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  1. i mak no mistake plaze fourgive

    1. UnknownTimes


      I forgive you my son

  2. i didn't know i was on reddit
  3. Any specific members you want to do this request?
  4. Made you look

  5. Incredible for MCU fans and fantastic for anyone else. All around spectacular movie.
  6. This is serious....

    Yes, but I wouldn't want anything to carry over. Having a fresh start on the server may also help population as it did when the server was first released. Obviously, people like @Liloz01 who have grinded on the server will disagree, but I think its something you should consider.
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. I'm assuming he's asking if all the other badges will be made like that
  9. I voted for design #1. It's simplistic and clean, which gives off more a professional vibe. Looks like it would fit the forums well.
  10. The office- Classic all around TPB- Another classic Bojack- Silly but real at the same time, really enjoyed this one Agents of Shield- Really enjoyable for any Marvel nerds like myself, the writing is really well done imo. This show will definitely keep you on your toes. Daredevil & The Punisher- Although these shows are also made by Marvel, you DO NOT need to be a Marvel fan to appreciate these shows. As both characters are very unique compared to other shows I have watched I found them to be a different type of experience all together.
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