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  1. I'll see what I can do. 😉
  2. I'm proud of you cutie! 💗 @Korowa And please do not resign in a few days like I did... I'm sure you won't do that, however. You will do amazing things as leader, I'm sure of it!
  3. okay cutie 😘

    1. Korowa


      You're all mine, love ❤️


  4. Oh god you too.

    1. Korowa


      Back off, hmph.

      She's MINE

  5. I still love you ❤️

    1. Auralanity


      I love you too! aaaaa ❤️

  6. I'm quite sad to see you leave, but I completely understand why you are. Goodluck in your future endeavors~
  7. Happy Valentine's Day, darling. ❤️

    1. Auralanity


      Happy Valentine's day, bot! 💗

    2. Korowa
  8. @rapperdan 🤗 Bless, the man is banned! 🤗

  9. *sigh* At least appeal this time! Oh wait...

    1. rapperdan


      the account is a dumb meme and a half just leave the shitter be.


      it does not need the attention it is getting nor deserves any recognition just move on and let it die simple no?

      Edited by rapperdan
  10. Peace~ Sad you didn't stay but I can't say I blame you for how I feel. I feel the exact same way. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  11. When I originally pushed for me to have leadership, I was selfless in wanting to make the Media Team better and more active. Over Christmas break, things changed. I won't say exactly what happened, but life happened. Things change, its bound to happen. Should I have accepted leader in the first place? No. It was a mistake, and I realize that now. But I resigned now instead of getting demoted for inactivity later, its better this way. (Gives them time to get the team moving forward since there is no leader to lead it now)
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