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  1. Spelling difference: theater vs theatre (@Roy @Shiny) Phonetic difference: garage /gah-raj/ vs garage /gah-ridge/ (@Charmy)
  2. Record some full matches for us! Our Grandmaster players would love to watch them and give you pointers.
  3. This is terrorism. You are a terrorist.
  4. If you're using a pistol as a vigilante, you're doing it wrong anyway. Buy yourself a rifle (preferably the M82) and glue yourself to the hotel next to the fountain. Just be prepared to state your KRs very often and you're good to go.
  5. Yes, this could work just as well. To our average forum user, hiding posts is essentially the same as deleting them anyway.
  6. Aye, that was (and remains) a problem. The alternative solution that I was going to implement before I was demoted was to write new guidelines for the CAs on which posts should simply be deleted, and which posts should be hidden/trash binned. It seemed as though CAs felt obliged to hide posts no matter what since deleting posts is taboo. That was just the culture that came to be accepted, so writing a hard rule on what to delete and what to hide seemed fair. Really though, it's just a lot more efficient to let people delete their own posts.
  7. Source material in case we need dirt on someone. I personally made extensive use of that, and was essentially the main reason why I initially disagreed with your proposal. I just happened to change my mind recently since it would appear that the pros of the notion outweigh the cons.
  8. I've mulled over this matter here and there in the past year since it does seem inherently strange for a form of social media to prevent individuals from removing their own content. I used to disagree with your proposal, but I've found myself more agreeable to it nowadays. Even if there are still doubts over it, it shouldn't hurt to implement it since no real damage or abuse can come out of this. Now, I'd love to consider making this change for you, mi amor, but I'm afraid my magic wand ran out of power a couple of months ago. Good luck on this.
  9. Oh, it's definitely feasible within the scope of practicality. The real question is whether or not it's worth trying. Keep in mind that practically all organisations with a business mindset only contribute to charity funds for publicity, rather than out of the goodness of their hearts. This kind of publicity is typically only the kind that is reported in popular media, which GFL isn't going to be in any time soon. This would unfortunately reduce the chances of GFL doing something like this. Now that I've said that, it's still all well and good to contribute to these causes simply for the sake of doing a good deed. Depending on how much they're willing to lose, the directors would have to do some number crunching on the income of the relevant day/week/month to determine how much of said income would go towards that good cause. I don't know if he still does this, but there's a popular YouTuber ( who would donate all of his revenue from YouTube to charity. He regularly showed proof of it in his videos. Roy already does something similar with the outgoing payments of GFL's PayPal account, so it wouldn't be a stretch for him to do the same with charitable donations. They would also need to settle on which organisations are the most suitable to receive the donations, but a small amount of research will easily solve that. Hopefully this thread will be graced with a red post at some point.
  10. @790divadsamohT (SourD) @Gamer4Life @rapperdan @zoroark
  11. @Joshy No red post yet, so I'll weigh in on this subject. I truly appreciate your sentiment, but what you think about the "other guys" deserving basic powers is irrelevant for two reasons. The first reason is due to GFL's culture of trust; the second reason is due to the sake of raw efficiency and security. Whilst you are correct in identifying the nuance between basic permissions and not so basic permissions, it would be prudent to observe just how profoundly the .ru & SoJa incident has had an effect on GFL's culture of trust. More specifically, it has affected Roy on a personal level and has inevitably trickled down to the rest of GFL. Even more damning, this incident was only the second of its kind to affect Roy and consequently GFL; the EG incident with people such as Viper back in very early 2012 also gives ample reason as to why trust is more valuable than diamonds within this community. I don't have to make this inference by myself, since Roy has admitted this to multiple people at one time or another. What I'm getting at is that this type of culture does not require a modicum of distrust to be warranted by anything concrete. Let us posit that you are a higher-up that happens to be excommunicated wearing a cloak of disgrace, one that you only bear for minor reasons after the fact. That is damning. Why? Well, we already know that it's not because you've damaged the community, nor can it be due to the higher-ups having reasonable grounds to suspect that you want to damage the community. No, it's because they dislike you. They dislike you because you've given them reason to dislike you. That's all they need to give you the short end. And to be fair, If they aren't absolutely sure that your retention of even BASIC powers would be purely to the benefit of GFL, then they have no practical obligation to lease said powers to you. As for the moral obligation, it was never there to begin with. I know this because a certain higher-up (whose name I shall omit) said the following to me in Discord: Now this was strange to me, given that I'm vastly overqualified to be a TS3 admin. I wanted to know what the reasons were, so I asked for them. No reply, but this person did say something in an earlier context that could also apply to the present situation: I won't go into too much detail about it, but on the day before I decided to put my dog down, someone that was close to Roy sent me a chat log of Roy saying something that gave me a reason to be rather peeved. And peeved I was! I took a knife to his ego because I knew he deserved it, but Roy and his circle naturally wouldn't see it that way. So I gave them a reason to dislike me, which certain people nowadays would covertly use to justify why I (or someone like me) would not receive something as basic as TS3 admin. I'm just one individual out of many that will pass through the higher-ups, so try to imagine what they must consider for every single person that ever passed through that group. The circumstances between each individual are likely to be different from the last. Even the four examples that you listed vary greatly in the circumstances that each individual has found themselves in. A case by case basis for such matters will probably remain the norm as long as it remains the most popular. This is the first reason. Speaking of a case by case basis... That would be a suggestion to maintain the status quo, which is the one that GFL has practically held since its inception. This is typically a good system to use when you consider the fact that leasing powers—even basic ones—to individuals simply by virtue of them being ex-higher-ups will inevitably cause problems down the line. Even without historical context, it is simply safe to assume that at least one ex-higher-up will think about abusing his/her powers. Why deal with the fallout when you can simply prevent it altogether? This is the second reason.
  12. I main Dano's ult charge battery. He also has a rocket-propelled hammer, which I guess is pretty nice.
  13. Our public Discord server in action:


    1. Darkling


      This is why discord was worth it. Also why it was not worth it


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      Our most beloved failure, and our most hated success.

  14. "A glass of formula, m'lord? "Not today, Jeeves. I thirst for a cold glass of goat. Evaporated goat."
  15. Be sure to rinse your hands after gilding your urn. (I made one last proverb for you, as is befitting of the reputation you like ascribe to me.)
  16. Welcome back. Sorry for banning you. Water under the bridge, I hope.
  17. Rejoice.


  18. Skinny folder for a skinny person.
  19. h3h3

    Hopefully Matt's cowardice is not equal to his greed, since I'd love to see a post-loss update video in which he struggles to vindicate himself.
  20. It's not 2CP, so it's already off to a good start. Thematically, I quite enjoy how the map is departing from the usual semi-futuristic style that Overwatch usually expresses in its urban environments. The Australian Outback in the Overwatch universe is supposed to be a nuclear wasteland a la Mad Max. The map itself definitely reflects that, although Junkertown's interior also reminds me of Borderlands a tad. I have yet to play the map, so I can't comment on its value within practicality. I'll post again once I can.
  21. The higher-ups typically hold to the policy of not deleting accounts. Why would you even want for your account to be deleted? What value do you gain out of that?
  22. Happy birthday, khalil. I shall raise my mug to you on this day.

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      Sorry for the wait (busy day) but thanks!

  23. If I can remember my password, sure. EDIT: Sent you a PM.
  24. Yes, since he was close with Roy when GFL was founded. He didn't last long, though.
  25. I was here back when people like Viper and WaffleCopter were Council members. 2011 was a wild year.