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  1. I think you were the memeger hoe joe ❤️ Love you man ❤️
  2. You really can't read can you. First the MOTD now this, get glasses. Jk don't hurt me. ily babe Also proud of you Zero for recognizing that, love you you smart man
  3. I don't know how Breach's warns are setup, I assume they may be the same as Purge (I'm a bit slow too it's okay) I find it in that case you can do !warns and then click their name then warn them. Or get their SteamID and do !warn Steamid Reason Like I said, Breach may have a different warn system but ye. Don't attack me Xy for posting on another territory.
  4. Perks

    I'm not sure how TF2 works with plugins. But if there isn't an existing one the development team could probably work on one which would be up to Pedro/Roy.
  5. Purge Changelog

    Changed: Gun Mod Shipments Amount to 5 (a shipment only contained one before) Cost to 700 (Was 300) Wiremod Perms - [Drafted list, some may not be accurate]
  6. Purge Changelog

    Removed: All of the casino addons casinokit, casinokit-slots, casinokit-blackjack, casinokit-holdem Added: Coin Flips --> In place of casino [Do a 1v1 money gambling with other players] To start one do /createflip To join/View one do !flips
  7. Purge MOTD

    Remade entire MOTD || Removed, Added, Reworded sections
  8. This is more toxic than purge
  9. Roy you're a cutie always on top of things
  10. Fallback Players

    How do I give my base to someone when I leave? You use the Falco's Prop Protection Fallback Players! How? Well you want to hold down Q (Menu key) --> Top right click Utilities tab --> Go to Falco's Prop Protection --> Private Settings --> Fallback and choose your player/friend Do not abuse this feature please and thank you
  11. This is going to bug me. So the population went up once and then dimmed out. It was in around a week span? I don't want to call a lucky 50 players on PURGE ALIVE AGAIN. It was luck in my opinion. And if the server gets back up to 30 or 40 in a night then the next day it dies? Is there going to be another post about it? It was "alive" for a few days and sadly died because of a shitty error with crashing (Which is trying to be fixed) This isn't directed towards anyone but everytime it gets pop and goes down stop making posts about it. What is posting about it going to do? Nothing. Butter posted about the server crash and you're correct. Posting about a thought of why it died is different than posting HEY GUYS IT DIED again. (Not saying this is that, but there has been MULTIPLE posts everytime it "dies") Fact is I'm stressed and I am busy at times. The lack of motivation I have to try and do stuff with barely any responses to questions I have or things that I don't know of, drains me. (Not blaming just a rant) But I am working on it. Currently : New map edits, new jobs, new cars, then a system that tracks kills and gives the top killer money. The To do list : https://trello.com/b/seKFR3dz/gfl-gmod-purge Things are not going to get good atm, and I will be blunt. I am not looking at this in the short run, but in the long run. Things are going to take time and it's gonna suck but hopefully it will work out. I agree with almost all of this, and you know I do. You, Alejandro, Zangie, Beatbox, Glitch, and myself have all talked about the flaws it had and why it died. Even Cypher talked to me about it. Like I said before and like Omid said. "Purge can get the member base it had" It just boils down to the long run and I am focused on that.
  12. 1. Why 2. Why. 3. Why? Dedication if you actually do it, But holy
  13. Good idea. But I do agree with this A decent amount of players (Users) that I have talked to said it seems like a long process for just a member status. I can see the downside of that too
  14. Dalaw's Admin App

    Name(s) (ingame, all of them that you've used on the server): dalaw Age: 18 || I'm legal I promise especially for BeatBox Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:0:81234302): STEAM_0:1:102691559 What timezone are you in? EST | Eastern Why should you be accepted as an admin? Be as detailed as possible. Well I love having a connection with the community and I'm expanding my game choices. I've been on a few TF2 servers and theres a lot of micspammers, chat spammers. Recently I just started playing on High Tower and let me tell you, I have counted 4 people just mic spamming for a half hour straight (My ears were about to explode) Even though I just started playing I plan on playing a decent amount. Any how, in general I love making any GFL server better or helping out in any way I can. I'm responsible and I don't get mad at players easily (It's very rare and when I do I hop off and cool down) Do you have access to discord? Yes. Are you able to be somewhat active on the forums? Is that even a question? Heck yeah Do you have any prior experience with being an admin? Explain if yes. Yes, all of it was GMOD and one in CSGO. For this community I was senior admin twice for Purge and currently I'm the manager. In a different community I helped manage a CSGO server. If you have punishments (warns, bans, and mutes), why were you punished? I believe I have 2 bans but all of them were from 2014? You can't find them on sourcebans anymore (Unless I am blind) Thank you for your time -Dalaw
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