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  1. Honestly I don't believe an age restriction is a terrible idea. 90% of shit wardens are almost always kids, and they usually de-pops the server. As I suggested this in admin chat before, we came acrossed a few issues. For example, how do you enforce this type of rule? How do you prove that a person is younger or older then the age requirement? It also doesn't help that a large percentage of our population are kids. Although I like this Idea, I'm too sure how efficent it would be.
  2. Netflix -Breaking Bad -Better Call Saul -Stranger things -F is for Family -Dexter -Daredevil -Lucifer
  3. Rating babes in the Jailbreak Discord @TomRiddle
  4. Do you have the picture for TTT2 by chance?
  5. i mak no mistake plaze fourgive

    1. UnknownTimes


      I forgive you my son

  6. i didn't know i was on reddit

    Any specific members you want to do this request?
  8. Made you look

  9. Incredible for MCU fans and fantastic for anyone else. All around spectacular movie.
  10. Happy Birthday!

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