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  1. Expanding the Council

    Good luck to the applicants! If you want advice on your assigned projects, feel free to ask me.
  2. Leaked footage of me playing the Sea of Thieves beta:


  3. Where are you from?

    Somewhere in Britannia.
  4. Sea Of Thieves

    Sea of Thieves is great, but you need to play it with friends for it to be worth it. I especially love manning the helm of the ship.
  5. No More

    You'll get mine!
  6. No More

    I've been in this community for just under seven years. Within those years, I've been a TF2 division leader, Council member and director. I don't think I can stand that anymore. Everything in GFL's upper echelons is so regimented and authoritarian nowadays, to the point where I feel as though GFL is losing its soul and direction. This used to be a community of gamers on the Internet, but now it feels like a company of unpaid interns. It's just too depressing to associate with any further, to be honest. It didn't used to be this way. This isn't me leaving GFL as a whole; I highly doubt I'll ever fully leave GFL. As a matter of fact, I intend to retain some projects that I was previously helping with, such as the About GFL project. I will also still be available to proofread anything that you fellows wish to give me, as well as helping with some admin shifts on Purge. This is me taking a step back from the tedious bureaucracy that goes on within GFL's upper echelons. I'm out of my depth at this point. Obligatory mentions: @Dano My best friend and greatest creation in all of my time in GFL. @Alejandro My first good friend in GFL. @Amelie Helped me to come out of my shell and be less reserved. @Darkling I still have nightmares about you breaking into my home to do lewd things to me. @RickGrimesTM Honestly didn't like you at first, but I came to greatly respect you. @Nerd Helped me through my college depression. I'll never forget you. @Zebra Suave horse. @Deltacommander Smelly boy. @Rose Glad you found your way, sister. @Crusty Best fisherman in all of Texas. @Misaki Breath of magic. I love you.
  7. Are traps gay?

    Hm, so you say. Never seen someone refer to boys as "chicks" before, so it seemed strange to me. Carry on, then.
  8. Are traps gay?

    That's a shemale. Traps are—in a broad sense of the term—effeminate boys who dress as girls.
  9. Boosting Member Traffic

    A lot of people just want to visit the forums in order to quickly check an MOTD, admin list or event. It's one thing to have more people sign up, but it's another thing entirely to drive people away from our forums.
  10. Capitalize on Game Server Traffic

    I'm going to be working on giving MOTDs a more uniform framework. I'll definitely consider this idea along the way.
  11. GFL Alignment Chart

    Everyone is calling me evil...
  12. how do you be a good Moira

    I specialise in tanks. This one's for @Dano. One thing I can say is that you should strive to charge your ult with Moira before anyone else, which is made possible by the fact that her healing output in team fights is better than any other healer. If the team fight is still happening with no clear winner, you absolutely must use your ult as soon as you get it to try and tip the fight in your team's favour. Moira charges her ult quickly enough that you can afford to fire it off in situations where other heroes might consider holding on to their ults.
  13. Do you mind if i transfer league account to EUW? Ill pay for transfer back if you ever decide to come back to it.

  14. Relationships, possibly NSFW

    Your experience with relationships (Good or Bad): Good Relationship Status Currently: In a relationship How many relationships have you had?: 2 (now 3) Which one was your favorite?: 2 Did you ever experience the friendzone before you started?: No Partners Gender?: Female Which base is the highest you've ever hit? (1,2,3,4): 1 Have you ever had a Long Distance Relationship?: Yes What is your favorite thing to do with your partner?: Relax and discuss philosophy, as cliché as that sounds What's the best thing you've done with your partner?: See above What's the worst thing you've done with your partner?: I've... never really thought about that, to be honest Is there any moment in your love life you wish you could do again/different?: Not at all Why would you do it over again or differently?: N/A Would you put your partner above friends, even if friends are right?: No If circumstance or fate pulled a giggle or something, would you go back to your ex?: No—it's personal policy to never go back to exes, even if that possibility is open Would you date someone to get back at your ex?: No Is it wrong to talk to your ex and Just be friends even if you're taken?: No Would you care if your partner talked to their ex like a friend would?: No, and those that do are petty Do you consider yourself jealous?: No Do you consider yourself obsessive?: Not with people What was your first date like?: I can't remember Rate your first kiss 1/10: 6 or so, but it was with a boy I wasn't in a relationship with Would you do anything for said partner (even it its illegal)?: Probably not, although it would depend Would you ever introduce your partner to GFL (as in the community and servers, not the people, kinda): Purely depends on whether or not they are interested in the games we host servers for
  15. Overwatch—which is currently in the middle of its Lunar New Year event—will start its free weekend in approximately thirty minutes.


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      @Shuruia will you be my valentine 

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      Be careful what you wish for.

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      Polyamory anyone?