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  1. +1 -Active -Needs HT admins
  2. Staff Staff follow the same rules as any other player Staff has final say If a rule has been broken, staff should attempt to resolve the situation in character. Staff should not punish a player for an accident General Be respectful to all players (Ex. Do not discriminate, harass, or use derogatory slurs this also includes using custom titles in the Title Shop) Do not troll or minge Do not impersonate players including staff Do not cheat/hack/exploit/attempt to crash server Do not spam (Ex. Chat spam, Prop spam, Mic spam) Do not scam (Ex: Pretending to sell items or services and then take the money without providing those items or services) Do not spawn abuse (This includes: hiding in spawn to avoid death/RP situations) Do not body block unless it makes complete sense in the context of role-play Do not randomly fire a weapon, use a knife, punch, and/or stun stick spam at or against anyone Only kill and/or arrest with a valid RP reason Do not hit box. In other words, do not shoot someone without them being able to shoot you back Do not kill AFKs unless in a raid zone Do not “Friend Claim”, this is the act of defending someone who is not in your squad Do not attempt to find or take advantage of loopholes in our rules When contacting a staff member, use "asay" (@message in chat). DO NOT abuse asay (@) or admin chat by any means If no staff are available to help, try asking other players that are online. If they are unhelpful, feel free to ask in discord (you can report in discord by @darkrpstaff only) or on the forums at gflclan.com FailRP/Metagaming FailRP is taking action or forcing actions upon others that don't make sense with role-play purposes Do not kill yourself to avoid a RP situation Do not Job abuse You must type "/advert (action)" before performing a raid/mug/carjack/kidnap, and type "/advert (action) over" as it ends. Multi-adverts, like "Raid / Mug / Kidnap / Raid Assist / Party Raid / PD Raid / Raid Over," are not allowed. If not, this is considered FailRP Do not bait using OOC Do not metagame which is the act of using OOC, Discord, TeamSpeak, or any other out of game platform information to benefit yourself in an RP situation. Purposely putting info in OOC to get people to meta-game either. (Ex: "Zebra is Undercover!", "The PD code is 1873") New Life Rule (NLR) New Life Rule is when a player is killed during a rp situation they cannot remember anything and they start “fresh” You may not go back to the area you were killed until the rp situation is over NLR has no official time-limit. NLR lasts until the situation ends Cars Do not randomly destroy cars, you must have a valid RP reason Do not respawn your car or reconnect with the purpose of retrieving your car from raiders Do not use your car to block off buildings, roads, entrances Do not use props to move cars (Call an admin if you need it moved) Do not spam the horn or headlights Stolen cars cannot stay stolen for more than 15 minutes. After this time, they must be abandoned or returned to the owner for a price Props Do not prop minge, using props to avoid RP situations, prop blocking, killing, surfing, or climbing (Prop climbing does not include using ramps inside of buildings, you should not prop climb outside of any building) Do not randomly build outside unless your job permits it Basing Do not own more than one building/property per group/squad or claim the sidewalk as a part of your property (KOSing anyone for being on it) Do not re-lock doors with the intent of slowing down raiders Do not use KOS Signs unless put on your own property. (You do not NEED a KOS sign) Doors are not to be knocked on repeatedly You may not have a “No loitering” sign after your base is complete. Do not build in the bank or the PD unless your job allows it Do not edit/build during a raid Sky-Basing is not allowed, all bases must be on the ground You may not use invisible props or entities to build your base. You also cannot have “black-out” bases, meaning a black material (not limited to just black) to throw off raiders You can block off as many entrances as you want as long as there is at least one available entrance to your base. You may not have no-collided props directly in front of your fading door(s) to prevent people from lock-picking in, and/or CP breaking in You must have one keypad or button on each side of a fading door. This rule does not include windows. Keypads cannot be far away from the door they open, nor can they be useless/fake You may only have up to four single fading doors in a base. Two doors stacked together count as two, not one. Fading doors cannot have a hold length less than 4 seconds Do not abuse the fading door use. (FDA) (Ex: Opening a fading door in order to shoot someone and closing it immediately afterward or when running away from someone open it up to make a quick escape) Your base cannot be impossible to raid. You must have the proper room to move within your base (this means no jumping or crouching entrances) Raiding You cannot kill people for simply being near a raid. They must be directly next to/inside the base or interfering with the raid. However if a government official or vigilante is near the raid you can KOS them. (Ex: You cannot kill someone for trying to walk down the street with no intention of interfering because they are simply 'near' the raid) Do not raid someone more than twice in an hour. If raiding the same person/base you must wait 15 minutes in between raids Do not raid the police department during the Mayor’s grace period. (Use !checkgrace) Do not use a camera that is no collided to see inside another person's base You cannot block or knockdown cameras in order to "blind" defenders Do not raid a base that has a building sign up. In order to raid with a party, you MUST be in a party. (Hold c and click Squads.) Do not raid just to kill people and make no attempt at raiding the base You must advert the type of raid you are doing. (Ex: Party Raid, PD Raid, Bank Raid, Counter Raid etc.) Kidnapping/Mugging You must be near a player when performing a kidnap/mug You may not mug/kidnap someone while they are moving and they must be standing close to you You may not kill someone for "moving" or "slightly moving." You can still kill them for trying to run away, however The max amount you can demand when kidnapping or mugging is $5,000 per group. The minimum mug time is 15 seconds You must advert Kidnap. But you may not advert “Your feet are tied you cannot run or your hands are tied”, in order to “bound” hands purchase restraints ANYONE who is kidnapped may run for their lives and defend themselves You may not kidnap the same person more than one time per hour You must advert that you have someone kidnapped and say the price you are demanding for their ransom. Anyone may pay and you cannot refuse it. You may only keep someone kidnapped for a maximum of 10 minutes. Once that time is up you must either kill them or release them When mugging someone wait 15 minutes before mugging the same person again Specific Job Rules Government Do not arrest for no reason (RDA) Law Enforcement cannot make money off of or possess illegal substances. (LSD, Meth, etc.) Law Enforcement have to enforce the law and use the police department as their base. They cannot make their own bases Try to arrest first unless you they are a threat to yourself your another player Do not randomly weapon check Make sure you make a valid warrant (You have visual evidence) Cops may not excessively break down props when warranting. Only break the props needed to get through or get to certain areas/items All jobs must follow the orders of their superiors (unless they conflict with the rules/laws) SWAT/FBI may set-up checkpoints on roads and tunnels with a valid RP reason The FBI Leader may buy a second location for the FBI to base. They must add all FBI to the door and give out any keypad codes to other FBI as well During a lock-down you may only arrest someone while they are on the streets. Do not arrest players who are in un-owned buildings or in the PD. Do not chase someone who was on the streets into a building and then arrest them inside. Do not block off the main PD entrance or the garage Undercover Police Officer may break minor laws, in order to maintain cover Undercover Police Officer may not make drugs for profit, however they may assist criminals with making drugs in an attempt to blend in and report them or arrest them Paramedics Paramedics are not allowed to base with or assist criminals Paramedics cannot refuse to heal somebody (unless it's requested by raiders during a raid) Paramedics are not allowed to be "private". They must either heal everyone or make a hospital Mayor Mayor has to make reasonable laws. (Ex: Do not make laws that demand that players call you a certain name or title, Do not make a Jaywalking law) Mayor must base in the PD but can venture out to visit his citizens Do not make laws that contradict the default laws The max amount you may charge for a gun license is $5,000 The max amount of time a lockdown can be is 3 minutes. Mayor has a 15 minute grace period, during which he may not be killed, kidnapped, or mugged Mayor may only require one prop be outside a base. The prop required must not be a destructible item (you can't be able to break it), and it cannot be made an "error" prop. Mayor may only tax lotteries. Must allow up to 3 minutes for mayor to be paid if mayor has tax laws. Highest percent a mayor can tax is 10% Mayor may not make any laws changing the purpose of the gun license. (i.e. Drivers license) Hobos Hobo houses must be constrained to a modest 2 stories tall, and can only take up SMALL sections of the map. Hobos can have one toll booth. Tolls can only impede Cars. The Hobo must be attentive to the toll AT ALL TIMES, and charge no more than 5k. Do not use the entire fountain area to build a base May not own doors/buildings Vigilante Vigilantes should not go and break the law, excluding breaking laws to carry out justice You may kill anyone who is raiding, kidnapping, mugging, carjacking, or performing a hit Vigilantes do not need to advert counter to perform their duty Vigilantes must witness the crime to act on it Gun Dealers You must sell to/provide service to everyone unless they are causing trouble You are allowed to sell for any price within the scope of RP You may not raid as any of these jobs Switching to these jobs, buying the items, and switching back to another job is considered self-supplying and is not allowed Gun Dealers may only base with Private Security, Medics or Drug Dealers. Two of the same job cannot base together either (this includes one Black Market Dealer and one Gun Dealer) You do not need a gun license as a Gun Dealer to sell guns unless the Mayor has added a law requiring you to have one You may not refuse service to specific jobs/groups unless it is currently illegal or a specific player is causing disturbances Mechanics Do not randomly tow cars Mechanics can ONLY base with Private Security Mechanics may tow cars on behalf of the owner of said car OR the Government. If a Mechanic tows for the Government, the cars he tows MUST be breaking laws Gun For Hire You may not raid alone and may only raid with someone who has hired you You may only assist with raids and nothing else You do not take any loot, unless allowed by your employer Crips/Bloods Crips/Bloods can advert "gang war" to kill the OPPOSITE team. If you kill a civilian you will be warned for RDM. The Leaders of each group call the shots Useful Links Apply For Member! Tutorials Admin Applications Mute/Ban Appeals Sourcebans Player Reports
  3. +1 -Age does not matter to me that much since it boils down to maturity. -Active -Does a handful of admin calls -Talks in game -Pretty chill
  4. In all honesty, this really should not be in general discussion. Anyways as Rick said there are people who qualify better than others. Trying to post about a certain situation and blow it somewhat out of proportion is not going to help. There have been discussions about certain situations which the public eye does not know about nor should. CA’s put their input in a lot just not publicly. @Skittlez @Rick and @Pyros are three CA’s that I see help a handful in a non public discord. Im not going to address specifically Beat as manager but I will address manager promotions. They want someone who actually has time, is very dedicated to it, and who actually goes through with action. For example @Mejilla she recently got promoted and she’s been here less than a year but she puts almost all her time into her own server. As Rick said again, it really does not matter how long someone has been here. Has there been promotions that shouldn't have happened? In my opinion yes, but its rare. I’m on my phone so this may look weird.
  5. I don't know how to feel about this statement. Currently the server is in development so I don't understand why this was brought up. Anyways, if this has a lot of support I would love to help out with it. BUT I know Roy and I have discussed RP's recently. We agree that it would probably be best to start with DarkRP and branch out. (Currently this is in the works.) There may be a lot of support behind Imperial or JediRP but it all boils down to who is actually willing to help. If this is brought into consideration these things should be discussed: -An ACTIVE manager -What will make it unique/different -A set event schedule - Some other things but I'm kind of busy to write out a handful. Again this is my fast thinking and not a whole developed reply.
  6. Neutral -Active -Reports a lot - I don't know how you are. - Just joined (Seems like it, I may be wrong.) Feel free to send me a pm through discord or anywhere else if you want to chat.
  7. +1 - Reports hackers - Regular in the server - Pretty active in game and in discord - Well rounded person - High tower desperately needs admins - Inappropriate language towards the manager. (This is a joke btw) Like I have pm'd you and what Mejilla has said. I do not believe you would spread things in the staff chat, just a little concern.
  8. If I am being honest. It's great to attract new players to the community especially with a game we have never had. My only real concern is price for members who want to play that don't have DayZ. DayZ Standalone- $60 game that the lowest sales price was $30. GTA V (FiveM) - $30 game and the lowest sales price was $15. Arma 3 - $30 game and the lowest sales price was $10. Once everything is worked out and if we do get a DayZ server then hell yeah! All three of those games have a lot of potential and a loyal playerbase. (Arma 3 is kind of going down)
  9. It's prop block, since we don't even use this anymore I will be unbanning you. Just make sure you follow the rules on our other GFL servers.
  10. For hightower - 3 caps to finish one round. (Like 2fort) - Maybe have a vote to disable capping for 30 minutes (Have it so it's 80 percent say yes, again concerns can rise with this one) Globally - Make a note that players/members should not comment on admin apps unless there is an issue with proof. Major concerns should be pm'd to manager
  11. Oh I totally agree with that concern. Let me go to that more indepth. I had many roles in GFL. I didn't want to take away another kids chance of being an admin. (How I did view it, it may of been it was a bad call) Since I was one of the first admins for Hightower I thought it would be better if I did give others a chance. I can discuss this with you more. But like you once told me "actions speak louder than words"
  12. My gay boyfriend. Good luck with everything! You have been one decent person I must say.
  13. Prior note: I resigned a few days before, reason for that being there were plenty of admins and I thought might as well give them a shot. But Mejilla and a few others have talked about not having enough admins for hightower. Name(s) (ingame, all of them that you've used on the server): dalaw Age: 18 Steam ID (Example: STEAM_0:0:81234302): STEAM_0:1:102691559 What timezone are you in? EST | Eastern Why should you be accepted as an admin? Be as detailed as possible. Well I love having a connection with the community. I've been in this community for a long time and I've tried to contribute to it as well. Any how, I know the server can be quite toxic at times. I have had many experiences with some of the players talking about CP, rape, racism, etc. With the experience I have had within and out of the community makes me handle certain situations very well. I carry myself high (Which can be both negative and positive), I respect others, I know a decent amount of people that play on hightower. There's much more but I think the main thing is availability, I don't have much going on during the day/night. Besides me going out at times and all that. With me being a manager on a different server or even an admin, I have access to sourcebans and if someone is cheating or anything else I can mute/gag/ban them from there. But I would rather have an "official" go ahead to do that and in game would be a lot easier than going through source. Two things I would like to note, there was one "incident" or "comment" that was uncalled for on my behalf. Which Pedro and I have discussed and it seems to be fine. Hopefully Omid and I resolved that whole thing too. (I believe so) I understand that my relationship/friendship with Beatbox and Mejilla may be an "issue". But I tend to not directly involve them in situations that may cause drama. In fact I rarely comment or talk to Mejilla in game, in discord, and rarely on the forums. Then Beatbox and I are great friends, which I can understand some bias coming off of that. Do you have access to discord? Yes. Are you able to be somewhat active on the forums? For sure. Do you have any prior experience with being an admin? Explain if yes. For this community I was senior admin twice for Purge and the manager for Purge, I was admin on all the tf2 servers but mainly I focused on Hightower. In a different community I helped manage a CSGO server and a minecraft server. If you have punishments (warns, bans, and mutes), why were you punished? I believe I have 2 bans but all of them were from 2014? You can't find them on sourcebans anymore (Unless I am blind)
  14. Since I was the admin who did warn you and everything about the ips. -You did it countless times, in your name, once through chat, and many times over voice. - I have seen you toxic overall and quite rude - Those are my insights (Pedro can hide this if he would like)
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