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  1. [Announcement] The Return of CSS ZE!

    I'm confused at what GFL is gaining out of this
  2. Let's talk about the Panorama UI

    I love it, but if you want to opt back for a limited time put -scaleform in your launch options
  3. GFL Member Directory

    Looking fresh
  4. Minecraft deadman mode

    I would do it
  5. GFL Member Directory

    That dog is so cute, how old is he?
  6. Collaboration

    Hello fellow mappers, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Looking to do a collab on a CSGO map, if anyone is interested let me know. Here's my steam. I will discuss details in DMs https://steamcommunity.com/id/LegendaryFluff
  7. best way to learn a new language

    I'm trying it out, will update tomorrow after a while of using it
  8. Hope everything goes well, we will be waiting for the good news!
  9. Minecraft skyblock

    Honestly I'm down xd
  10. [CSGO] - 1v1 Server Suggestions

    am_mcshrine https://gamebanana.com/maps/200778
  11. Thank you for the circle that we wouldn't have seen otherwise
  12. Shitpost

    You don't have to put shitpost in the title, we know when we see a post by you it is a shitpost
  13. Populating the Server

    It's too difficult to get people on while most of the Lrs are broken. Wailord is trying his best to fix them, hes one person and had no experience of remaking a server before this
  14. Ok i might get into map making.

    If it's like CSGO I could show you how to get custom textures
  15. Ok i might get into map making.

    Does Gmod use VTF edit?