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  1. I love you

    1. Auralanity


      I love you too! 💗 Nothing will ever change that. :)

  2. Okay I lied. I decided to try to do gif... but i had to make it grayscale to make it work. oOOoo
  3. I can't make it to a gif but I will try to add some of my own touch to it. Hope this doesn't bother you too much!
  4. Yes.



  5. Okay, I'm done. I hope you enjoy! (And yes, nearly ALL of this request is full of memes!) @FACE OF TWITCH
  6. I exist

  7. I'll take on this interesting request!
  8. 💗ily 


    1. Liloz01




    2. Spookchimo


      you're an idiot for breaking my profile but i love you too ♥

  9. @Radify This is your thing man!
  10. I swear I'm active!

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