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  1. Goodbye GFL Zombie Survival

    I'll miss ZS, that's for damn sure. I've made some great memories there, RIP ZS. Baby army! @Smiles @Z1galord @Vivian And here's an anime shit cade~
  2. Radify Here

    Good luck!
  3. Aura's Discord Moderator Application

    Of course. If they did something wrong, I'll call them out and punish them for it. Simple as that. I am a good boy! Yes, I'm not a good boy. Was my first warn. (I had personal shit going on back then, so I was a tad bit too toxic sometimes) Yes, I won't do favoritism. And I am a good bo- girl!
  4. What is your alias and ID on discord? Aura#4022 How would you describe your activity? Anytime there are people talking, I'm usually there. (Every day or whenever the Discord is active) Why are you interested in becoming a discord mod? Mainly to keep the atmosphere light and happy instead of it being tense most of the time. I just want people to enjoy themselves in the Discord and not be afraid to hop in a conversation. And if that means I have to put my foot down, then so be it. Nothing makes me happier than seeing everyone having a good time. I'll do everything in my power to ensure that. Side note: I really want after hours to become a regular thing (daily, weekly, however you want to do it) but, people break rules during it. With that being said, if I get moderator, I'll heavily regulate the after hours so that everyone can enjoy themselves. How would you typically go about handling a conflict between two users? I would get them to calm down by messaging them both to take a breather by stepping away from the computer and to chillax. Then, I would message the users individually to let them know that there's a better way of going about things, and they can either talk it out with each other in PM's or just avoid each other altogether. If worst comes to worst and they continue their banter without being asked to stop, I would warn and mute them both. (That's if I really have to though, I would rather avoid using my moderator abilities unless it is absolutely necessary) Have you ever been warned or muted? If so, explain what happened. Yes, I have, many times. (I won't lie about that) I've been mainly warned for racism and homophobic slurs. (Which I'm incredibly sorry for, it won't happen again) I've really toned it down on the toxicity and can keep myself level headed. My most recent warning, (June) I was only messing around with Darkling, (we call each other names all of the time) and he decided to warn me for it that time. No hard feelings on that, @Darkling . Discord Moderators and Trusted+, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  5. Dawn of the FInal Day

    Take care, cutie~ Message anytime if you want to hang out or just chit chat. (I swear I'll respond!)
  6. Goodbye.

    Take care~
  7. 25 flower questions.

    rose: n/a cherry-blossom: no daisy: at the beach with my family and close friends. daffodil: white and purple peony: truth iris: n/a sunflower: moon narcissus: my eyes freesia: yes! @Darkling @NullUsrname orchid: raspberry violet: nope gypsophila: few close friends gerbera: pastel carnation: yes alstroemeria: on the beach with my lover ♥ anemone: no, never was cymbidium: bisexual rhododendron: disappointment from the people I love tulip: 17 gladiolus: my parents snapdragon: succubus hydrangea: n/a heather: n/a delphinium: gemini ginger: liquorice (bleh)
  8. Happy Birthday!  :duck:

  9. R.I.P purge and ZS

  10. a reaper arise

    This puts my work to shame.
  11. Happy Birthday, kiddo. 

    1. John Jeez Man

      John Jeez Man

      What are you, Dan?

    2. rapperdan


      Joyful cheer spreads just as well as hate and spite bucko.

  12. Breach Best Quotes

  13. Inside Jokes

    @Darkling @Misaki @Crusty @Dano Dude! Don't fucking talk to me, retard! I'm just cleaning my room...
  14. Stepping Down

    That really sucks, Rick. I'm here when you need me, okay? <3