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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, darling. ❤️

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      Happy Valentine's day, bot! 💗

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  2. @rapperdan 🤗 Bless, the man is banned! 🤗

  3. *sigh* At least appeal this time! Oh wait...

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      the account is a dumb meme and a half just leave the shitter be.


      it does not need the attention it is getting nor deserves any recognition just move on and let it die simple no?

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  4. Peace~ Sad you didn't stay but I can't say I blame you for how I feel. I feel the exact same way. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  5. When I originally pushed for me to have leadership, I was selfless in wanting to make the Media Team better and more active. Over Christmas break, things changed. I won't say exactly what happened, but life happened. Things change, its bound to happen. Should I have accepted leader in the first place? No. It was a mistake, and I realize that now. But I resigned now instead of getting demoted for inactivity later, its better this way. (Gives them time to get the team moving forward since there is no leader to lead it now)
  6. I am regretfully resigning from my leadership position in Media Team along with leaving the team. I am not happy with the current state of GFL, since it's just a drama fest with the slightest changes setting off people. To add on, I am unmotivated to do anything, something I should've recognized immediately when I got asked to lead the team. But I didn't, I was selfish. I was so giddy for finally proving everyone wrong, who doubted me being on leader. Many people pushed for me being promoted to leader, and I didn't want to let them down. I sort of felt 'obligated' to take the position, even though I wasn't really motivated to do anything with it. (I know, that's terrible to admit, but its true) I am sorry for letting everyone down. Thanks to everyone who believed in me though. 💗 Edit: You can still make personal GFX requests to me. I'll do them, but it will be on my own time.
  7. Do you wish for this thread to remain open? @Bae
  8. @Aura @Aura @Chef_ @Radify @RVFK @Chills @CrusTi @JerryBomb @Zeugma or Omnibenevolence
  9. I hope I'm not the only PR/Sub Leader who is concerned about the backlash with his change. I'm worried it will get to the point where it interferes with my team and our productivity. I will be making a post later in our discord regarding these changes and work with you all the way through. I promise you I will be fully transparent with what I have planned and what my thoughts are on this. (This is toward our PR/Media Team members 💗) Since Joel can't make a post till later, I will say what I have planned for Media Team in PR moving forward: Applications are going to be done in a timely manner. (~Month) A test will be given similar to a project that Media Team has done or is currently working on. With of course a few minor changes like text, what it's about, etc. This is so that we can actually assess what their capabilities are with requests that are similar to what they have done in a test. (Tests that are similar to current requests will also be given to Video Editors, Writers, and Streamers, but directed toward their specific division!) I found it quite terrible that applications took way to long to process (+3 months) and they got tests that were pretty lengthy/tedious to what we currently got requested. (Also, we really need more members, so we can't be too picky!) Hence why I'm making this change! Activity will be shot up moving forward. Considering that I'm assigning the teams requests that I wanted to be done for a while. (New GFX on forums, trailer videos for servers, streaming GFL servers, etc) FYI, if you have a suggestion for a specific server to have a special trailer for it, PM me! I'll listen to your comments. *cough* If someone doesn't use periods in their message toward me I will ignore it *looks are rapperdan* *cough* Behavior: This isn't a terrible issue as of recently (I myself am guilty of being a bad boy), but moving forward, malicious behavior from a Media Team member won't be tolerated! Period. Transparency. I know I already stated this earlier in my post, but I seriously hate it when someone hides the "full truth" from me. I'm sure my members feel the same, so from now on I'll be transparent as possible with my members. This was an issue before, where I/others couldn't be fully transparent with changes previously. But of course, this will change! Feedback will be taken seriously if given to me/Media Team. If you have something to say that is constructive or a valid suggestion toward me or the media team as a whole, PM me! Banter/"Omg you are inactive you guys are shit!" will be ignored. I am well aware of our current activity! I hope my post helps you decide on your opinion as to me and what I have planned in the future of Media Team. Just because you are not fond of the current changes doesn't mean you shouldn't give the leaders a chance to prove to you that we mean well and actually will do stuff. 💗 Thanks for reading!
  10. Thank you for giving me a chance. I'll make you proud. 💗
  11. Happy new year, my darling. ❤️

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      Happy new year, my bot. 💗

  12. @Winter @Gun_Slinger Happy birthday you two! 💗

  13. Can we get a clap and an half for @Xy_ ? 👏 Congrats! 💗