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  1. The other money-making methods don't just need a buff, bitcoin also needs a straight nerf. It's by far the lowest maintenance method, which also happens to be legal by default. With the server's current population, it's easy to find some dark corner of the map that no one ever goes to and literally AFK your way to multi-millionaire status. In my opinion, the best way to "fix" bitcoin would be to significantly lower the payout whilst also lowering the cost of the components and upgrades. That way you'll still get profit from it, but it won't be the AFK cash cow that it is now.
  2. Didn't even see that these changes were made earlier today. Now I feel stupid.
  3. It's the M24. Hitman Pro spawns with it. It is also one of the three weapons Black Market Dealers can exclusively sell, with the other two being the M14 and M82. It has a base damage of 55 per round, with its max ammo capacity being 5. There is no chambering mechanic, so this can't be brought up to 6. Being bolt-action, its rate of fire is very low. So why is it bad, exactly? Well, let's compare it to other guns that can fulfil a similar role to the M24. It's rather funny how the weapon that is specifically designed to be a sniper rifle is outclassed at being a sniper rifle by two shotguns and a revolver. As another (albeit minor) point, the M24 is one of the few weapons that is actually louder with a suppressor than without one. The most obvious and feasible solution is to increase its base damage. I don't know why it's a BMD-exclusive weapon, but since it is, I would propose that the base damage be increased to 120 to bring it up to a similar level to the KS-23. A more moderate buff would be to increase the base damage to 90 (similar to M3 Super slugs), although in that case its BMD exclusivity might be better swapped with another weapon such as the M3 Super.
  4. No logic allowed on these forums. Enjoy your ban.
  5. The only reason operators had a forum group before is so that they could view certain restricted posts relevant to their duties. It practically was the same as the regular server admin group, just with a different look so you could distinguish between operators and admins. Making things more transparent (which has been an overall goal for GFL recently) mostly eliminates the necessity for operators to have their own forum group. A lot of the things they needed to see don't really need to be restricted, so having a forum group would be unnecessary. Things are more streamlined now. The solution for this is for people with ACP access to stop being lazy and update the badges according to the operator lists (where applicable) that server managers maintain. The rank is almost completely non-existent now, so it ought to be easy to keep up with.
  6. The only "difficulty" in implementing this would be having it under a semi-automated system similar to what @queue suggested, although it should be simple enough to create. The kind of system he outlined is the only feasible way to implement this suggestion for newer members, it seems. As for older members (pre-2016), it shouldn't be too tedious to manually assign the respective badges given that there aren't that many people to verify. I could do this myself since I've been around since 2011, so I know the oldies. All we need is a dev to pick up a formal request to make the automated half of this suggestion, but that's up to the directors.
  7. Mother 3 is the best in the series, in my opinion. They did give Mother 1 an official release, so it's not *too* unlikely that Mother 3 will get one eventually as well.
  8. 10/10

    I was FBI during all of that. 'Twas a fun session.
  9. oi there me ol' chum
  10. My two most played games nowadays are Overwatch and Sea of Thieves. I occasionally play other games such as Tabletop Simulator, Terraria, Portal 2, and Skyrim. I'll likely get back into GMod once our Purge server is fully released.
  11. I'll participate.
  12. Happy birthday idk who you are but I like your profile pic :lenny:

    1. Korowa


      He's a vampire, that's all you need to know

  13. Your birthday's on Christmas? Jesus? (Happy bday)

    1. Kite9867


      HIYA JESUS! Oh wait

  14. Merry Christmas, troglodytes. Look after yourselves and don't eat too much. Be nice to your friends and family. Relax and think about what makes you happy.

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