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  1. Not even close, mi amor. Those three anime are just a tiptoe away from being 100% entry-level. The true ascent/descent into weeaboohood is to watch only the most ELITE of anime such as Azumanga Daioh, Aria, and Maria Holic. Ask @harry for more details if you wish to be initiated.
  2. Mei does the Haruhi dance? Nothing can save us now.
  3. Came into this thread with an open mind. Saw this. You just self-forfeited with those four words. Why? Because it not only shows your lack of understanding regarding the circumstances and reasons; it also shows that you simply do not care that the former is true. Try again when you're ready to adopt a dialectic method.
  4. There are so many things wrong with this. Not only would it immediately kill the server population, it would also make it so that admins would not be able to do their job if they happen to die for whatever reason. There's a lot of incentive for RDM in that. They already can. If you admit that it's useless, then why suggest it? You could just buy an IFAK at 1/10th of that price, or even have a medic/paramedic heal you for free. I can hardly blame DoctorDJ for his (lack of) response. I was admittedly dumbstruck when I first read this as well. We do appreciate suggestions, although these particular suggestions are simply downright bizarre.
  5. Kaleidoscope
  6. may aotm

    I present Perennial Kings. It is a short primer of sorts for my dual narrative quasi-utopian fantasy series called Ambition Index. It is set 653 years in the future, where a group of psychotic friends accidentally create an almost perfect society after ending the world in their pursuit of delusional fantasies. (Don't mind the occasional German word; it's set in northeastern Germany.)
  7. The ATMs that we previously used actually served no practical purpose for our players. They are more useful for servers that are configured to have money penalties for death. I doubt our server would ever have that, so the only reason we'd bring back ATMs would be for interest rates.
  8. SCP-914, mainly because its research logs show that the "researchers" eventually gave up on using SCP-914 for actual research and just decided to use it for purely recreational purposes.
  9. No love for the massive amount of work that @qDogg puts in? Tsk tsk.
  10. 29/04/2017 Removed @iPro
  11. This was for testing purposes. Do not panic.