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  1. Did someone say Purge Gang??
  2. +1 -Age does not matter to me that much since it boils down to maturity. -Active -Does a handful of admin calls -Talks in game -Pretty chill
  3. GMOD Imperial RP

    I don't know how to feel about this statement. Currently the server is in development so I don't understand why this was brought up. Anyways, if this has a lot of support I would love to help out with it. BUT I know Roy and I have discussed RP's recently. We agree that it would probably be best to start with DarkRP and branch out. (Currently this is in the works.) There may be a lot of support behind Imperial or JediRP but it all boils down to who is actually willing to help. If this is brought into consideration these things should be discussed: -An ACTIVE manager -What will make it unique/different -A set event schedule - Some other things but I'm kind of busy to write out a handful. Again this is my fast thinking and not a whole developed reply.
  4. Neutral -Active -Reports a lot - I don't know how you are. - Just joined (Seems like it, I may be wrong.) Feel free to send me a pm through discord or anywhere else if you want to chat.
  5. +1 - Reports hackers - Regular in the server - Pretty active in game and in discord - Well rounded person - High tower desperately needs admins - Inappropriate language towards the manager. (This is a joke btw) Like I have pm'd you and what Mejilla has said. I do not believe you would spread things in the staff chat, just a little concern.
  6. If I am being honest. It's great to attract new players to the community especially with a game we have never had. My only real concern is price for members who want to play that don't have DayZ. DayZ Standalone- $60 game that the lowest sales price was $30. GTA V (FiveM) - $30 game and the lowest sales price was $15. Arma 3 - $30 game and the lowest sales price was $10. Once everything is worked out and if we do get a DayZ server then hell yeah! All three of those games have a lot of potential and a loyal playerbase. (Arma 3 is kind of going down)
  7. For hightower - 3 caps to finish one round. (Like 2fort) - Maybe have a vote to disable capping for 30 minutes (Have it so it's 80 percent say yes, again concerns can rise with this one) Globally - Make a note that players/members should not comment on admin apps unless there is an issue with proof. Major concerns should be pm'd to manager
  8. Oh I totally agree with that concern. Let me go to that more indepth. I had many roles in GFL. I didn't want to take away another kids chance of being an admin. (How I did view it, it may of been it was a bad call) Since I was one of the first admins for Hightower I thought it would be better if I did give others a chance. I can discuss this with you more. But like you once told me "actions speak louder than words"
  9. My gay boyfriend. Good luck with everything! You have been one decent person I must say.
  10. Prior note: I resigned a few days before, reason for that being there were plenty of admins and I thought might as well give them a shot. But Mejilla and a few others have talked about not having enough admins for hightower. Name(s) (ingame, all of them that you've used on the server): dalaw Age: 18 Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:0:81234302): STEAM_0:1:102691559 What timezone are you in? EST | Eastern Why should you be accepted as an admin? Be as detailed as possible. Well I love having a connection with the community. I've been in this community for a long time and I've tried to contribute to it as well. Any how, I know the server can be quite toxic at times. I have had many experiences with some of the players talking about CP, rape, racism, etc. With the experience I have had within and out of the community makes me handle certain situations very well. I carry myself high (Which can be both negative and positive), I respect others, I know a decent amount of people that play on hightower. There's much more but I think the main thing is availability, I don't have much going on during the day/night. Besides me going out at times and all that. With me being a manager on a different server or even an admin, I have access to sourcebans and if someone is cheating or anything else I can mute/gag/ban them from there. But I would rather have an "official" go ahead to do that and in game would be a lot easier than going through source. Two things I would like to note, there was one "incident" or "comment" that was uncalled for on my behalf. Which Pedro and I have discussed and it seems to be fine. Hopefully Omid and I resolved that whole thing too. (I believe so) I understand that my relationship/friendship with Beatbox and Mejilla may be an "issue". But I tend to not directly involve them in situations that may cause drama. In fact I rarely comment or talk to Mejilla in game, in discord, and rarely on the forums. Then Beatbox and I are great friends, which I can understand some bias coming off of that. Do you have access to discord? Yes. Are you able to be somewhat active on the forums? For sure. Do you have any prior experience with being an admin? Explain if yes. For this community I was senior admin twice for Purge and the manager for Purge, I was admin on all the tf2 servers but mainly I focused on Hightower. In a different community I helped manage a CSGO server and a minecraft server. If you have punishments (warns, bans, and mutes), why were you punished? I believe I have 2 bans but all of them were from 2014? You can't find them on sourcebans anymore (Unless I am blind)
  11. Since I was the admin who did warn you and everything about the ips. -You did it countless times, in your name, once through chat, and many times over voice. - I have seen you toxic overall and quite rude - Those are my insights (Pedro can hide this if he would like)
  12. https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:1:60188767 &advType=steamid
  13. I got banned on a ttt serverfor mass rdm even though itwas on accidental how do i appeal

  14. You're fine man! The part about CR I totally agree with. (Like I said let's see where this goes) I think Rival's goal was so it wasn't straight to a ban? Or something? Don't quote me on that. On the Social Media part, it was removed because I believe it was "dead" (Again I am not totally sure) In my honest opinion I think a lot of the PR things need to be thought over again but that is just my opinion.
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