're going to receive some backlash. You got one whiff of our chat and decided the best course of action was to make a public forum post. Are our members supposed to be wary of this ever happening to them? You even re-tagged that post in this application, showing that you find no fault in your actions. Please re-assess this. Your recent stance on the discord has been to push the rules as much as you can, and incite pseudo mini revolutions against the mod team. I like you as a person, Koni. I really do. We laugh and joke on discord a lot. But I just dont think that you fit in well as someone who represents structure and order. Thanks for reading. Love, Amelie
  7. Neutral for discord. I wish you were more active! I'd be happy to work with you though.
  8. This is absolutely appalling and does nothing but further my claims. EDIT: That conversation was meant to be between mods only. We are discussing between each other. There is no reason to speak to you about it, or for you to even know about it. Oscar is our team lead, and he would have discussed the main issues with you privately. Stop making this a soap opera on the forums.
  9. GFL was made in 2011. There would only be an 8 year badge?? What 10 year lmao. Ok anyways gimme
  10. +1 gfl squad represent!! I see you around on the forums a lot, and you seem very friendly and logical! Good luck!
  11. @Harakoni - I find it funny how you say I'm not a friendly face for GFL and here you are backing up @Korowa being toxic and rude towards a new member? Really not the best look for you as an applicant right now.
  12. Im sure he means time in GFL.
  13. Neutral to -1 Pros - Was mod before, and did a good job - Not too toxic - Friendly to new people Cons - Wrote over 4 paragraphs of a callout post about how moderation is bad boys - Immediately regretted resignation (not even a week) As a new addition to the mod team, commenting on apps might still be a little out of my league. However, with the addition of @Nap14hockey and I, the team is no longer thin. I'm also pretty wary of the insta turn around you had after resigning. You are very opinionated, and I'm wondering if making quick decisions is a flaw or not.
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