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  1. app

    Look before you post, I could understand over seeing things every once in a while but geez
  2. I don't see any harm in adding it, and it would help mobile users.
  3. Both.
  4. Whatever floats your boat, I do believe you will regret it in your future
  5. The diamonds and hearts are pretty good too
  6. I want attention so I make my names really long and cut myself
  7. Can you please make it where when you click 'sign out' that it says 'Are you sure you would like to sign out?' I can't count how many times my screen flipped on mobile and I accidently signed out
  8. I'm pretty sure theres an app where you can take a picture of it and it will search the web for similar pictures
  9. on mobile it doesn't display
  10. Poll
  11. happy birthday budddddddy!