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  1. I don't really have an opinion on this, but it's always nice for games to be available on more platforms so they can reach a wider audience.
  2. Science doesn't explain things that don't exist because it doesn't work that way. If you're referring to people's perception of such things, there is no "can be" or "will be"; there are already explanations for those. As for myself, I'm afraid I don't have an interesting answer to this thread since I don't believe in anything supernatural whatsoever.
  3. When my grandfather died, he left me a sum of money as inheritance. As my grandmother was giving me the money, she very specifically told me to not let my mother anywhere near the money because she knew that my mother would try to weasel her way into taking the money for herself. I was younger and more naïve back then, so I didn't think much of it. It turned out she was right, since my mother put all of the money into her own bank account and used it to start a business without telling me first. She said that she was doing it for me and that it was the best use of the money. The business failed a couple of years later after my mother turned into an alcoholic and disappeared. I haven't seen her since. My regret was being naïve and not listening to my grandmother, even though it's normal for teenagers to be naïve or to trust their parents.
  4. Hello, old friend.

    1. Shuruia


      Shuruia, old friend.

  5. Pretty much. This isn't the 1400s scam artist Catholic Church, nor is it the 1900s fascist-sympathising Catholic Church. Even if their charity work simply isn't out of the goodness of their hearts (it's ironically what puts them in business), it's there nonetheless. The modern Catholic Church is mostly harmless, which people ought to compare and contrast with many Protestant denominations which are a great deal more extreme.
  6. I want to say that you have no grasp of context clues, but I know you're just being disingenuous. It's obviously not a word you use to your superior in a professional setting. I dare you to say with a straight face that "nigger" is the only word that follows this rule. I wouldn't call my boss "idiot" or "beautiful" either.
  7. You're not entirely wrong, but not correct either. Suffixing "a" in lieu of "er" is simply a more ghetto way of saying the word, as though you're sounding out the word as people from the ghetto say it. As ironic as it is for the more ghetto version being more acceptable, it's with good reason since it also denotes a sense of casualness. Casualness = agreeableness = less likely to be scorned—this formula is not inherent to "nigger" and can be applied to many words. There are context clues for both variations of the word, and I can guarantee you that there are many ways to use "nigga" in a very negative context as well.
  8. Terms such as "nigger" and "faggot" have underwent a rather joyful process that we call "amelioration" in the field of linguistics. The secondary meanings of these words (e.g. "nigger" being used in the same context as "buddy" or "pal") have taken on an identity of their own, separate from the original meaning. As juvenile as these words are, they're harmless in most of the contexts that they are used within the communication platforms our members use. I'm sure our mod team have enough common sense to know when these words are being used in a more vile context. I call people "mongs" all the time and don't get called a racist for it because people know that it's not in an insulting context. If the message of the post is to suggest that we crack down on people using these words in prejudicial contexts, then it seems rather redundant since we already do that. If it's to suggest that we crack down on people shitposting by just saying "nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger", then that's also redundant for the same reason.
  9. I honestly don't see this gaining traction, but it's worth a shot as long as there are some people willing to try it. The first place to source such people would be the PR team, so @Le Quack might be able to comment. It'd give GFX artists and video editors something to regularly work on as well. The reason I don't see this working out is because a traditional podcast format actually isn't very reliable in relaying information. There's a lot of casual quips and sidetracking in a podcast, so some focus on the original topic is lost. There's nothing inherently wrong with the format, but with the kind of audience that GFL garners, the information that you want to disseminate (e.g. staff projects) should be as concise as possible.
  10. The other money-making methods don't just need a buff, bitcoin also needs a straight nerf. It's by far the lowest maintenance method, which also happens to be legal by default. With the server's current population, it's easy to find some dark corner of the map that no one ever goes to and literally AFK your way to multi-millionaire status. In my opinion, the best way to "fix" bitcoin would be to significantly lower the payout whilst also lowering the cost of the components and upgrades. That way you'll still get profit from it, but it won't be the AFK cash cow that it is now.
  11. Didn't even see that these changes were made earlier today. Now I feel stupid.
  12. It's the M24. Hitman Pro spawns with it. It is also one of the three weapons Black Market Dealers can exclusively sell, with the other two being the M14 and M82. It has a base damage of 55 per round, with its max ammo capacity being 5. There is no chambering mechanic, so this can't be brought up to 6. Being bolt-action, its rate of fire is very low. So why is it bad, exactly? Well, let's compare it to other guns that can fulfil a similar role to the M24. It's rather funny how the weapon that is specifically designed to be a sniper rifle is outclassed at being a sniper rifle by two shotguns and a revolver. As another (albeit minor) point, the M24 is one of the few weapons that is actually louder with a suppressor than without one. The most obvious and feasible solution is to increase its base damage. I don't know why it's a BMD-exclusive weapon, but since it is, I would propose that the base damage be increased to 120 to bring it up to a similar level to the KS-23. A more moderate buff would be to increase the base damage to 90 (similar to M3 Super slugs), although in that case its BMD exclusivity might be better swapped with another weapon such as the M3 Super.
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