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  1. Not a matter of grammar, but that's a fair point. I didn't notice the italics when I was processing this post.
  2. We are always dying. To ask the question or to infer it as a current circumstance is tantamount to redundancy. The key thing to remember is that some aspects of the community die faster than others, which leaves us with the pieces to construct something new. Such courses of development have been commonplace within GFL since its inception in 2011. I suppose even embers from ashes are more than enough to birth fires.
  3. The core team is finalised once again. A sub spot is open. EDIT: Spots are now closed.
  4. Indeed. The 16th one with a hole in it is Lincoln. The other two presidents that were assassinated (Garfield and McKinley) don't seem to bear similar representations.
  5. Many assets for props in GMod are taken from Counter-Strike: Source. The most common way to circumvent this problem is to buy CS:S on Steam so that GMod can detect it and mount its assets, although this isn't the only method. Google is your friend if you wish to acquire the textures without owning a copy of CS:S.
  6. I don't see why girls should intrude in the Boy Scouts, nor why boys should intrude in the Girl Scouts. There are already mixed gender Scouting troops if that's what you want to join.
  7. We had to remove PaxPlay from the core team since he cannot participate with the updated event time. We need someone who doesn't mind playing a lot of Lúcio.
  8. That's because we don't have a team of that kind for LoL. At present, our only team for that is for CS:GO. Making these kinds of teams isn't as simple as cobbling together five random people. There's a lot of consideration that has to go behind it.
  9. The team is now finalised. Look forward to watching us play in the tournament.
  10. hi im apling for amdin cood you pleese axept me as admon

    1. PB-n-J




      wood sponsurr

    2. Sephnessed



      -has 10/10 art

      -cool dude

      -impeccable spelling

    3. Mundo



      Too many pictures

  11. We need a DPS & tank flex player to complete the core team. We also need two substitutes should one of the core players be unavailable. Please PM me if you are interested. EDIT: The core team is complete. We only require substitutes now.
  12. That's what I'm hoping as well. We only need one more player for the core team, as well as two substitutes.
  13. I don't celebrate Christian holidays, but I hope everyone that does has a good time. As good of a time you can have with Valentine's Day, anyway. To those that are lamenting that they are alone, I raise my mug to you today.
  14. Fairly clear that this person was just trying to provoke a response from the admins. Locked.
  15. Please PM me if you want a place on the team. I am currently looking for a good off-tank (Roadhog/Zarya) and a Lúcio player that responds well to team coordination. Providing extra details such as your current SR is also welcome.