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  1. Steam Name(s): Sasha SteamID: STEAM_0:0:88523575 Admin that banned you: On source it doesn's say who What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): server ban Why should you be unbanned? i was very active and i left for the military, i came back to play on the server and i was banned. i was a very active player and was friends with a lot of the usual players. never been banned before so im not sure why im banned now
  2. @Bjorka Whale @Roger Gunshot @Tusk (let bakka know he won) congtras on winning bois
  3. Its 4 people* I believe have been great members of community and i have already picked them. they are ghost bakka, roger gunshot, bjorka whale, and nightwing
  4. @GFL Owl and @Philly Cheesesteak Congrats on winning the giveaway!!
  5. Good luck to everyone who enters 😛 I just want to give something back to a great community that has given me some great friends
  6. I agree with Gumb4ll. Since i use a unique skin I end up getting Kos'd of me skin but I don't (personally) mind i just tell them that they cannot kos off skin. I think if you use the disguiser w/ a unique skin you should know that it comes with a price, even with the rules. It adds a bit more difficulty, which is why I enjoy doing it. But i agree 100% with Gumb4ll.
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