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  1. Given that the forum is no longer chiefly used for introductions, I might as well change the name. EDIT: I also added a description to the Off-Topic & Random Questions forum to clarify its difference from the rest of General Discussion.
  2. tournament

    Shuruia#2405 The name of the person above me defines the competition. EU
  3. Thank you for your application. Unfortunately on this occasion your member application has been denied. Reason: Your rank being set as player was deliberate.
  4. This will also be used as a changelog. 15/01/17 Added @bobe
  5. Listen up, my loyal children. The TS3 admin application process is too slow for it to be an efficient method of assembling a team of TS3 admins. This isn't to say that we are in desperate need of TS3 admins, but it is to be noted that a handful of people are fed up with their applications remaining open for a couple of months at the most. Henceforth, all TS3 admins will be hand-picked by the Board of Directors. In addition, CA+ may opt to recommend suitable individuals to us for the purpose of significantly increasing said individuals' chances of being considered for acceptance. The overall process retains similarities in that the Board of Directors will still finalise the decisions, with a handful of prospecting individuals going through the community advisors first. The main difference is the lack of an application process in-between, thus allowing for faster additions. As a penultimate note, I am posting this in the General Discussion section so that non-server admins are aware of this post. My intent with this decision is linked to the fact that it is possible for non-server admins to become TS3 admins under uncommon circumstances. The keyword here is "uncommon", as the rank of server admin is a milestone of trust that makes it easier for one to assume other positions that would also require a degree of trust. Trust, however, is a commodity that is not monopolised by server admins.
  6. I think old timers in GFL know what my vote is going to...
  7. I have to agree with Jamal here. Cops have little to no reason for warranting someone if prop laws are not in effect.
  8. If you ever feel inadequate at playing Overwatch, keep in mind that this sad little piece of biological debris exists:


  9. Been an INTP for many years now.
  10. Milk or tea first?

    1. Sephnessed




      Please don't hate me if I got it wrong ;-;

    2. Shuruia


      Tea always goes first. Milk changes the colour and transparency of the tea, which you use as an indicator for when you have added your desired amount of milk.

    3. Sephnessed


      That's a great way to put it :) 

  11. Locked. (I don't look at the reports section 24/7; be gentle with me.)
  12. Can't presently implement this due to IPS limitations.
  13. Locking this since it seems the admins are denying your appeal.
  14. We're okay, I guess.
  15. Alright, I gifted you Nekopara, so about that shoutbox ban..

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    2. Telemetry


      Steam with patch.

    3. Shuruia


      @CrusTi Steam games with cut adult content will always have patches to restore said content.

    4. Telemetry


      The problem is with Nekopara that the steam version is streamlined and the good version has choices