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  1. After over a year of being set on anonymous, the forums finally reset my last time on

  2. Sign out button

    Any update on this?
  3. Happy Birthday

  4. Please don't advertise your media thank you
  5. Congratulations @AceOfSpades, you have won this month's AOTM! Your badge will be rewarded shortly. Thank you for participating.
  6. Thank you @RainGamma, very cool!
  7. AOTM- March

    Theme: Microsoft PAINT The last AOTM month didn't get much attention, so I decided to create a topic anyone can participate in. You may submit anything that YOU personally created IN MS Paint. Rules and guidelines can be found here Submissions will be concluded by the end of this month, followed by a week of voting. Enjoy
  8. Decided to change the conclusion date to 3/10/19 (End of this week) Make sure to share with friends!
  9. [VOTING!] Voting will conclude 3/10/19 Contestant #1 Contestant #2
  10. I tried joining purge but with no guide to follow I was left clueless, staff weren't very helpful.
  11. This is depressing 


    1. Pyros


      I feel you


  12. Wow I was op on old murder and no tag how sad
  13. Extending the deadline to the end of this month, please share with your friends!
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