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  1. What should I hate more? This community, or humanity as a whole?
  2. tournament

    Symmetra is not good for 1v1, but I don't see why you think the same of Winston. There's actually a lot of thought to go behind a Winston 1v1.
  3. If you don't want to go to others, make them go to you. This is achieved by making the effort of being a pleasant person.
  4. That's Twigese for "Nice job, Rick!"
  5. I don't mind either one. Pineapple on pizza is considered heresy within my culinary religion.
  6. This will simply be handled like any other ban appeal if you choose to post it in the ban appeals section. @Gandalf
  7. Going to speak to the GMod DLs about this today.
  8. 10/04/2017 Added an impersonation rule under Severity 2.
  9. 07/04/2017 Added @Darkling
  10. This ironically gives me an excuse to retort with a term that is comprised of words that you (from your own enlightened perspective, no doubt) consider to be "big". You can stop trying to go for a last laugh now. I'm just here to stop a certain cult of personality from doing exactly that, because that doesn't exactly make for valuable discourse.
  11. Illogicality has never been so farcical. Your post was hidden by a woman. Feel free to call her a lesbian if that fits the rhetorical framework you seem to be clinging to, although I would strongly recommend against that. I think she actually means it, because unconstructive posts are a blight that would justify restrictions.
  12. I'm sorry to say that we don't give supporter/VIP for multiple accounts within a single payment. If you wish purchase future supporter/VIP packages for your alt, then disassociate your forum account with your main Steam account before linking it with your alt. This can be done >here.<
  13. I voted for WafflyDino because I can at least appreciate actual effort.
  14. Thank you for your application. Unfortunately on this occasion your member application has been denied. Reason: Editing your post to make it seem as though you have no bans is an excellent way to be denied.
  15. I collect jewellery so that it may form a dust collection of its own. I have a brass Catholic cross pendant from my Catholic days, an iron Protestant cross necklace, a 99-year-old English coin bracelet, my grand aunt's silver wedding ring, a silver and glass purple bangle, an engraved silver Egyptian bangle, and a gold-plated bracelet that I found with a metal detector. The only one I actually wear is the Egyptian bangle, which hasn't come off my wrist for a few years now.
  16. April Fools is scary...
  17. very important

    I store my banana in the boot of my car, which is kept in my aluminium garage. hio om @zoroark geive me frondshipp we can paly tugethr on perg or eles i reptoe
  18. Exaggeration to the maximum.
  19. No update. We can't make a scrim team for the foreseeable future.
  20. Hide & And + Also In Addition To As Well As Including Seek
  21. I'm sure some of us would be interested in this, but it may be difficult in maintaining a team for scrims. One problem is that the best Overwatch players in GFL have incredibly varying time zones.
  22. Can't wait to make you cringe some more with my horrible impersonation of a stereotypical black man.
  23. Funnily enough, this is an emoticon that you requested.