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  1. +1 Active, easygoing, and has helped me out with spotting hackers often. He sucks at Lucio though and it's a good thing we aren't an Overwatch server..
  2. get the fuck off my profile

    1. Rick


      fuck off bitch

    2. Omid


      i love u

  3. fun moments

    Are you there God? It's me, Omid...
  4. The only thing that matters On a serious note.. https://oldsite.browser.tf/topic/892-bring-back-the-vacuum/ https://oldsite.browser.tf/topic/9125-googly-moogly-j-appreciation-thread/
  5. seeing my old profile makes me realize how much of a cringelord i am and for that, i will be forever grateful.
  6. fun moments

    i am a lame person
  7. stay safe bih 

  8. hit me up whenever you settle down and lets go bar hopping and talk about the good ol days. love u bro.
  9. +1 My +1 comes from your hours, your reports in the TF2 discord, and your application due to me not knowing you in the server. You seem quite active, have experience being an admin on large communities, have successfully reported hackers on the discord multiple times despite joining last week, and I like how short and concise yet informative your application is. You better not disappoint Mejilla!!
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