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  1. Welcome back although I don't even know who you are even with your name as shark.
  2. Oh god, I sometimes wonder if the terrible vibes I've gotten off houses are because someone died in the house. The last house I house sat in for a month was beautiful, one of the most expensive homes I've ever been in and everything was just wonderful but it was in a semi-secluded rich area that was like hours away from home. It wasn't too bad because I was a big homebody at the time and just kept to myself plus was doing it with my partner at the time. I kept busy and did more than I usually did at my actual place but it was the most isolating feeling I've ever felt in a place. I grew homesick when I actually lived away from home at the time outside of that house sitting job and I was picking fights with people about the most ridiculous things. Something about that house completely fucked with me in that month I was there. I felt so uneasy at night too, like I couldn't go downstairs without my partner and he couldn't go without me either. Lights would just randomly go out, piping would mess up in bathrooms when there wasn't any problems beforehand, and it was just very eerie.
  3. I don't believe there is another life form in the universe that is as intelligent as humans but I do believe there are basic biotic creatures on some planets that haven't "evolved" to be sentient or remnants of lifeforms that were once sentient billions of light years ago but have since succumbed to the elements. I used to believe in ghosts when I was younger but as I grow older, I believe more in like "energy" than ghosts that can haunt people or places. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy cannot be created nor destroyed and is transformed/transferred around. I feel like some places have negative energy (abandoned buildings, "haunted" places, etc.) and some places have positive energy, that energy bit also kinda goes into my everyday life with people I encounter too. People can possess negative or positive energy that can honestly be felt in encounters and just "auras" that can totally be a mood killer if you don't hold onto your positive energy. I also don't believe time travel is possible and if it is possible, we are only able to observe the past and have no impact on it. I believe every action ripples throughout an entire society and in turn, brings us to our modern day and influences what will happen in our futures. Because of this, I also believe in fate and destiny because it's hard to go forward not believing that things don't have a reason or purpose when I've had the most improbable experiences.
  4. ill make u my twinkie hehe ;)

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      Damn Zaddy!!!

  5. +1 Been around since day 1, has helped populate Orange and 2Fort, has identified hackers for admins, and is trustworthy. Should've been admin a long time ago.
  6. Thanks for follow UwU 

  7. Everyone from OG CSS:DR has stated that they'd play it consistently again (and were playing it and CSS:MG up until it went down)
  8. sometimes i like 2 pick my nose and eat all my boogers 

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      Why am I reading this while picking my nose?

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      The fuck is wrong with you? 

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      i like to eat my boogers 

  9. Not a CS:GO ZE admin but the surefire way to get admin on any of the servers is to get the hours, familiarize yourself with the staff/have them get familiar with you, frequent the forums and the game specific discord, submit completed player reports with demos/screenshots (when/if possible), and always be on your best behavior to display yourself as a prime candidate. It's simple stuff that shows you actually care and that you're making an effort to help out because you care about the server and the community rather than just trying to be "admin" for a power trip/self esteem boost.
  10. +1 determined individual that wants to help out, why not?
  11. i was once really good friends with this guy who was new to steam and l4d2 named joeshmo. we always played together like ALWAYS until i started getting busy with life, he found some other friends to hang with (he was lowkey kinda clingy with me since i was one of his few steam friend before that so it was a blessing in disguising) but we still always talked/played whenever i got on. i remember one day i got on and he wasn't on, which was rare but i chalked it up to him just being busy. then weeks started to pass, not a single sign. he hasn't been on since 2013 and i spent a year wondering where he was at with no response. it's weird, we were good friends but we aren't insanely close or anything but not knowing what happened to him after talking consistently for a long period of time has messed with me since. another person i used to be friends with was named ramen or something of the like, we had met in this irc in like 2011-2012 and were really good friends. i was really young, catfishing because i was scared of getting banned but also kinda wanted to be attention seeky so i was pretty blatant about my fake identity. he was from the netherlands and always liked to go on tinychat/skype with me (he had a webcam but i'd just use my mic). we were really good friends, always talking and whatnot but i remember i started to get busy with life and eventually stopped frequenting that irc because the community just got kinda cringe. we kinda drifted apart since he was also busy with his own life. i purged the majority of my skype contacts a year or so later after i started to embrace my real identity but was scared of people confronting me about my catfish life. i lost a lot of friends that way tbh. it was really shitty and i wish never did because i lost so many good friends that wouldn't have even cared if i told them who i really was. i remember ramen was a really amazing artist and always got on iscribble with me to doodle random stuff. then there was a girl named emma, she was literally my bffl^2. like, we talked about everything together and she got me into dragon age (one of my biggest obsessions) and more invested in the mass effect series. we used to write together and always just voice chat, rambling on and on about all sorts of crazy things along with life. i think she was from the netherlands too, i adored her so much. i got along with her in a way i rarely ever get along with people and i miss her lots. she was one of the people i ended up purging on skype out of shame, fear, and embarrassment but we also kinda stopped talking before that because i stopped getting on as much. it's insane how someone who you can grow super close with can just disappear out of your life super easily, sometimes you may not even really notice or care until some time has passed and you really start to realize how important and impactful they were to you.
  12. every time i look at the shoutbox, there's like 50 reports asking for an admin so idk why you're questioning his schedule. i personally think the requirements to get admin on ttt should be revised tbh.
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