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  1. Looking great, dad!!!!
  2. Thank you Nick for this! I’m going to be sure to check it out. Loving the new wave of transparency from GFL. Exciting news for future projects/prospects/partnerships!
  3. Keep the music forum pls 🥺 I want to post there sometimes
  4. Writing Request

    Hey! Amelie here, im looking for a ghost writer to perhaps write me some dope lyrics for my YouTube! you can write as little or much as you like! Thanks!!! p.s. of course I will credit you guys. You wouldn’t really be ghosts.
  5. GFL Currency

    Ah!! I see. You would like it to be more like a credit, instead of a coin. I was thinking legit currency! The color scheme idea with more of an arcade coin look. Don’t implement if it’s not what u want!!! I will work on another
  6. GFL Currency

    Also, I’d like to know how I can make a coin that is “gfl” themed if possible. I put GFL on both sides of the coin, as well as images depicting gaming and Roy the founder. What would you suggest they look like? More like the discord icons?
  7. GFL Currency

    Oh, alright. I did ask what the size requirements were, and Oscar told me the bigger the better because you guys can resize it to fit your preferences. Thanks for thinking about using them tho 😢 I wanted them to be used for the large betflip coin that is displayed when you gamble.
  8. GFL Currency

    Yes, I wanted to keep the coin gold! I just didn’t know what saturation would look best. agree on the black and white. Most likely trashing that one and going with the middle as a suggestion. Thank u 🥺
  9. GFL Currency

    You know it!!!!
  10. GFL Currency

    Hey there! Hopefully this is in the proper location. It technically wasn't a request, except for maybe Roy saying pls do it lol. Please help me decide what color coin looks the best! I have three versions, all in different levels of saturation. Silver, white gold, and 1990's video game gold! thanks! Front of coin choices: (this is the highest level of saturation.) (This is the lighter version.)(This is the silver version.) Back of coin choices: (Highest again.) (Middle version.)(Silver version). oh also it looks like for some reason the pixels freaked out on the back png lol. I can fix whichever gets chosen if at all! P.S. What would yall change???
  11. Happy birthday mary 🥺 where u at bro

  12. You added SOJA but not the actual higher ups. Saizy, hand over your knee caps.
  13. You could literally pick up a baby by the head and chuck it like a basketball.... human claw machine
  14. +1 floopy u are an old god. The people need you!!!!
  15. And yet your country has the audacity to cover news topics about starving “third world countries” and how sorry they feel for them but still have no ac.
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